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61 Manotaur
62 Celestabellebethabelle

I hated this thing...least favorite character

She's a fabulous jerk

The Unicorn that Wendy, Candy, Grenda, and Mabel met. Her name is fabulous first off, and she is just... just... fabulous

I like the part whare marvel huged the pony toy end she say BUY ALL OF OUR TOYS

63 Xyler

These 2 are super awesome and funny! They seem to never die, even after MabelLand was destroyed. They also have the best quotes/lines in Weirdmageddon 2.

64 Dippy-Fresh

The most fabulous character of gravity falls

YOU STAY OUT OF THIS DIPPY FRESH! I love that part. But I still hate him a lot. Dipper should've murder him.

The scariest of all of Bill's creatures.

"I hate him so much! " -Dipper - Murrkip

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65 Quentin Trembley

"I ate a salamander and jumped out the window! "

66 Stuffed Animal Tree

I love this VERY minor character, and he makes me laugh every time.

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