Best Gravity Falls Monsters

The Top Ten Best Gravity Falls Monsters

1 Bill Cipher Bill Cipher is a triangular dream demon formerly existent only in the mindscape who wished to gain access to the real world. He has been running amok in Gravity Falls, Oregon since being summoned by Stanford Pines over thirty years ago. He is known for his mysterious demeanor and sadistic humor. He more.

Bill Cipher is BEST! He is the most intriguing, has the most wit and a lot of humor, not to mention that he's most important in the plot! By far the best "monster" so far in the show! Love him

Bill cipher is my favorite character of all animated cartoons. He is just creepy, funny, and anything any sort of character in any show should have, except for being able to really relate to him, but there are no antagonists in any other show that are as stunning as he is.

Have you guys heard of the axoloto that could destroy bill in a touch search it up

"Listen kid, you've been getting way to close to figuring out some major answers. I've got BIG PLANS coming and I don't need you getting in the way! Destroying that laptop was a synch, now I just need to destroy your journal! Race you to the bottom of the stairs! "

2 The Summerween Trickster

A really creepy monster plus I think he is the cartoon Slenderman.Think of it, they both grow tentacles, they stalk children, and they are really creepy.I like the fact he is made up of "loser candy"(he even cries candy corns) and he has development for his "stalking" nature.

An excellent multi-layered villain. I loved the homage to No-Face from Miyazaki's Spirited Away. He was creepy and awesome. He instilled genuine fear.

I am dead serious when I say this, he is creepy! I mean, what is more messed up than eating a child alive on screen!?! Definitely worth second place! - Daviddv0601

Too creepy. My little sister and my cousin both started crying in the middle of the episode.

3 The Gnomes

They barf rainbows! Does anything else need to be said? - Elysium

Let's barf rainbows guys!

I can't talk today

The gnomes hurl rainbows! And how can you not love schmebulock?

4 Rumble McSkirmish

He is funny and stuff and ill Gideon is so creepy it just he's has the same voice actor has Flapjack but Gideon is so what's the word evil

5 Gobblewonker

I Love the "Real" Gobblewonker not the Robot but the real one I mean we barely see him but he looks better than the bot though and I would tell you to shut up and take my money if they made a movie all about the Gobblewonker. I also hope he come's back if the show does the same because!


6 Manotaurs



JUST. MACHO.AND. awesome!

7 Multibear

Bear's are awesome. Bear's with eight heads are even more awesome! - Elysium

Only appeared once, but still made it on the list. the damn bear needs more recognition with his disco girl songs!

8 Lil' Gideon

He may be human, but Lil' Gideon is sure one of the most powerful enemies the twins face

I know he's not a monster but he's so funny and small! - Elysium

Lil Gideon? Oh god, that little gremlin man is terrifying.

He's a human with the personality of a monster

9 Giffany

Shes so creepy but so enjoyable!

Overly attached girlfriend meets Gravity Falls. Not my favorite but needs to be on the list at least.

At least out her over characters that aren't in the series!

I agree. What is more creepier than a haunted dating simulator! - Daviddv0601

10 Elderly Ghosts

Definitely the nicest monsters even though they sort of kidnapped the teenagers - AnonymousChick

Oh, I love those guys!

The Contenders

11 The Shape Shifter

"Should I be One or the other? How about Both! " Oh my god, that was the CREEPIEST moment on this show period. Plus he can be any monster, can talk, and is probably the reason the Author wrote 'Trust No One! ' in Journal #3.

This may be a kid version of The Thing but make no mistake, the concept will still keep you up at night. Next to Cipher there is no doubt in my mind Shifter comes second.

Should I Ben be one or the other, how about both. (transforms into a terrifying... Thing) And they say this a kids show

Why isn't this in the top 10? By far the scariest monster, and by the way Gideon is not a monster.

12 The Swamp Monster

WHEN WAS THERE A SWAMP MONSTER? I've seen all the episodes, but I don't remember a swamp monster!

I think they're talking about the Gobblewonker.

This monster was actually good.

13 The Pterodactyl

The dinosaur is not today.Who thinks that the Pterodactyl is extinct?

Anyone remember Stan punching him? I do.

By thy head I stabeth the

Yeah, LOL!

14 Slender Man

Slender man isn't in gravity falls, and he will never be.

Why is Slender man in this list he's not even in Gravity Falls

I love the hide behind. But I didn't see any in the show.

When is slender men gonna be in gravity falls

15 Dipper Clones

Paper Jam Dipper. By the way,I love it when Tyrone said that thingy when Dipper thought they were friends. LAUGH OUT LOUD!

Paper Jam Dipper is the best! - aarond9010

They shoulda just said Paperjam Dipper.

16 Robbie

Robbie is not a monster, but I admit he is creepy

Well for all we know, he’s a vampire :D

17 Shmebulock

He's one of the gnomes, get him off the list.

18 Soos

Not a monster, but he's large and funny, and like a fat human bill cipher in a way

Seriously, Soos will help save the world

Laugh out loud I did this to be funny

Don't worry Soos we love you

19 Bill Cipher's Henchman
20 Northwest Mansion Ghost

Come out! Come out! Come out wherever you are!


21 Zombies
22 The Handwitch

"Can I have my hands back now? I have a certain gesture I's like to share with you."

Her scream scares the living crap out of me


23 The Hide Behind

Yeah it is really creepy. At the end when he suddenly appeared from "behind" That dead tree gave me chills.

Have you seen the episode on him? Only monster to give me the chills

24 Sonic.exe

Its Sonic. Exe even from Gravity Falls?

25 Aoshima

Almost died of laughing when I saw that

"Onward Aoshima! "
-Mabel Pines - aarond9010

26 Deerper

Deerper isn't evil, or canon for that matter!

It's just an Au but I still think it's cool! - dipperpinesfangirl618

I know it's just an AU but it's a really cool AU!

27 Candy Monster
28 Unicorn The unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a pure-white horse-like beast with a large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead

They're jerks.

29 Flavor Pups

Would you like to eat my candy paw? - Truly

MusT dIstrUst gRuNKle...

Don't trust grunkle

30 Mermabel
31 Probabilitor the Annoying

He's just weird, sience and have a very cool, unbeatable monster ( unless the 38 )

32 Time Baby

Time Baby is the scariest of them all

For sure he is in gravity falls

Neutralized by Bill Cipher

33 The Gremloblin

The Gremloblin was good. It might make a cool guard dog, and it was funny when it drove those two tourists insane and Dipper didn't even notice! Also when the Gremloblin's fear was becoming his father. HILARIOUS! And also mildly disturbing.

34 Scampfire

They pose as camp fires. Can be doused with water, but will hiss.

35 Old Man McGucket

You can run, but I'll still be in your nightmares!

36 Dipper Gleeful

He is from reverse falls and is cooler than normal dipper

37 Lilliputtians

They'll KILL for stickers.

They're so funny and adorable especially the French and Dutch ones. :P

38 Gargrunkle Stan


39 Lazy Susan

? she's weird and all but not a monster

She has that freaky eye

40 Eye Bat
41 Gompers

Yeah, I had to add this. - EpicJake

He's not a monster

42 Teeth
43 Leprecorn

These guys are very annoying.

44 Giant Vampire Bats

Even if these guys turned out to be fruit bats, Dipper still looked pretty bad ass taking one down.

45 Floating Eyeballs

It's kind of creepy when they appear in your bathroom.

46 Moth Man

Yes, he was in Gravity Falls. Look at Journal 3. He is strongly attracted to street lights.

47 Beard cubs

They roost on people's faces.

48 Island Head Beast

This guy gave me the shivers!

49 8 Ball
50 Celestabellebethabelle
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