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1 American Idiot

I like all the songs of american idiot. Its the best ever album I've ever listened

There are 5 reasons why this is an amazing album:
1. Boulevard of Broken Dreams
2. Holiday
3. Wake Me Up When September Ends
4. Jesus of Suburbia
5. American Idiot
All amazing songs. - Chippieolamus

And you (guy who replied) must me some idiot hipster who doesn't like those songs just because they were played on the radio. A REAL Green Day fan wouldn't care whether the songs were played on the radio or not and judge them off the actual quality of the song. You obviously don't like Green Day. - Duality

I listen to this album probably every day and I love how it is a story line that has actual meanings and has harsh realities that most albums and artists choose to ignore. I especially love the song Jesus of Suburbia because of how it transitions and keeps you interested for so long. Being able to hold on to an audience for that long and not making them bored should Green Day and this album some props.

Yeah yeah no competition - CannabisCat420

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2 Dookie

This has all of my favourite songs by my favourite band on it, basket case, when I come around, longview, welcome to paradise, just awesome - HighSkoolArtist

American Idiot first? Green Day was by far at their best in the '90s. 21st Century Breakdown and American Idiot are still no way near as good as Dookie - Longview, When I come Around, She, Basket Case are all awesome songs with so much energy. This explains why it is still their best selling album.

Green Day is punk, and this album proves that Green Day plays good punk. And its the best punk album in history in my opinion, but I am a huuuuuuuge gGreen Day fan so :P

Basket case is the best hands down

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3 Nimrod

If you took Dookie and Warning, and fused them together, you would essentially get Nimrod. In my opinion, this is Green Day's best and most accessible album because it takes everything that was good in Dookie and Warning, and combines them in one brilliant masterpiece. Also, the non-single songs on the album are way better than the singles themselves in my opinion.

Nimrod is such an explosive album. It seriously has it all, It has very energetic songs like The Grouch and All The Time, songs when you know that the band had fun making like King For A Day and Nice Guys Finish Last, songs when Green Day goes absolutely punk rock like Take Back and Platypus (I Hate You), and to top it all of, with what song does this amazing album end off (excluding Prosthetic Head)? A beautiful acoustic song in the name of Good Riddance. This song was so revolutionary for Green Day, absolutely no one was expecting a punk rock band to take a 180 turn and produce a slow acoustic song. In my opinion, Good Riddance is the most punk song by Green Day, because it shows how the band is not afraid to touch on other genres. They do not restrain themselves. They rebel against punk music, so in a way, they rebel against the rebelion by doing what they want and not giving a crap about what people think. Fantastic album, it's a must to hear if you're starting to get into them.

What? It's so UNBELIEVABLE! "THE BEST GREEN DAY ALBUM EVER" placed in number 5, Why these people always placed American idiot and 21st century breakdown higher than this one, they never know "the pure green day" song only in their 5 early albums and NIMROD is THE BEST of all, REDUNDANT is their MASTERPIECE, WALKING ALONE & GOOD RIDDANCE is THE BEST POP PUNK SONG I'VE ever HEARD, other song like REJECT, HAUSHINKA, JINX, NICE GUYS FINISH LAST, SCATTERED, & WORRY ROCK is JUST WONDERFUL PUNK ROCK SONGS, really difficult to agree THIS CHART!

I think it’s so eclectic. And it’s great!

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4 21st Century Breakdown

American idiot is my all time favorite album and dookie will forever be In my top ten albums of all time 21st century breakdown, insomniac, nimrod, warning, tre, and uno are all tied for my third favorite Green Day album also every album I mentioned is. A 10/10 I am a die hard Green Day fan and all there albums get an 8/10 or higher also 21st century breakdown is one of the most beutful albums ever made bill how Armstrong has a perfection voice Green Day is the best band ever to step foot on earth

Every main member of my 19 favorite bands of all time changed my life these bands changed my life if it was not for all these bands then I would ether be dead or ran away from home I would not be in to that genre of music or I would go insane every single main member of these bands is/are my biggest heroes of all time I owe my entire life to these 19 favorite bands

This set of bands I buy every single thing from no matter what and these bands helped shape my life and these ...more

21st Century Breakdown has everything that makes Green Day great. The songs have an important message and are more melodic then what you expect, but still heavy and strong. The lyrics are both very personal but also general, talking about whats wrong with religion and poltics, while also having space for the personal things.
The album does not have the same float as American idiot, but this just makes more space for own interpitation of the songs, which makes it much artistic.

While the album is both mature and melodic, it keeps the high energy and loud riffs that Green Day is known for, and perfects it. The songs are lined up almost perfectly, having both sound and themes change as the album progresses, and ends perfectly with 21 Guns, Mass Hysteria and See the light. Green Day at it's absolute best!

21st Century Breakdown has such a unique and sometimes intense feel to it that not a lot of other albums by any band have. It's similar in it uniqueness to American Idiot, and while I think that American Idiot is a FANTASTIC concept album, 21st Century Breakdown holds a special place in my heart that may never be replaced. Horseshoes and Handgrenades and Viva La Gloria are two of the greatest songs, in my opinion, on the whole album.

American Idiot's less popular but all around better brother.

The Dave Franco of Green Day albums, if you will

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5 Insomniac

Expect to hear rock, PunK Rock! It is the most raw of the albums listed here, and yet it still contains several hits. So I guess it has something for Green Day fans new and old.

Power, great sounds, little tracks: this is PUNK.

Stuart And The Avenue, Bab's Uvula Who, Armatage Shank's, Geek Stink Breath, Panic Song and Walking Contradiction are so catchy.

My god this list is terrible. - Sabbath

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6 Warning

By far the most underrated Green Day album. Not the best but it needed my vote more than American Idiot did.

I am going to be a "Minority" and vote for Warning because "Minority" has the best message of any Green Day song and "Macy's Day Parade" comes in as a close second with its relatability and thoughtfulness. "Castaway" is also awesome because it is personal. I would consider the album to be the most deep and connectable, and I appreciate that.

This is a 5 out of 5 for me best Green Day album it's amazing I love ever instrument they used in this album this is an amazing album if only they stuck with this sound. But know there still amazing but I like the warning sound the best but ever great day album is amazing love them so much

This below Insomniac? no... just no... - Revrad

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7 Kerplunk

Seriously? How is this number 9? This is defiantly the best besides dookie. Christie road is just amazing, 2000 light years away is great too. Also welcome to paradise was so good it got remastered for dookie. I hate people saying "I like welcome to paradise from dookie". it was from kerplunk. Anyway if your a Green Day fan and you already have dookie then get this one next. It's true punk rock.

By far the best album. Dookie is a distant second. Every song is brilliant and packed full of emotion.

Hands down, best green day album. Christie road and One for the razorbacks are amazing. Green Day is playing a ton of kerplunk for the revolution radio tour.

What is happening!? By a mile best green day album hands down.

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8 Revolution Radio

From what I heard in "Bang Bang" and "Revolution Radio", the two singles in the upcoming album, it seems to be a repetitive mix between 21st Century Breakdown and the Trilogy. Home to hear some good stuff.

Green Day's new 2016 album! When I heard Bang Bang, I was so happy that someone actually released one of the best songs I have ever heard in a year for bad music. This album so far is very good, Still Breathing, Revolution Radio, Bang Bang, and more.

This album ROCKS like it's SO hard to pick a favorite but rn this is my favorite, close second is (yeah I'm going there) sweet children and 3rd is probably kerplunk or dookie, I love all Green Day eras and to be honest American idiot is my least favorite, I love homecoming, boulevard of broken dreams, and extraordinary girl but its mainly the underrated songs from that album that I like but still most are overrated from that album so...yeah...but anyways revolution radio goes on so many levels from the awesome kick in from somewhere now, straight to the badassery that is bang bang, then to revolution radio with a catchy beat and a badass guitar solo, say goodbye with a new thingy for Green Day, that being punk grunge?, outlaws with its extraordinary chorus and build ups (bridges and verses to me), bouncing off the walls with its fast paced, giddy goodness, still breathing, taking a different road with slower softer words, yet a hardcore-ish chorus, young blood with a ...more

Why is this lower than Uno! Kerplunk Warning and Insomniac


This has "Revolution Radio" "Bang Bang" "Ordinary World" "Somewhere Now" and so many other great songs. Should be at least top 5. Even top 3 for me

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9 Tré!

Definitely the best of the trilogy. A ton of great songs on it, specifically Dirty Rotten Bastards, Walk Away, Sex Drugs and Violence, Amanda, and 99 Revolutions, not to mention X-Kid, which holds the spot for my favorite Green Day song. I do think it should get at least above Warning, so vote guys!

Don't understand why people think this is the worst of the trilogy, I honestly think it's the best. Contains some fantastic songs but the lyrics also feel better written and more thought provoking than the others

This album is the best of the trilogy, and yet EVERY BODY ALWAYS RANKS IT AS THEIR WORST ALBUM! What the hell?!?! Pretty much every song on the album is solid, with amazing drums, reflective themes reminiscent of Nimrod, and an overall awesome vibe! Personal favourites of mine are Amanda, Brutal Love, Walk Away, and 8th Avenue Serenade. - RestlessHeartGrenade

This album bangs

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10 Uno!

People should stop comparing new Green Day to old Green Day.

Superb album... No old school Green Day fan or "pure punk" lover should be hating on this album. I can see why people would with A.I. and Breakdown (both of which I enjoy anyway). They included so much classic Green Day in there. I don't know how else to explain it. Very well done.

Love Kill The DJ

I love "Stay The Night". I felt so happy when The Longshot had played the song.

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11 1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours

This album should not be 12th. This is a combination of the earliest of Green Day's works and has many catchy songs, including my personal favorite, Going To Pasalacqua, The Judge's Daughter, Don't Leave Me, Dry Ice, I Was There, and another of my favorites, At The Library.

This is Original They have so many solos in this album it is Terrific Listen to The Judges Daughter it has the best solo by Green Day on it this should be Number One.

This is the original Green Day sound

No! This is second best, just after kerplunk

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12 Dos!

This album is better than Uno, and definitely better than Tre! Contains the best song from the trilogy - Lazy Bones! Has the best flow of all of the trilogy. Not Green Day's best (I'd rank Dos sixth, below AI, Dookie, Nimrod, Kerplunk and Warning), but still an important part of their catalog. Does NOT deserve to be eleventh!

This is better than UNO and DOS, more rock than them

A lot of underrated songs that take time to listen to but in the end it becomes worth it. Probably their best work right behind 21st Century in my opinion

This one beats Tre and Uno by a mile

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13 International Superhits!

Normally I am not one to recommend a greatest hit album, but this the exception. Green Day packs the record with superb song; there isn't a bad one here. The album flows very well, and includes a perfect mix of old Green Day tunes right before the release of American Idiot. The fact that Green Day chose to release a greatest hits before American Idiot is genius because everything after American Idiot is truly a new era of Green Day. This is my first recommendation for new Green Day fans.

Contains their biggest hits until the AI album plus 2 more songs Maria and Poprocks and Coke - idolangelx13

It is Great it is all of Thierry old songs That are amazing

Shout out to J.A.R... just saying - Revrad

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14 Shenanigans

Some people might say Green Day was at their weakest point between Nimrod and American Idiot. I think those people just didn't take enough time to enjoy the hidden gems during that time. Shenanigans is an interesting album and if you haven't listened to it yet, I challenge you. It'll only take a half hour of your time. Tyr it out. You might be in for a pleasant surprise.

This was my favorite until I listened insomniac, but still my 2nd favorite Green Day album you lied and desensitized are such good songs, LISTEN AND VOTE NOW!

Not their best album, but this one needs my vote more than AI.


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15 Bullet In a Bible

Come on this is a way better live album then awesome as f*** & trust me I've seen both

C'mon! It's basically a greatest hits live!

A masterpiece live video. Never get tired of watching this concert.

Most underrated album from green day

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16 39/Smooth 39/Smooth

What is this doing on the last place? Way better than trilogy.

Technically their first full feature album

It's already on this list - Gruunge

This is pretty underrated. just listen to going to pasalacqua and youll see.

17 Awesome As F***

An All New Cd/Dvd Filled With Green Day! The Live Dvd Album With Him Singing Oh Dear It's Just Great Plus The Cd's Have My Favourite Song American Eulogy. I Don't Get Why It's Down Here At Number 9.. Come On. YOU SEE HIM LIVE AND AHH

18 Demolicious

It's blasphemous to vote this album below any of the trilogy. Honesty it would have been better if they took the best songs from the trilogy and put it into an album with a less finished sound (like they did here) than take a ton of unmemorable songs and make it too overly finished and put in into three subpar albums. Give it a listen.

Demolicious was quite the comeback after the crapheap that was The Trilogy. While The Trilogy had some good songs, it just didn't have that rough edge that Green Day is known to have. And overall some of The Trilogy's songs were repetitive and boring. But Demolicious took the best songs from them, and made them better! It basically sounds like a Kerplunked version of The Trilogy.

A lot better than the Trilogy. The trilogy was unbelievably overproduced. This basically was like the album with a Dookie sound to it. This made up for the whole thing.

Successfully fixed uno dos and tre

19 Slappy

Not bad ep

20 1,000 Hours

For the underdog

21 On the Radio

Best live album

22 Bowling Bowling Bowling Parking Parking

Oh baby a trople

23 Greatest Hits: God's Favorite Band

Back in the USA was good

24 Tune In, Tokyo...
25 Foot in Mouth

Number one because where else would you put your foot?

26 Sweet Children

This album is good but this should be before bowling parking so should slappy

27 The Green Day Collection
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