American Idiot


Best album of all time, not just that but, also the best singles, like jesus of suburbia, holiday, blvd. Of broken dreams, homecoming, etc. Even the album title song, st. Jimmy, whatsername, and jesus of suburbia, and tre, billie joe, and mike are amazing, this made no sense by the way

Those who say you aren't a true Green Day fan for liking AI over Dookie should shut the hell up. Both albums are great, but I loved AI more because of the fact that I was born in the Bush era. The first 7 years of my life were dominated by Bush. Also, I love how the album has a storyline and it deals with the ultimate tragedy of the washed-up, disenfranchised youth of Bush Years America. My favourites on here are Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Give Me Novacaine, Homecoming, and Jesus of Suburbia. American Idiot is truly an alt rock/punk rock/rock opera masterpiece.

Its not even a question as to which album to choose as BEST! There are no options, it is American Idiot. Boulevard of broken dreams is epic, holiday as an anthem, When september ends is a sorta ode, Jesus of suburbia is a skit. Its got everything.. What else do you want?

BEST ALBUM ANY ARTIST HAS EVER CAME OUT WITH! I listen to this almost every day. Buy it, its worth at least twice as much as itunes gives it credit for. Go Green Day

Despite my favourite Green Day song, Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) being on Nimrod...I must say, American Idiot is without a doubt their best work. Each song is just perfect. American Idiot and Jesus of Suburbia make you feel rebellious and cool, Holiday and Boulevard you just rock it out. Wake Me up When September Ends is a powerful song..and don't get me started about the roller coaster ride which is Homecoming. It's truly one of the best albums of all time. And Green Day's best.

Greatest album of all time. Just a beautiful and amazing story behind it. Armstrong, Dirnt, and Cool went all out on this album. Without a doubt greatest ending to an album ever. Jesus of Suburbia is one of my favorite songs ever

EVERY SINGLE SONG ON THIS ALBUM IS DESERVING OF A MEDAL! Just every song contributes to the main story! My personal favorite is "Whatsername" because of the repeatability

If it weren't for American idiot, then Green Day would have been like the Offspring and just kind of lose speed in the new millennium. If it weren't for American Idiot, people would only remember them for Dookie and call them just another one hit wonder for "Basket Case"

this was the era that I discovered Green Day - has the most of my fave Green Day songs on it such as Jesus of Suburbia, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Holiday, St Jimmy, American Idiot and Wake Me Up When September Ends - idolangelx13

This is the best Green Day album. Not only is the music on every single song good, but it also has an amazing story. This album is the 21st Century "Tommy". How can you get better then an album with an amazing Broadway musical.

This is my favourite album of all time. It features hits such as Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Holiday, American Idiot, Wake Me Up When September Ends... Fantastic album.

Easily Green Day's best. Boulevard of Broken Dreams, September Ends, American Idiot, Holiday, Jesus of Suburbia etc - AymanKabir

I Like all the songs from American Idiot album. Those songs are: Jesus of Suburbia, American idiot, Blvd. Of broken dreams, holiday, give me novacaine, and WHATSERNAME.

This album isn't good because it has singles. This album is good because it's an amazing rock opera, with a continuing story throughout.

This album got me obsessed with music and obsessed with Green Day no album is better the black parade by my chemical romance and three cheers for sweat revenge are the only albums that come close to American idiot

Avorite bands of all time in order but they change sometimes
1- Green Day
2- my chemical romance
3- Blink 182
4- Linkin Park
5- panic at the disco
6- paramore
7- all time low
8-fall out boy
9- twenty one pilots
10- muse
11- the killers
12- Foo Fighters
13- avenge sevenfold
14- tonight alive
15- gorillaz
16- queens of the stone age
17- white stripes
18- good charlotte
19- sum 41
20- yellow card
21- simple plan
22- new found glory
23- the strokes
24- chvrches
25- Coldplay
26- owl city
27- vampire weekend
29- christina perri,
30- ed sheern
31- taylor swift
32- hoodie allen
33- weezer
34- three days grace
35- taking back sunday
36- the all American rejects
37- ...more - Poppunkobsessed

I used to hate "New green day, " by which I meant this album and onwards. Took me a while to realize the genius. The defining album of the 2000's was written by a bunch of total goofballs, wow.

American Idiot is Green Day's most emotional album to date, with politically charged songs that now define Green Day. This is their most punk and most successful mainstream album. This is not even really close. Dookie may also have a number of really good songs, but they are all similar to each other. In American Idiot, each song is easily distinguishable from the next, and there isn't a bad song on the album.

The self-titled is the perfect way to lead off the album, with an extremely catchy main riff and with punk and political lyrics. Jesus of Suburbia was a great rock opera, and it goes through the entire spectrum of emotions. Holiday was a great anthem song, and it bled very well into Boulevard of Broken Dreams. We Are The Waiting is a nice slower song. They then kick up the tempo with St. Jimmy, which features one of their best riffs to date. She's a Rebel is short, but sweet, with extremely great lyrics. It could be interpreted literally, which would make it a song about ...more

Just speechless... This album has some songs that describe life of so many people like jesus of suburbia or boulevard of broken dreams!

Best album ever made in the history of music no album has 5 monster hits like jesus of suburbia American idiot wake me up when september ends boulevard of broken dreams and holiday

I've been listen to this album for 12 years now and it feels like the first time. One of the best rock albums ever, an immortal and iconic masterpiece.

Amazing album with amazing singles. ALL OF THE SINGLES SOLD LIKE MORE THAN 1,000,000 COPIES EACH! Exept jesus of suburbia of course butit's still one of their most epic songs ever. I think there are no bad songs in this album, I memorized the whole album from American idiot to whatsername without any trouble. It's just, to good. - tabzyeamaan

Hands down my favorite album of all time. I can relate to it. It tells a good story, unlike basically any other album. I listen to it almost everyday.
Best 6 Songs:
1. Jesus Of Suburbia
2. Wake Me Up When September Ends
3. Whatsername
4. Homecoming
5. Too Much Too Soon
6. Holiday

This is the best Green Day Album you idiots and its got the best song ever Jesus of Suburbia - Greenday

It must be American Idiot. I love rock opera, and the story of jesus of suburbia. Dookie is also a great album.

This clearly has to be the best Green Day album of all time, it was made into a Broadway Musical for crying out loud. This is an incredible story within an album.