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1 Boulevard of Broken Dreams Boulevard of Broken Dreams Cover Art

Great song simply love it I listen to it daily!
It is epic really... It is one of the best rock song I have heard in my life!

The soothing music. The thought-provoking lyrics. Billie's amazing voice. The enchanting video.
It's got everything ever needed for a perfect song!

I absolutely LOVE this song. It describes how I feel everyday! The song also proves that even famous musicians feel like they are lost in a different world wishing for someone to find them.

Simply and frankly, Green Day's signature song. Whenever one thinks of Green day this is the song that immediately appears in people's heads. It merely depicts the effects of depression people endure after having their heart broken. It talks about intense loneliness, but one of the main aspects of the song that captivates people is the emotional guitar playing and the entrancing " Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah I walk alone I walk a" which is what sticks in my mind the most when I think about this song. The line " sometime I wish someone out there will find me' is just so beautifully sad. Immensely popular, the song has to rate as one of the top songs of the noughties period.

2 Basket Case Basket Case Cover Art

Green Day started a revolution on 1994 with Dookie.. Their
Music had certainly had qualities similar to nirvana's (teenage angst).. They brought punk back into the mainstream.. They brought what the music industry needed at the time

Best Song by Green Day. Amazing yet funny lyrics and an explosive introduction! This song makes me think of the times that I've been Paranoid myself

Best song ever. It should be much higher on this chart. I also love this album dookie. It was the first Green Day album I ever had and I still listen to it 24/7. I think all Green Day fans should love this album;. Fl

Although, I love the American Idiot album, especially the title track song and Jesus of Suburbia, I just can't forget the more punky edge that Dookie gave the world and this song is surely my favorite song from the album and also my favorite Green Day song.

3 Jesus of Suburbia Jesus of Suburbia Cover Art

Ok this song shows every members talents like when mike dirnt does the voice crescendos or when tre destroys the drums and of course billie just rocks it

Song that was on my head for whole of my college life... Awesome song!

I love this song so much. the lyrics are very touching to me. Green day is such an awesome band I love them so much. they really have helped me through everything.

Truly a masterpiece, one of the best songs ever made hands down.

4 Holiday Holiday Cover Art

Cannot stop listening to this song! Absolutely love the riff, playing on my own guitar is great fun. Enjoy every moment of it, from its Riffs, to its Solo, to its "rebelness" to its own Green Day Style. Love this one!

Way better than anything else by GD. This song is so punkish and awesome. I can listen to it over and over and not get tired of it

Holiday is more than a Green Day song, it could be an anthem for a 21st century rise generation because all of us can sing it loud at once, because is not anti American, it's anti-war

This song and American Idiot are actually impeccable, no cap at all.

5 Wake Me Up When September Ends Wake Me Up When September Ends Cover Art

Billie joe dedicated this song to his dad who died during war... I'm sure this song means a lot to him.

It should be a toss-up between this and 21 Guns for the number 1 spot

His dad did not die in the war... He died of cancer. I watched a documentary of his life.

Totally amazing :P the lyrics are significant, the guitar is amazing and the meaning of the song is simply very touching

It is really rare that an artist can communicate so much emotion through a song. The opening chords are enough to make me tear up a little.

Okay this song is amazing, it has so many feelings in it. We can feel it in Billie's voice. He even cried while performing this song and that shows how much this songs means to him. For everybody that doesn't know, this song is about his dad that died form cancer when Billie was 10. And the famous story they say but I don't know if it's true is that Billie, at his dad funeral, couldn't handle it and he ran back home crying. His mom came after him and he has locked the door and when his mom asked him to open it, he just said 'wake me up when September ends' (his dad died the 16th of September) but what I know for sure it's that this song is amazing and that it's about Billie's dad who died from cancer. Lots of support to Billie and people who makes jokes about this song, it isn't funny at all. Imagine if you had lost your parent at 10. It isn't funny now huh? STOP THE JOKES.

6 American Idiot American Idiot Cover Art

Without a doubt the most well known Green day song, and according to many, it is the song that propelled Green Day to superstardom at the turn of the century. The song is essentially mocking American culture, its pig headedness, its ignorance and everything else. It has such a great rhythm created by grerat guitar playing. I guess the video is what will stay in our mindes the most though, that large American flag with green stripes melting!

The band's best album was named after the song. But despite its popularity, the song's magic I believe still cannot compare with the top five.

there shouldn't have any bugging that amrican idiot is the best song of green day; 21 guns, holiday, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, novacaine, wake me up when sept. ends are among the bests after american idiot.

This song was Dedicated like Hope a Joyful those been Perspective to Hearing making Folks

It's political and really expresses what the band thinks of america and how they think the media runs the country (in a bad way). Billy also sings "we're not the ones who's meant to follow" and to me that's a way of saying "don't be like everyone else, be yourself".

7 21 Guns 21 Guns Cover Art

Awesome one.. Just Love it.. No-other song is as good as this one.. Green day Rocks... The more you listen.. The more you'll love

All in this song is awesome: the rhythm, the guitar, the lyrics...
Its very expressive!
Come on, this song deserves the 1st place!

Epic, simply epic, the seriousness of the song and then blasting out into ferocity to express the songs feelings, so punk.

It was the first Green Day song I ever heard. It is not my favorite and you'll be surprised why I want it first but I don't know, every time I listen to it I just feel that feeling, this amazing feeling that I can't just describe. The first time I listened to it, I was so amazed by Billie, I fell "in love" with him but with Green Day too and I just started searching many informations about Green Day. I know everything about them now and I even have a fandom account. 21 guns it's a beautiful song and 5 of my friends even though they don't like Green Day a lot, they LOVE this song. Personally, my favorite song is 'Holiday' but this one deserves the first place cause I think it's a beautiful song, and the original version and the Broadway one. It's just so beautiful and this feeling I feel is beautiful too. It brings me back to 21/01/2014, the day I listened to this song and Green Day for the first time. I watched the whole video so amazed. I know I'm not a fan for a long time but you ...more

8 Longview Longview Cover Art

One of the best punk songs ever. Its dynamics is awesome. The chorus is really heart grabbing. And the bridge! (I've got no motivation) is great. And just compare the lyrics with the name! Does it strike?

I still do not understand how this is NOT in the top 5! This is one of their trademark songs and easily their most Punk song, ever. Listen to the chorus, it's the best chorus they've ever written along with 21 Guns. Vote!

I urge all TRUE Green Day fans to vote for this and other such vintage songs... I mean you're either ignorant or pretty dumb if you are not voting for the old energetic songs!

WHAT THE HECK!? This is why Green Day get's so much stick, because the fans are stupid. How is this not in the top 5!?

9 Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) Cover Art

Although I love their faster songs (american idiot basket case etc) this is my favourite of them all. There are just no words to describe it. All I can say is Green Day are the best band of all time.

Inspiring. It really summarizes life, and can be applied to pretty much anyway anywhere. The acoustics are awesome, and it proves that Green day can do other types of music.

This is my favourite song, it's great because of acoustic guitar and its easy to play and sing

People may argue that "American idiot" was more known, or "Boulevard of broken dreams" was more iconic or " Jesus of Surburbia" had a deeper message about society, but I believe this short but sweet ballad is the best greenday song. It is the only song of theirs to be listed in A triple J ( Australian radio) all-time best songs list. The pure message of the song describes how people end up facing decisions which are unforeseeable, and they naturally doubt them even though they are the right thing to do most of the time. The song's beauty lies in zBillie's advice- to see these decisions not as blind steps but as an opportunity to become a better person. And he hopes that people have enjoyed themselves in their lives before they are changed. Although this is primarily a neutral and insightful song, a negative heading was added as the song was written about Billie's gf who had to leave him due to unforseeable circumstances, and thus Billie was understandably ...more

10 When I Come Around When I Come Around Cover Art

Wow, nine really? This is one of Green Days best songs and it represents their best time and best music

It hurts to see that almost all of thw top ten songs are from American idiot or 21st century breakdown personally I believe dookie was way better than these two and when I come around is the best song EVER

Was at a Green Day concert with my sister, and this was one of the songs where most people just got the "what the f*** is this" face, while the rest screamed "when I come around"
One of the best concert moments apart from the "DIE DIE DIE" part of metallica's creeping DEATH!

Wow, there must be a lot of young people commenting and voting on these songs. When I Come Around was an epic 90's anthem. Green Day had a stellar career pre-American Idiot for all of you who don't know. Amazing song that deserves to be much higher!

The Contenders

11 Welcome to Paradise Welcome to Paradise Cover Art

Catchy riff, great lyrics, Green Day at their best.

Honestly this is their best song. The basic riff, the great bass solo and the pounding drums make this a quintessential green day song

The best Green Day song on Dookie. Should most definitely be before Basket Case and maybe actually in the top 5. Great bass solo

Really really REALLY hard to choose, but I love the bass solo in this song Go Green Day!

12 Brain Stew Brain Stew Cover Art

This song is awesome with a sexy riff.

Definitely best song of all time by green day let's get this up there on top ten at least thought it should be number one!


Simple yet bad-ass riff, great lyrics, and arguably one of the heaviest Green Day songs. Deserves to be way higher.

13 Homecoming Homecoming Cover Art

This is easily the most underrated Green Day song ever! It is absolutely one of their best songs in terms of writing, vocals, and general theme. Billie's writing is phenomenal, but in this song, he completes the beautiful sad story of American Idiot. People vote this song up! "Home, we're coming home again" is one of the most powerful bits I've heard.

Amazing song! Way better than the much overrated Jesus of Suburbia.

When I started listening to Green Day this song used to be my favorite one. I mean come on I can't understand why people just don't love it. I adore it more than anything. The lyrics, the rhythm, the fact that they're all singing (except from Jason but he wasn't an official member of the band back then), the passion, even the length of the song is just impressive and even though usually it's tiring to listen to a 10 minute song, this one is so incredible! It is literally done before you can even understand it began. I remember how I always like melted in the last part, where Billie sings "Here they come marching down the street" I don't even know what's so different about that part but I just love Billie's voice in it. Also this song LIVE is just incredible! It's so energetic and it's so unfair it's so underrated!

This song is ok to say that this is the most underrated Green Day song OF ALL TIME, I don't know why people don't like this song and the lyrics really tell a story that's what I like about all of Green Day's songs

14 Hitchin' a Ride Hitchin' a Ride Cover Art

TOP 10 it's all American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. Don't get me wrong those 2 albums are GREAT, especially American Idiot, but you just can't put in the top 10 7 songs from American Idiot, you are leaving behind Minority, Hitchin' a Ride, Welcome to Paradise, Brain Stew, Longview.. Those are Green Day's classics..

The American idiot album was good, but the older Green Day music was amazing. Songs like hitchin' a ride along with welcome to paradise, long view, and brain stew are why we all love Green Day. The more punk stuff is their best stuff

This is my favorite Green Day song in all of history. It has awesome guitar parts in it, pretty simple, but it is still really awesome.

This song definitely deserves to be in the top 10! Better than welcome to paradise and definitely better than 21 guns! Please please listen to the song and then vote. The only drawback with that is that you won't be able to stop listening to it!

15 21st Century Breakdown 21st Century Breakdown Cover Art

This song is awesome! This song will surely make up the whole album in its very few minutes. This song sums up the whole album. I can't stop hearing it. It reminds me of my old friends. We used to dance at the tune of this song this song is the trademark of our group and one of the Green Day's best song ever!

This is one of my favorite songs of all time. It's so sadly true, and more people need to hear it.

21st century is one of the best songs of green day, not the best (there are always better ones) but still it is very very very good! of course all green day songs are awesome

there is only one song I don't like. thats panic song (whats the deal with that) but every band has thier ups and downs

Sharing the name with the album which it came from, it isn't hard to believe that it sums up the entire album (my personal favorite, no doubt) with the amazing story of Gloria and Christian. But to me, this song also sums up the century (hence its name). Every time I watch the music video or just plain listen to it, I feel like time is passing in front of my eyes. This song affects me in a way I can't entirely explain. The whole album is way better than the crap on the radio today.

16 Minority Minority Cover Art

This should be the best song ever written. They simply explain that they want no authority, and they're happy to be a minority.
I wanna be the minority!
I don't need your authority!
Down with the moral majority!
Cause I wanna be the minority!

I tend to CONNECT with this song the most.. Amazing lyrics

I could NEVER choose a favorite song. Green Day doesn't have a "best song", all of their songs are simply amazing and so different you can't compare them and you can't pick a favorite.

It makes me laugh how most of the songs people vote for are from American Idiot or 21stCB. Because, even though I just said all their songs are amazing and stuff, I believe that neither American Idiot nor 21stCB are their best albums. I bet 80% of the people voting here only know Boulevard of broken dreams..

They only know that one song because they actually play it in the radio.

And basket case because it was so popular.

But does anyone here know songs by Green Day like "Road to Acceptance", "Only of you", "At the library", "Stuart and the ave", etc.?

I bet no one does.

Come on people, check out ALL of their songs before you start voting.

You're not a real fan if you don't know their older songs ...more

Awesome lyrics... Awesome music.. Nice aggression.. Fell for this song!

17 Whatsername Whatsername Cover Art

Not only my favorite Green Day song, but probably one of my favorite songs of all time! So emotional and a great conclusion to the album's story!

Yess! I can listen to this on a loop and never get tired of it. A pity it's in 17th it's one of my favorite GD songs. I wish I could see them playing it live!

Remember whatever
It seems like forever ago
Awesome song man, get it in the top 15 guys please, this is pure punk!

This is the most underrated song of all time. This has to be one of the best songs in the entire world. Why this isn't in the top 3 is beyond me.

18 East Jesus Nowhere East Jesus Nowhere Cover Art

This is such an AWESOME SONG, should be in TOP 10.

this song really is one green day's masterpieces.
should be at least in top 5

Come on this is so NOT happening...
one of the BEST Green Day songs @ no.11?!
should be like no.5 or 4!
this song is DOWN RIGHT AWESOME! m/

This one is one of this best and it deserves a higher number. come on people, this is not a head of 21 guns. Just listen to the opening to the song and you will realized why it is so great, East Jesus Nowhere rocks!

19 Geek Stink Breath Geek Stink Breath Cover Art

How? HOW? This song is unbelievable, and it's 19th? This song has got the greatest guitar riffs in the history of the world! The only people who didn't vote for this song are people who have never listened to it!

True Green Day. An awesome Punk song. Better than all the songs listed in the top 10 without a doubt. It seems a lot of people underrate Insomniac and the other lesser-known Green Day albums.

This list is complete crap! How is this not in the top 10!? This, REDUNDANT, HITCHIN A RIDE, LONGVIEW, BRAIN STEW, MACY's DAY PARADE ETC should all be MUCH higher! Where's all the REAL GD fans!?

This song is off the underrated insomniac, and of course a song of American idiot is number one. not that American idiot is a bad album, but geek stink breath and insomniac blow boulevard and American idiot away. My dreams were broken when I heard that song. but geek stink breath is amazing should be much higher

20 Know Your Enemy Know Your Enemy Cover Art

I will be honest, when I first listened to this song I did not listen deeply enough to the lyrics and thus was surprised when I heard that it had won an award for deep and meaningful lyrics. But if you listen to it closely, it becomes so much easier to see how its great. Not only does it have a great rhythm but it sends a strong warning to people to avoid corruption and violence in the world as it labels it as the 'enemy'. Billie almost demands the question to the listener "Do you know the enemy? " indicating that it is extremely important to be aware of such evils I the world.

I have heard the best drums ever played in this song.. tre cool you rock... and what a superb screaming vocal... must be ahead... its smackdown theme song undoubtedly the song is due 2 its drums... thumps up...

this should really be higer this is my anthem great words to live by

This song made me rethink everything I thought about people and how to judge them so it should be a lot higher then number 10 like

21 Letterbomb Letterbomb Cover Art

How is this not with in the top 5! It's green day at it's best in my opinion! VOTE

Best song by Green Day in my opinion. Billy Joe also says its his favorite on the album in one of their videos in concert

This is a mind blowing and the most EPIC song off of American idiot. The line" where have all the bastards gone" literally gives me chills all the time. The last concluding lines always makes me cry.

Love the intro, with the guitar, then the drumming

22 She She Cover Art

"She" is pretty awesome. It seems to be over REALLY quickly, which is a shame. The chorus is really catchy and I just find it the most easy to listen to of theirs. Not necessarily their best but their most fun, and quick. Love it!

"She" is one of my favorite Green Day songs! I don't understand why it didn't get a higher ranking. The song is so underrated it sickens me.

One of the most energetic songs I ever heard. It is such a good song. It is very short but boh so powerful. The lyrics are great. By no means best but it is cerainly one of the best.

Why is this only on 21? This should be on the top 10. Songwriting is great. It's a fusion of confrontational punk writing and poetic style

23 Redundant Redundant Cover Art

REDUNDANT IS THE MASTERPIECE OF GREEN DAY. BEST SONG THEY'VE ever MADE. Maybe those people just ever heard American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown. They never know how awesome early Green Day's song. REAL GREEN DAY'S FANS SHOULD VOTE THIS SONG

The best song on NIMROD along with Hitchin A Ride of course. Should be at LEAST in the top 15-20, listen and vote for this extremely underrated song. It's better than half the songs ahead of it at the moment.

No I cannot speak I've lost my voice... Because I can't stop singing this song. Not only the best song of nimrod but also their best altogether

This song is almost as if it were written as a ballad...the chorus is so meaningful and the words dig down so deep in my mind..."I love you is not enough, I'm lost for words".

24 Give Me Novacaine / She's a Rebel Give Me Novacaine / She's a Rebel Cover Art

Give me a long kiss goodnight
and everything will be alright
Soothing yet pulsating... this is my favorite

This is my all time favorite song.
this song carried me through hard times and made the good times incredible. BEST SONG EVER! Top Ten 4 sure!

I could never in my life find a song that can rival this.
Green Day at their finest. I am and will forever be a fan because of this song if nothing else. I love them, I love this song, this song is me!
Truly a work of art, Beautifull! Truly damn beautiful

Give Me Novacaine for me is kinda like a metaphor. I mean it feels like he's trying to escape depression or something, you know. And novacaine is like happiness. And that he's suffering the pain of depression.

25 No One Knows No One Knows Cover Art

As I heard it for the first time a long ago, thought it can't be an usual Green Day song, but I really liked! Anyway, this song makes me feel old, irresponsible, habitual... But when I think of it, I fill my head with schemes, and ten I think again cause no one knows...

The only reason this song is so low is because most people have never listened to it.

I'm so glad to see this so high up! I thought I was a minority for liking it so much.

So Old but Very Beautiful

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