American Idiot


Full of passion and creativity. Serious don't understand why Broken Dreams is their most popular song, yeah, it's emotional and whatever but it's so boring. This song clocks in at just over 9 minutes and it's full of emotion and personal stories, it's powerful and engaging the entire time. Easily the best song by Green Day. Their other hits do have catchier hooks though.

Its not nine minutes long its only 2 and a half your thinking of jesus of suburbia

Jesus of suburbia and homecoming are more than nine minutes American idiots only two minutes thirty six seconds

American idiot is one of the best rock songs ever and is one of those songs that when you mention it to anybody they know it. The chorus and instrumentals are unforgettable. This is a true Green Day classic and a great song to do a cover on!

I think it deserves more better place wow
this song rocks I love it by heart
sorry for extra things

I can listen to this song all day. In my honest opinion this is Green Day's greatest song ever, and that will never change for me. Say what you want but I'm an American and even I know that the stuff they say in this song is true.

it was tough choosing the best green day song for me, because to me, they're are (almost) all awesome, I picked this one because it was the first song by green day that I learned, and is also really awesome XD - HighSkoolArtist

This is what everyone knows Green Day for (this and Boulevard of Broken Dreams).

I LOVE THIS SONG (even though it is pretty racist... ).

It has an awesome rhythm and lyrics. It will always be stuck in my head.

This should be in the top 3, at the least. When you think Green Day, you think American Idiot (or Basket Case if your a long-time Green Day fan). It is truly a great song of their's. This song needs more votes!

This is probably the first song I've ever heard by Green Day. Even before I knew what the 2 F words were I was still singing and getting in trouble for saying those words. Laugh out loud

Metal Elitists WILL HATE ME but I really enjoy American Idiot.

So I am 50% African American and 50% German.

So I'm an beer loving idiot.

I can live with that

This isn't fair... This should be in the top 3.. Probably the best of Green Day.. M/ gives you an adrenaline rush x_x 8).. Put this song in the top 3!

I can't believe this song is all the way down here! It was the first song I heard from them that made me get intrigued. It should totally be a lot higher.

What why are the American Idiots voting for Boulevard and 21, and not the revolutionary song of the album of the same name? Seriously, though. AI is the best Green Day Song because the song literally is the reflects Green Day Persona; Badass rebels against the culturual conformity.

A famous and an amazing Green Day song... Just can't listening to it! People who haven't heard it yet... Should listen to it right away!

Green Day have made loads od awesome songs but I think that this is the best Green Day song ever, I just love hearing this song!

This is one of the best songs Green Day has ever sung. It has fun, lyrics, music, and everything. I love this track. Green Day rocks!

A Really Cool Song with awesome lyrics... Tells you of the culture of America and their disadvantages. All 'bout the hysteria.

What the hell man put it on 1st it deserves that. Can't stop listening to this song. I hope they'll create another one...

Amazing intro riff, energetic song overall. Deserves a position in the top 5 easily. (There's a reason it's the name of an album.)

Great song. Can't stop listening to it. Great guitar, singing and drums. Great song. Love it.

I love this song! It's the first Green Day song I have ever listened to, and it is by far the best.

If this isn't Green Day's best song that I can't here to listen to the better ones! Should be top!

THeir greatest song by far driving beat amazing lyrics and all around fun. The definition of green day

One of the best songs by Green Day. Although Boulevard of broken dreams and 21 guns are better options.

Green Day's trademark song. It's so catchy and meaningful and quite underrated. I love it.

Love it! It gives a great message and should be the number 1 song!