Basket Case


If your voting for boulevard of broken dreams and your saying you love Green Day so much and they are your life... Your a liar. Honestly Green Day even picked 3 songs to play at their induction and they didn't even pick the so called best song boulevard of broken dreams... So honestly if your gonna vote for a mediocre and overrated song... Don't call yourself a fan

Opinions. Don't assume that someone isn't a fan because their favourite is Boulevard. They could be a long time fan, maybe even born before you, a fan since 1,039 and they say their favourite song is Boulevard. And you say they aren't a fan? Just be glad they have fans at all. - Tristan1975R5

How is this not number one? It's a classic, and overall a great song! The riff kicks ass, the whole song just hits you like a freight train! The dynamics are great, and the structure kicks ass! And the lyrics are great! Do you have the time to listen to me whine about nothing and everything all at once, and also about how it's bull that this isn't number one?

I bet half the people who voted has only listened to boulevard of broken dreams. Where are the Green Day classics! Basket case, long view, brain stew, hitchin a ride? This song is the best of the best and definitely deserves number 1

I bet 90 percent of the people who voted boulevard of broken dreams haven't even heard of dookie.. Can we PLEASE get some classics like longviee brain stew and hitchin a ride in the top 5 or at least 10. And this song tops them all classic Green Day all the way. Fast pace exciting and full of energy, and did they play boulevard of broken dreams at the Green Day induction in to rock and roll hall of fame? No because even they know this song tops it by a long shot!

This song was what made them mainstream. And the whole Dookie album is better because its just so much fun. Not saying the American Idiot album isn't that good because its still amazing I just think as an album Dookie is better and Basket case is the best song. But I think it would then be Boulevard of broken dreams.

Why is this at 6? It's Basket Case and Longview that brought Green Day to the masses. They were on a roll with Kerplunk, Dookie, Insomniac, Nimrod, and Warning. Then came American Idiot, The stereotypical album for your average 13-year old.

Basket case is Green Day's best song all the way this song contains awesome drum playing and I love the guitar playing at the begining of the song and it's also based on his feelings but the songs of American idiot are just for a musical don't get me wrong American idiot songs are still good but Green Day is known for punk and this song represents punk

Basket Case has everything! Don't get me wrong, I love Boulevard of broken dreams, but I think Basket Case is just explosive, and although it's short, it just crams all the action and the music in less than 3 minutes!

This song trumps anything on american idiot and 21st century breakdown! those albums suck compared to dookie, why are they taking up the top 10? And the best song on dookie is most definitely basket case

Best song from Dookie, best song by Green Day, and best song ever made. I don't think people realize how awesome the old green day was - otherwise this would be top and not songs from American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown.

This song is everything Green Day embody, it's punky, it's catchy, it's got an awesome beat, simple but effective guitar rhythm, genius lyrics and you can relate. This should definitely be higher on the list!

Dookie according to Rolling Stones is the 193 best album of history! And the third best to be composed on the 90's, already with more than 20 million copies sold. as for Basket Case it was the epitome of punk-rock and punk-pop it is what the song Ziggy Stardust was for glam or what Highway to Hell was to hard rock, sometimes I think this song is underlooked

The took Nirvana's Grunge and added elements of Punk in it. This song became one of the greatest songs of the 90's, brilliant guitar with Billie's fantastic vocals. Green Day's best. No doubt about it.

Amazing showcase of Green Day's talent as musicians, song writers, rockers. Listen to Tre Cool's drumming, Billy Joe's guitar riffing, the driving base line. Billy Joe Armstrong was born to rock.

I just say that I love this song not only because I love it because it gave me opportunity to learn something that changed my life and also because I love the green day before the now also for me will always be my life

The lyrics are great and the guitar and drum parts are amazingly catchy and fun to listen to! This is an example of some of the best music. Definitely one of the most well - known Green Day songs.

This is Real Punk!
I listened first 21 guns and I can't believe that green day
was an awesome band and turned that commercial!
Please get back
PD: New albums are good but Dookie is an historic album :)

This song IS Green Day. Before all of the hype and bandwagon fans that came with American idiot and 21st century breakdown, there was dookie and basket case. Classic

This the classic green day song why does everyone say boulevard is there favorite if you a tru fan this or any other 90s song is your favorite or even holiday and Jesus of suburbia

Boulevard of Broken dreams, nice. But this song is literally the best. Come on, this song was one of the songs that sky rocketed Green Day to massive success. This sure is number 1

Should be number one in my opinion. This song comes from the Green Day that at their time was one of the best ever. I can't believe that so many American idiot songs are on here.

Best Green Day song, and the best on there 1994 super hit dookie, with the perfect combination of pop and punk, along with funny lyrics, make this an amazing song to be remembered

Best song I have ever heard! I have never got sick of hearing it. Lyrics and melody are genius like all Green Day songs.

Come on people lets get this at the number one spot it deserves.

Very meaningful lyrics relating to Billie Joe's personal experiences, good music video, from the best album. Perfect example of what Punk Rock should be.