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201 Why Do You Want Him?
202 Best Thing In Town
203 My Generation
204 Outsider
205 Don't Wanna Fall In Love

Should be higher than this

206 I Wanna Be On TV
207 Scumbag
208 Tired of Waiting for You
209 On the Wagon V 1 Comment
210 Loss of Control
211 Angel Blue
212 Little Boy Named Train
213 We Are the Champions
214 Things I Heard Today
215 The Kids Are Alright
216 Olivia
217 Minnesota Girl
218 Like a Rat Does Cheese

Tre has a thing for calling the songs weird names but its good

At this point in the list all of the song names are weird

V 2 Comments
219 Life During Wartime
220 Johnny B. Goode
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