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201 Johnny B. Goode
202 Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
203 Eye of the Tiger
204 Blitzkrieg Bop
205 Dream Catcher
206 Look for Love
207 Alison
208 Why Does It Always Rain On Me
209 Take Back

Yep, this song rocks! It may only be 1 minute long, but its awesome! One of my favorite from Nimrod. Surprising that it made the list.

210 Youngblood

Easily my favorite on Revolution Radio. - ryanmcclure

211 Emenius Sleepus

Really underrated Dookie song. Got caught up in all the other hits.

Bass line is sick

Amazing song, very underrated.

My favorite Dookie track.

212 Dominated Love Slave

It's badass how Tre was singing and playing guitar and Billie was playing drums. They sounded like they got drunk when they recorded this. Making it all the better.

Great song, I love how tre cool and mike dirnt sing together in a country voice

Best song of all time. Suck it Bob

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213 Stray Heart

What this song is awesome number 74 are you kidding me!

This song is amazing should be in the top 50 at the least

Are you kidding me?! THIS DESERVES NUMBER ONE! This is one of Green Days best songs. Its absolutely perfect, and I like it MUCH better than 21 Guns. Listen to it, you wont regret it!

It's such a beautiful song, even the video makes sense. Listen to it and reconsider. It's such a great song, mikes bass is awesome in it.

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214 Espionage

If you want to type it up, it will be a complete waste of your time as it's only an instrumental. It also sounds like a James Bond tune. DB7

215 Ordinary World

This song will take you back to the time of your life. One simple guitar and Billie voice that's enough.

Brilliant acoustic song full of emotion

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216 Ashley

A good song from their new album dos! Deserves some likes here.

This and Amy are the two best on Dos.

217 Amanda

How is Fell For You higher than Amanda? Amanda has meaning and the guitar riff rocks, and Fell For You is pandering garbage.

One of my favorite songs on the trilogy it should at least be in the top 100 not in the 200s lower than crap like Loss of Control

This song deserves to be SO much higher.

I like this song! Push it up the ranks!

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218 Still Breathing

This song is seriously underrated. One of the best records the group has put out in years. It is powerful, and hits hard, but has a hopeful aspect that is necessary in a bleak time such as many think we are in.

When I first heard this song, I was surprised to see it hadn't charted, as I had the impression that the song would be a bit. And sure enough, it's currently at number 7 on the alternative charts.

Best song on the revolution radio album. The most joyous green day song in a long time. Without a doubt, this is going to become regarded as one of their best songs ever

I absolutely adore this song.

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219 King for a Day

No! WHAT IS IT DOING at 54? It is the best green day song ever! Watch it live! Its hilarious. And the lyrics tell you that you should be proud of your self - no matter what! C'mon! Have you ever listened to this song? The lyrics are pure gold! STARTED AT THE AGE FOUR MY MOTHER WENT TO THE GROCERY STORE I SNEAK IN TO HER ROOM TO TRY ON SOMETHING IN A SIZE FOUR SUGAR AND SPICE AND EVERYTHING NICE WASN'T MADE FOR ONLY GIRLS!

King for a Day is one of the Best songs by my favorite band Green Day. The Music is so catchy and full of energy, and the trumpet adds to how funny this songs ends, when it falls apart. And it is in a lot of Green Day concert set lists, because the fans love the song it should at least be in the top 20.

It has such an amazing melody and the lyrics are so epic! Especially if you see this song live, the band wear hilarious outfits that make them look like total drag queens. I STARTED CRACKING UP WHEN I HEARD THE LYRICS! AND THE TRUMPET IS TO DIE FOR! - IdioticKilljoy

How? Just how is this 113 on the list? It sounds so good live, and it is an awesome song to have fun with. Please guys, at least top 30.

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220 Bang Bang

A perfect mix of early their 90's punk sound with lyrics reminiscent of American Idiot and a clean 21st Century Breakdown recording, pure Green Day revival in and out!

This song just came out 30 minutes ago by the time I'm writing this, and it's AWESOME.

Vote this up guys this is green day's best comeback song!


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