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221 Eye of the Tiger
222 Blitzkrieg Bop
223 Dream Catcher
224 Look for Love
225 Alison
226 Why Does It Always Rain On Me
227 Still Breathing

This song is seriously underrated. One of the best records the group has put out in years. It is powerful, and hits hard, but has a hopeful aspect that is necessary in a bleak time such as many think we are in.

When I first heard this song, I was surprised to see it hadn't charted, as I had the impression that the song would be a bit. And sure enough, it's currently at number 7 on the alternative charts.

Best song on the revolution radio album. The most joyous green day song in a long time. Without a doubt, this is going to become regarded as one of their best songs ever

I absolutely adore this song.

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228 Forever Now

Second favourite Green Day song after Whatsername, but this needs my vote a hell of a lot more.

Best song on Revolution Radio.

Best song by Green Day since Jesus of Suburbia

Wow. Another amazing ballad by Green Day. I really love the ending to this song. So anthem-esque and powerful, yet emotional as well. - CrimsonShark

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229 Youngblood

Easily my favorite on Revolution Radio. - ryanmcclure

230 Ordinary World

This song will take you back to the time of your life. One simple guitar and Billie voice that's enough.

Brilliant acoustic song full of emotion

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