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61 Dry Ice Dry Ice

Just everything about this song shows how much better the first 2 albums really are, not that the new ones are bad or anything, the early stuffs just on another level, feel sorry for 90% of green day fans that haven't even heard the old songs, because I guarantee if they gave it a chance they would like it 5x more than songs like american idiot.

62 Paper Lanterns Paper Lanterns

Simply there best song... Simple as that!

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63 Haushinka Haushinka

I love the whole Jinx/Haushinka mix, I love singing along and I hear this off the album Nimrod It deserves so much more votes since I really understand the meaning

Best Green Day song is Haushinka, hands down, tied with Letterbomb though.

64 Before the Lobotomy Before the Lobotomy

I love this song. I can't believe its not in the top ten. It starts out soft like good riddance, then goes into the typical Green Day rock, then ends the way it began with a little more power behind it.

Come on...! This is an AWESOME song...! What the hell is it doing on the 57th place..?! It should be at least is the top 5...! Listen to it such a great song..! People whats wrong with y'all..? If you hate this song then you are 100% not a Green Day fan nor you have any clue what a real song is...!

This song is my anthem! AMAZING song and stunning lyrics. This is music. love love love

What The F... Is Wrong With You People, This One Of The Best Green Day Songs Ever, I Always Listen To It And It Never Get's Old, At Least This Should Be in THE TOP 10

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65 American Eulogy American Eulogy

Simply putting it, easily one of the best Green Day songs they have ever written. The change in pace from the beginning, the pure punk rock sound coming out of the guitar. This should be so much higher than this. A truly amazing song. Love it.

Now, wait a second. One of the classiest Green Day songs. Beggining has an epic pure punk beat. When I look up I see all this stuff I've never seen before. People, before you rate higher songs, listen to this and realize how great it is.

The first part of the song sounds Like Deadbeat Holiday but 20 times better.
The Second Part is also epic and shows off Mike's vocal skills. And how it mysteriously fades off in the end is creepy but cool.

Billie Joe is right I don't wanna live in the modern world where all millennials play Pokemon go and talk crap about each other on social media I was born in a weird generation

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66 Amy Amy

This has to be the best song from Green Day's recent trilogy of albums. Awesome tunes; brilliant, profound lyrics. More touching than any other Green Day song. And of course, reminiscent of the Beatles.

Wow! Acoustic guitars! =-) This song is perfect, even though Billie Joe sings off tune at one point it makes it even more perfect. His voice is just majestic. Wow.

This is song is one of the best from the trilogy album (uno dos tres) this song is one of many amazing Green Day songs, it deserves to be put in the top 20

Makes me want to meaningful

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67 Poprocks and Coke Poprocks and Coke

An extremely refreshing song... Crisp guitar, beautiful lyrics, simple tune and yet the energy that only Green Day songs can have!

Cool song with nice lyric and good music, I love it

What the hell? This is song is awesome! Just because it wasnt released on an official album it is a bonus song of international superhits along with maria, duhh! Its amazing!

Very surprised this song isn't any higher... Maybe top 30?. ?

68 Restless Heart Syndrome Restless Heart Syndrome

Powerful lyrics. Amazing tune. Beautiful guitar solo. This song is excellent. Who knew Billie Joe could hit such notes. When I first heard it, I spazzed out because I couldn't realize that such perfect music existed. LOVE IT! Another great job by Green Day, as always.

This isn't just Green Day's most under appreciated song but one of the most under appreciated epics in the history of rock music. This is one of Green Day's best ever songs. Years from now, generations of hardcore Green Day fanatics will look back and try to figure out why this Lennon-esque tune was never released as a single. I've never heard tell of a song this big being unreleased or unnoticed ever besides U2's Moment of Surrender.

This song is just amazing... I especially love that part where he goes like "know your enemy" and then BOOM epic guitar solo! This is my favourite song of all time out of any band... It should be higher than 65th place.

It's strange to me that Boulevard of Broken Dreams, one of the greatest songs ever, could get so much attention while Restless Heart Syndrome barely gets noticed by anyone. I know GD is suppose to be 'punk' and that's what a lot of you judge the music on. But RHS is a classic. It's got the lyrics, the guitar solo and fantastic piano. This is Billie Joe at the top of his game. For me, this is the song that solidifies Billie as a creative genius. And it sits at #66 with 0.1 percent of the vote? come on!

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69 Ha Ha You're Dead Ha Ha You're Dead

I want this song up guys...! The lyrics, it's pure hatred! I just love this song. Please vote guys..!

Green Day are absolutely awesome - IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO CHOSE ONE SONG OVER ANOTHER - I'm voting for this one as it isn't as famous as some of the others.

It has a light tune - but if you go by the lyrics, you realize that it is actually full of hatred!

This song should be in top 5. Awesome lyrics, awesome tune... Everything for a good song!

Who DOESN'T want this played at their funeral?

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70 Missing You Missing You

My favorite Green Day song! The drums are so good in this

This song is loved with all of my heart. I even wrote a parody.

"Waking up, feeling naked in my clothes inside the room that vacant"

What The Hell it is'nt in the Top 5?

71 Walking Alone Walking Alone

Personally I've listened this song more than boulevard of broken dreams it attracts me it's my drug songs music make me feel better in sorrow different piece of music created by Green Day they should have released its official video so that it could come to public and I guarantee it will break through the charts... Love this song

Not on list? Great harmonica and beautiful chorus. Put it straight in top 20. No ones gonna vote for it if it's right down the bottom!

What!? How is this 110? This is such an underrated song and it's my favorite from Insomniac.

This is such an underrated song! It's a shame not many people know it.

72 Song of the Century Song of the Century

All right. The tune isn't great, but the meaning is very deep and touching.

Why is this song last? It is awesome!?!

How is this so forgotten! Really enjoyed this definitely at least a top 30

Great meaning and Correct starting for Album theme

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73 Blood, Sex, and Booze Blood, Sex, and Booze

Awesome song but my favourite song is waiting from the album warning and its not even on this list
İ love the rhythm of this song and the lyrics too this song should be in top25 for sure if you haven't listened this song you should quick

This is one heck of a song! It's got so much energy in it. Not sure why it's this low and don't know why Panic Song is ahead of this.

Not my favorite song but deserves better place!

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74 Last Night On Earth Last Night On Earth

My favorite Green Day song, well one of them! I listen to it all the time! It's the perfect slow song. I also can't stop listening to: Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Wake Me Up When September Ends, Holiday, 21st Century Breakdown, Viva La Gloria, East Jesus Nowhere, and a bunch of others!

Last Night On Earth is one of the best love songs ever in my opinion. This song makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I listen to the lyrics. Its also me and my boyfriends song. This song explains that someone loves some one so much that they will do anything for them. Deserves better rating!

One of the best love songs of all time for me. It's just amazing. Just listen to the lyrics, you'll be blown away.

Probably one of my favorite Green Day songs.

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75 Give Me Novacaine / She's a Rebel Give Me Novacaine / She's a Rebel

Misin link on the brink of DESTRUCTION! Yeah! Great song! Second favourite after Holiday!

This describes the person I want to be. refreshing if you listen to it. can't believe its 64 ;/

Fun, Rocking, and Fast. What Green Day's sound is all about!

How's this song not in a high place! It's great!

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76 Stray Heart Stray Heart

What this song is awesome number 74 are you kidding me!

This song is amazing should be in the top 50 at the least

I love this song, especially its video, the lyrics is simple but deeply touching. Its about punk in love! Great!

It's such a beautiful song, even the video makes sense. Listen to it and reconsider. It's such a great song, mikes bass is awesome in it.

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77 The One I Want The One I Want
78 Working Class Hero Working Class Hero

This song was a cover of the John Lennon version, with a beautiful added touch. Basically, the song describes the problems ( such as discrimination and torture) workers endure in corrupted systems mostly seen in the third world. Except throughout Green Day's version, quotes from Sudanese ppeople are added to address the growing civil war and the poisnous working atmosphere that occurs un Darfur. Green Day not only tries to show people what's going on but sends a message that steps have to be taken, rendering this song a special masterpiece.

This list would be just about perfect if. This song were in the top ten. Honestly I think Green Day's cover was better than Lennon's original. Don't get me wrong, I love John Lennon, but the punkedness (not a word) of green days cover was an excellent touch. Reminded me a little of holiday, but catchier.


79 Scattered Scattered

A great song. My favourite on nimrod along with redundant and hitchin a ride. It should be in the top 20. The reason why this is overlooked is because Green Day didn't make it a single. It has a great riff, it's catchy and has some great lyrics. Everything you ask for in a song.

Scattered is so underrated. It's way better than warning or Restless Heart Syndrome.

#3 on my personal list, but I'm voting for it because IT NEEDS TO BE SO MUCH HIGHER! - RestlessHeartGrenade

How the HELL is this so low?

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80 The Static Age The Static Age

once this song is near the end the energy from it is amazing not there best song of all time but in the top 10

Think about these lyrics:
All I want to know what's the god**** pain,
not what's in the medicine
All I want to do is I want to breathe
Batteries not included
What's the latest way a man can die?
Screaming hallelujah!

If you listen to this song this part has so much energy it's insane

This song is amazing, why it is not in top 20!?

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