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141 Favorite Son

This song is really good, my life

142 Mechanical Man
143 Maria


144 Somewhere Now
145 Ordinary World

This song will take you back to the time of your life. One simple guitar and Billie voice that's enough.

Brilliant acoustic song full of emotion

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146 Prosthetic Head

This song does not deserve to be 100th, it is way better than Paper Lanterns or Platypus. Come on guys lets get this up a bit!

Clearly one of the best underrated songs ever...

Most underrated green day song

147 Too Dumb to Die

It's beast

A combination of new and old green day,with persnal lyrics and awesome instrumentals? And have I mentioned the sick guitar riff? One of the best songs on RR

148 Words I Might Have Ate

Best song that inspired me GREEN DAY ROCKS! +

Criminally underrated song from a criminally overrated band.

149 Fashion Victim

One of my favorite Green Day songs. It definitely deserves to be in the top 20 if not in the top 10. THIS SONG IS BOSS! Going once, Going twice, It's Gone!

Poop popsicles on yo' butthole. This song is awesome. Eat turd and drink piss then have sex with a cat.

150 All the Time

Great song off the album Nimrod. I really think it should be on the list, and a whole bunch of other off the track.

151 Bouncing Off the Wall


152 Sweet Children
153 Private Ale

People are entitled to their opinion, this is mine. I feel this song represents me best at my college age. No clear idea of my future, no reason to care, but the feelings for girls who don't know me. All are present in this song.

Catchy chorus, great lyrics. Should not be this low!

154 Lights Out
155 Suffocate

Shows you what happens when you get drunk in the wrong way. You feel sick and it feels like a hangover expirence rather than a fun one.

156 Desensitized

One of the most underrated Green Day songs in my opinion.

157 A Quick One While He's Away

This is my favorite. I mean, The Who's original version is better by a landslide, but this version comes in close! It kicks ass! - MontyPython

Oh come on guys honestly? I mean given this is on the deluxe edition of 21st Century but this is still a great cover and the beginning is pure gold

158 80

In my opinion best song on Kerplunk! it has way more personality and depth compared to some other songs on the album

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159 Strangeland

Nobody knows the lyrics, but still amazing.

I can't even understand this song. - ONHOLIDAY

160 That's All Right
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