Viva la Gloria!


This song should at least be in top 20! It's really slow and calm at the beginning then it turns into punk rock green day. It has 2 completely different styles of music in this song. The lyrics are really meaningful and you really hear Billie's amazing voice! Vote for this song guys its too underrated.

This... This song surprised me when I first listened to it... It started off with slow piano music, and then it stopped for a second. Suddenly, loud and fast paced rock music with amazing background vocals, and just such an energetic tune. I tell you, man, this is amazing. It's so sad how underrated this song is.

Great song! Should be in top 20 at least. The lyrics are very meaning full and the guitar is excellent. I love it when its soft at the beginning then totally rocks when the chorus comes. VOTE YOU GUYS!

I have one thing to say. When I looked at this list I saw all these songs, and checked the top 20 ten times to make sure I knew Viva la Gloria wasn't there. I then checked the 20s and so on until I reached the 80's! I rated and then everybody else did! :} Great song, deserves to be higher!

How come this not be in the top 10. This song is simply awesome its killing me to know it is severely underrated

One of my favorites... Probably in my top 3. The most underrated Green Day song.

Simply one of the best GD songs ever. Totally underrated!

Vote please, Gloria viva la gloria
This song is really good, slow and go rock,
come on VOTE!

Best song of 21century breakdown

Why is this 27th? One of their best songs.

This song has to go 39 Positions higher Guys! Listen to this.. (okay weird) Piano playing at the beginnig! Therefore it has to be at least in the top ten :P

I can never get enough of this song. I can listen to it 20 times in a row and be happy (even though it's such a sad story). Its justo great to sing along to.

Very good song, good piano, good guitar and everthing, its not that punk, but is very good Top 7

Totally underrated song. Viva La Gloria is one of my all time favourites.