Wake Me Up When September Ends


Okay this song is amazing, it has so many feelings in it. We can feel it in Billie's voice. He even cried while performing this song and that shows how much this songs means to him. For everybody that doesn't know, this song is about his dad that died form cancer when Billie was 10. And the famous story they say but I don't know if it's true is that Billie, at his dad funeral, couldn't handle it and he ran back home crying. His mom came after him and he has locked the door and when his mom asked him to open it, he just said 'wake me up when September ends' (his dad died the 16th of September) but what I know for sure it's that this song is amazing and that it's about Billie's dad who died from cancer. Lots of support to Billie and people who makes jokes about this song, it isn't funny at all. Imagine if you had lost your parent at 10. It isn't funny now huh? STOP THE JOKES.

Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong wrote this song about his father, who died of cancer on September 1, 1982. At his father's funeral, Billie cried, ran home and locked himself in his room. When his mother got home and knocked on the door to Billie's room, Billie simply said, "Wake me up when September ends, " hence the title. This song is very emotional and the lyrics hold lots of significance. This is one of my all time favourite songs and I absolutely love it. Its amazing and the story behind it is heartbreaking. This should be at the top. - YoloSwaggerZombie

Top comment is wrong, Billie Joe's father died of caner, not in a war. What is true is that he wrote this song about him 20 years after his father died (hence, the line "20 years has gone so fast"). This song was originally supposed to be on Shenanigans but Billie wasn't emotionally ready to record the song, and it was produced some short time later, of course. Billie has said how meaningful this song is to him, and it's easy enough to see, hear, and understand that sentiment.

Seriously, this song touched my heart and whenever I hear it, it makes me cry. My whole body shivers when the girl starts crying as his lover was going to fight for the country.. In the song, Billy Joe sings-"Like my father's come to pass.. Seven years has gone so fast. " It's a tragic love story of Billy's parents.. Lyrics and music are seriously touching.. I think it's the greatest song of all time and I listen this song and cry everyday.

Best song ever: Summer has come and passed the innocent can never last Wake me up when september ends. True mastermind of pure genius don't even have words for it. It should be No. 1. The main reason they wrote this because of the 9 11 incident when 2 Boeing 747s crashed into the north and south towers of the New York One World Trade Center by hijackers killing around 5173 - AbdullahSaeedKhan

Without a doubt best Green Day song, memorial to billie's father who died on september 10,1982 when billie was 10 years old. Did you know that he wrote this song during his difficult period after his loss and he modified it with the rest of the band many years later? (VOTE THIS SONG)

This song is really touching, and really emotional. I can't pick a favorite Green Day song but I'd have to say this one has made me think the most and made me cry the most. This is one powerful song.
It's about his father's death, and it hits me really hard. I've never seen them live (yet) but I've seen live videos from them and in the middle of him singing it, he choked up, kept singing, but it looked like he was crying a little.
It's so emotional and amazing and you can hear the emotion in his voice straight from the heart. It's beautiful.

Wonderful song, very very touching.. Moved me to tears when I first heard it.. It has been my all-time favourite Green Day song.. Just love the surge of music at the beginning and throughout.. Powerful song, powerful music, powerful lyrics, deserves to be up on 1st place..

Billie Joe dedicated this song to his dad who had died during a war.. This song defines his emotions and feelings and this song is totally amazing! It should be on the top at number 1! They lyrics are amazing and the song is very touching and it can touch your soul!

Their are a lots of emotion in this song but still it isn't somehow that emotional! Great song! The solos are just brilliant! The lyrics and bass as well! Tre cool is just awesome! It simply deserves the number 1 respect for all the emotions in the song!

A beautiful song. One of those rare songs that actually makes me cry. The guitar; lyrics... Very touching. This song is actually written as a memorial to Billie Joe's late father. Green Day are definitely one of the best and most influential bands of this decade.

All these people are wrong its not about 9/11 it is about his dad though and he didn't die in war he died of throat cancer when Billie was 10 years old he ran into his room his mother came to the door and knocked she told her to 'Wake Me Up When When September Ends'

Most of the fake Green Day fans go straight to boulevard of broken dreams and it makes me sad. Bouleavard of broken dreams is a good song off of American idiot, which is a great album but no one listens to other songs off of it like this one. This song may sound boring at first but once the lyrics sink in you can't help but feel how billie joe felt when he wrote this song

The best song by Green Day! It surely deserve the no.2 spot. The lyrics, the vocals, instrumentals, etc everything is top notch in this song. Green Day ROCKS! It also has a very deep meaning! Green Day please keep making such exotic songs

Amazing! This song deserves the top spot, it is the best, the guitar is great, the lyrics. Next to the amazing sound of this song, the lyrics. "Like my Father's come to pass". Billie wrote this for his father; Andrew Armstrong, who died of esoughagul cancer when Billie was only ten. Billie was grief stricken after this happened so he turned to music. This song is amazing and deserves the top spot.

Simply AMAZING. So much emotion... There is no other song that gives me so much emotion and memories of good old times... I like dreaming while listening to this one. Awesome for alarm tone! Number one in my playlist!

This song reflects the sadness of Billie Joe due to the death of his dad. IT clearly is the best song of Green Day because no other song shows this much emotion. The harmonies are beautiful and make this song so enjoyable to listen to.

Absolutely the best song by Green Day.. Awesome lyrics, awesome tune have mingled themselves to produce an unforgettable and truly amazing song. Those still haven't listened.. Well, what are you waiting for!

This song means so much to me. It is amazing and so touching. I have been listening to Green Day ever since I was little and they still are one of my favorite bands. I love them and this song is one of my favorites!

Do people seriously think that jesus of suburbia and holiday are better than wake me up when september ends? I mean, come on! All of Green Day's songs are awesome but this one is definitely one of the top two!

From the perspective of introduction, the first one was boulevard of broken dreams, then came american idiot but then it was this song that actually hooked me up. I sang it more than any other song by Green Day. Top 3 dude top three.

This song should be top 2, not top 4. Between Billie Joe's guitar/vocals combo with mike dirnt's great bass and Tre Cool's drumming, this song is a very passionate song with really nothing bad about it.

This is truly an amazing song. Billie Joe is so strong to be able to perform this song and nearly cry every time he plays it. I'll be honest, it's not my favorite song by Green Day, but it means so much to me and Billie Joe, too.

This song I really love it's such a classic. I can't stop listening to it and it never gets old. The lyrics are so timeless... Everyone should hear this song. The guitar chords with Armstrong's vocals are amazing. - SammMinajj

Billie Joe wrote this song after his dad died due to cancer. It was his way of saying "goodbye" and he ran home and locked himself in his room crying "Wake Me Up When September Ends. "