Best Greys Anatomy Characters

The Top Ten

1 Miranda Bailey


She's strong, tough, and nice when people kick ass in the O.R.. She is also hilarious too. Happy to see she's #1 - westofohio

2 Callie Torres

Love Callie and calzona

3 Izzie Stevens

Izzie stevens is one of the most hated characters on greys. I love her to pieces she is by far my favorite. she is a badass but also adorable. shes funny and just a great character. we miss izzie. - heiglsbabe

4 Cristina Yang
5 Addison Montgomery
6 Mark Sloan

Arguably the best made Jackson into the man he is. Fell hard the probably the best looking of the grey sisters. And by far someone that shouldn't have left

7 George O'Malley

Loved himm! Why did he have to die?

8 Derek Shepard


9 Meredith Grey

How is meredith GREY ('s anatomy) not on top

10 Alex Karev

The Contenders

11 Lexie Grey

She is my favorite character but I would expect Meredith to be first

What why is lexie number 1 this makes no sense - tyefbhjebkffh

Absolute Perfection

12 Arizona Robbins
13 Richard Webber
14 Jackson Avery
15 Owen Hunt
16 April Kepner
17 Maggie Pierce
18 Jo Wilson
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