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21 Chipmunk

Not top 3 but top 5 easy. Just needs to find a balance between grime and chart. One of the few who could do both, unlike tinie

Chip's lyrics are one of the best. No rapper actually want's to challenge him and also he can get his work done in any flow or beat. Man's a legend. I'd say he's at 4 or 5th at least.

He should be around 6th or 7th or at least in front of tinie tempah there's no way he's behind him especially after the release of hard food

Chipmunk took on the grime scene, chipmunk won

so who is the king of grime?...

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22 Bugzy Malone

He is probably the most technically gifted rapper in grime at the moment and is completely underrated plainly because he isn't part of the london scene he carries a whole city on his back and he doesn't even need featuring artists all down to the fact that his bars flow that well that he doesn't need another artist to fill in the gaps.

He's got music videos looking like movies he's one of the best to ever do this.

Most meaningful lyrics hard bars good beats should definitely be in the top 5 ripped chipmunk to shreds will blow up

Pure class

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23 Stormzy

To be fair, I am American, and I have just recently been exposed to the "grime scene" so clearly my opinion shouldn't hold too much water because I just really don't know much about it. However, stormzy is the reason I have even began listening to grime. Now I have done my research and I've listened to a few tracks from the big names like Skepta, JME, wiley, kano, devlin, chip, bugzy, wretch 32.. And I'm not saying stormzy is better or worse than any of them, but I gotta say is around a similar class as a few of these artists, and most of those guys are at the top. Therefore, how is stormz so low... I'd say his flow is definitely up there with some of the best, I just think his lyrics could use a bit more substance if I'm honest.

How is he this low has no one seen shut up because it's a tune that should have boosted him into the top 10 easily

His beats are catchy and his voice is just so new school he's good for kids growing up with grime

Stormzy has been on a mad one since Shut up and Gang Sign and Prayer is a banger album

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24 Akala

Akala personally has changed my life, I couldn't say the same for any other MC (except Lowkey). He's original, has insane flow and knowledge of the world. He deserves the same respect as Wiley, he's a professor, many MCs followed his path to be independent, but not many can reach the levels Akala has.

Of the same ilk as people like Wiley, JME & Skepta. Amazing in a lyrical sense and understands the genre completely. If you want to hear about guns and drugs don't listen to Akala. If you want to hear real music then do. Its that simple

He is in his own class, you can't compare him to the others. A true legend with his original bars and heartfelt flows

Listen to his fire in the booth it's not just music it's facts and in my eyes art

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25 Roll Deep

If they aren't the best grime group in the uk, they're one of the best - gezim

26 Bashy

Cheeky lyrics which make sense and can destroy a whole crew. SNM

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27 K Koke

Sick definitely should be near top not saying he's best out there but his mixtape pure koke and album pure koke vol.2 are full of the hardest tracks

K koke is a legend speaks from the heart no bollocks just pure but he needs to make more music don't give up man keep going

K koke deserves to be at the top but because he part of illuminati I don't rate him as much

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28 KSI

This man is pure fire, how can anybody dare say that KSI is not a don. He is breaking onto the grime scene with more purpose then an Arab into the world trade center. Lamborghini was the dopest track in 2015 and the only way is up. Plus he gets points for being black.

Ksi is terrible he shouldn't even be considered a grime artist

How is he rated over Chip or Frisco, wasteman who have been following Grime for 10 minutes class anyone who can rhyme two words together call like him Grime.

This is cancer

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29 Sox

Up and coming talent

So young and so good - Devilz_Official

Sox is the best artist in the uk at the moment by far

Looks like he's hiii or allways half asleep

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30 Devilman

Can't belive devilman is so low down he'd smash skepta and most of the other top 10 with his flow

Devil man may not be to many tastes hie flow is slick with humour and that accent gives him character over the others he's different...He should be top 10..may have to focus on his own careere and forget about his haters and rivals

Should be ahead of Skepta he destroyed him in the clash!

Devilman destroyed skepta - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

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31 Frisco

Whoever said money won't change ya tell em from me that's a blatant lie

Frisco is mad underrated, he has a sick flow and never sprays bars

Frisco has the best flow in grime and his songs make you too hyper. He also made too many man because wivout him in that sing then its standard.

His flows hard on any beat

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32 President T

President T should be in the top 10 at least, he's just not as well known as some of the others, but he's an originator and can get the crowd hyped.

Definitely should have been in top 10. Original veteran of grime. Legend. His new album Greatest To Ever Touch Down is way too much.

President t has most unique flow in the grime since also
Part of bloodline records with artist like big H.
He never seems to let the audience down.

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33 Big Narstie V 3 Comments
34 Chip

He's sick, simple, lyrically no one can compare

Why is there chipmunk and chip on this list there should only be one

One of the best around lyrically in the grime scene

His lyrics is on a another level

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35 Black the Ripper

Got flow, intelligent, got rhymes.

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36 Benny Banks

Benny banks talks from the heart I can feel the pain through his lyrics

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37 Chase & Status
38 Mr Traumatik

Kills grime, dark bars and his flows are cold!

Sick MC who speaks the truth with a cold flow! Should be higher up

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39 Plan B

Just sick has some pure lyrics proper lad who was raised in the hood I get where he is coming from on his tracks and loving his new album ill manors its beast man

40 Frimpong
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