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61 Johnny Gunz
62 Jaja Soze

No grime artist at the top ten is like jaja soze except lowkey speaks the truth and is betta dan most of dem rappers and he don't rap about booze n weed raps from the heart

You can just tell he's been there and done that, he's basically a brixton akala and a black lowkey

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63 Dirty Dike

Magical Rhymes, lyrically illest

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64 Meridian Dan

Meridian Dan Is the best Grime artist.

German Whip, arguably one of the best grime songs ever!

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65 Snap Capone

Snap capon makes bangers
people just choice not to listen to them

66 Soph Aspin

shes hot

67 Blizzard

Should have been here in the first place he may be young but he would definitely clear the top tens out straight away not at ghetts's level yet but in time definitely a top contender.

68 English Frank

Most viewed Fire In The Booth there is.

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70 Marvell

If you haven't yet hear of Marvell for sure look them up

71 Ms. Dynamite V 1 Comment
72 Marger

The greeze Marger lays down on the 'Shadows' track sums up grime. Its that coldness in his flow makes him top 10 for me.

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73 Foreign Beggars

Best rappers asylum speakers is a masterpiece, actual music for actual people

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74 Shorty

Talented but doesn't have the Work Ethic that the rest of BBK do

Shorty yeh I rep BBK Monday to Sunday I'm like bbk jme skepta Wiley Frisco maximum yeh that's bbk add me to the list that's bbk can't forget Sam that's bbk I've seen a lot of guys doing this ting but none of them flex like bbk

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75 Slick Rick Slick Rick

Definitely THE BEST English rapper and the first English rapper most Americans try to say that he's American because he emigrated to the US when he was 10 but he is really English and raps with an English accent

76 Poisonous Poets
77 Slix
78 Labrinth
79 Political Peak
80 Face
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