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101 Mz. Bratt
102 Cher Lloyd Cher Lloyd Cher Lloyd is an English singer, songwriter, rapper, and model. She rose to fame in 2010 when she finished fourth in the seventh series of The X Factor.

Doesn't deserve to be on this list

Turn it in and remove this parcel off the list

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103 J Spades

One of the best in the underground scene right now just listen to his sick flow and he can tune his voice with the beat

104 Pro
105 Merky Ace
106 Pak-man V 1 Comment
107 TK
108 Young Smokes

He's an amazing young srtist, he works hard with all his lyrics and videos his lyrics relate to reality and they toch the heart.

109 Jam Baxter
110 Row D
111 Footsie

One of the top Grime Producers there is and the only true MC who can spit with Double and not look like a mug. Footsie is a Percy

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112 JCB

Maddest lyricist in the game, nobody can match man. His intelligent bars arise above internationally renowned MCs! He truly is the best, on par with Jme, Skepta and Wiley. No man can test.

113 Bigz Highrise

Bigz West Midlands finest

114 Mikill Pane
115 Durrty Goodz

Uhm he parred Wiley off twice he obviously deserves recognition.

116 iTz Kronic

West midland kid doing good

117 Mercston

Real grime vet. One of the best flows in grime

118 Shifty
119 Sameer Rai

He is a mad grime artist in the making,With young talent from West London

120 Jun Tzu
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