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Hatred, frustration, political intolerance, and medical terminology are what Grindcore is all about.
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1 Napalm Death Napalm Death are a British grindcore/death metal band formed in Meriden, West Midlands, England, in 1981. While none of its original members remain in the group, the lineup of vocalist Mark "Barney" Greenway, bassist Shane Embury, guitarist Mitch Harris and drummer Danny Herrera has remained consistent more.

Bill Steer of Carcass was apart of this

Most intense live band I've ever seen!

Absolutely the best no contest.

Best grindcore band ever...

2 Carcass Carcass are a British extreme metal band from Liverpool, who formed in 1985 and disbanded in 1995. A reformation was enacted in 2007 without one of its original members, drummer Ken Owen, due to health reasons.

Grindcore at its best. The angry vocals, Steer's brilliance on guitar. Why on earth is carcass so underrated?

Carcass much better then napalm. Especially when they lost steer and he went to carcass.

Listen to Reek of Putrefaction and you will know what is the definition of Grindcore.

Carcasses first 2 albums were some of the best Goregrind/Grindcore ever I'd say this is the best top 10
10. Rotten sound
9. Magrudergrind
8. Nasum
7. Cephalic carnage
6. Brutal truth
5. Cattle decapitation
4. Wormrot
3. Pig destroyer
2. Carcass
1. Napalm Death

3 Pig Destroyer Pig Destroyer is an American grindcore band formed in 1997 in Alexandria, Virginia. The band was formed by vocalist J. R. Hayes, guitarist Scott Hull, and drummer John Evans, later replaced by Brian Harvey.

This band is great for their genre, but one thing I noticed is on their Prowler in the Yard album the song Starbelly that has parts that sound a lot like the Melvin's song Boris (which was made way before starbelly). You might think I'm being unjust since the Melvins and Pig Destroyer sound nothing alike, but if you listen to the middle of the song starbelly and then listen to boris then you'll notice that they sound almost exactly alike. I'm beginning to wonder if Pig Destroyer stole the part from boris (if they did, that would be bad because bands should be original and not rip off other artists. If they did it but asked first, then it would be okay. If they didn't, then it wouldn't matter.)

This is the first grindcore band I really got into. Prowler in The Yard is a superb album and the others do not disappoint. Any grindcore fan should look into this bands work. Also Brutal Truth should be ranked higher. At least in the top 10.

Prowler In The Yard is a record that proved Grindcore as a genre which can tell a twisted, engaging story while still maintaining musical brutality and unrelenting energy.

My #2. They are insanely good. Most people who like this band aren't huge fans of grind

4 Cattle Decapitation Cattle Decapitation is an American Deathgrind band from San Diego, California formed in 1996. Cattle Decapitation's songs protest the mistreatment and consumption of animals, the abuse of the environment and touch subjects such as misanthropy and genocide of the human race. Much of their music is based more.

I'm a huge Cattle Decapitation fan, but they aren't grindcore. They are Deathgrind, (yes there is a difference) But most people consider them to be just Death Metal

One of the best out there. There vocalist Travis Ryan can do pretty much anything and they have amazing technical instrumentalists.

One of the greatest bands eve, the intensity and the vocals just everything is brilliant

Cattle Decapitation is most certainly one of my favorites.

5 Terrorizer Terrorizer is an American grindcore band formed in 1986 in Los Angeles, California. After disbanding, its members gained recognition by playing in influential extreme metal bands.

Aggression, speed, rage, heaviness that what is Grindcore and that is all about Terrorizer. World Downfall is the greatest Grindcore record ever made.

Should be at the runner-up just below Napalm Death.

I love this band
Should be under Napalm Death.

Awesome band and the
commando is king

6 Repulsion
7 The Berzerker

Amazing band. Every grind fan should listen to their self-titled debut and Dissimulate!

Such a funny band but very crazy and intense.

8 Nails Nails is an American powerviolence band formed in 2009 in Oxnard, California. The band has achieved a cult fanbase and is very well received by fans of grindcore and death metal. Nails is currently signed to Nuclear Blast.
9 Anal C*** Anal C*** was an American grindcore band founded by vocalist Seth Putnam in 1988 in Newton, Massachusetts. The band is known for their highly offensive lyrics which included themes of misogyny, homophobia, racism, Nazism, antisemitism, and schadenfreude (ridicule of the unfortunate). Their music has more.

Anal C is the all time heaviest band ever. There 5643 song ep cannot be topped. Absolute pure noise. Beautiful in every aspect.

For me, it's AxCx and Napalm Death. The mass lunacy and carnage of Naplam Death and the non-conformist, actually quite funny song titles of AC is great

They are the most creative grindcore band without a doubt

Way better than napalm death, these guys have pure talent!

10 Brutal Truth Brutal Truth was an American grindcore band from Rochester, New York, formed by ex-Anthrax, Nuclear Assault, and Stormtroopers of Death bass guitarist Dan Lilker in 1990. The group disbanded in 1999, but reformed in 2006 and continued to release music until 2014.

Extreme conditions rules! Enough said.

Best American grindcore bend.

I think Brutal Truth should be above AxCx.

For me is in the top 3 grindcore bands Napalm Death and Carcass are top 2 but after them I would put Brutal Truth

The Contenders
11 Insect Warfare

Gold from texas

12 Aborted

Aborted is great they are amazing expecially the Extirpation Agenda

These amazing band
try in Engineering the Dead
and Strychnin.213 Albums
the Greater Grindcore
This is Number one grindcore

13 Brujeria Brujeria is a Mexican-American extreme metal band formed in Los Angeles, California in 1989. Their name comes from the Spanish word for "witchcraft".

One of the underrated ones. These masked Mexican musicians really know how to rock

14 Rotten Sound

They can bring great riffs, great bass guitar, great solos, great voice an still being one of the heavyes bands of all time. Albums like "Cursed" and EPs like "Napalm", or "Consume to Contaminate" are some of the best grindcore works of all time.

Rotten Sound should at least be in the top ten.

15 Nasum Nasum was a grindcore band from Örebro, Sweden formed in 1992. The band released four studio albums, developed into "one of that country's premier metal acts" and disbanded after the December 2004 tsunami killed the band's frontman, Mieszko Talarczyk.

Best band that plays Grindcore.

Best grindcore youll ever experience!

16 Anaal Nathrakh Anaal Nathrakh are a British extreme metal band formed in 1999 in Birmingham, England. They are currently signed to Metal Blade Records.

One of the most unique Grindcore bands ever. Mix a nice dose of Black Metal (which I usually dislike) and Industrial into their Grindcore mix which creates a crushing yet hooky sound with dangerous grooves and haunting melodies. They should at least be in the Top 5.

1 - Napalm Death
2 - Cattle Decapitation
3 - Pig Destroyer
4 - Anaal Nathrakh

Carcass, as much as they completely rule, generally sounds more straight up Death/Melodeath to me.

This is black metal
Great band though

17 Cephalic Carnage Cephalic Carnage is an American deathgrind band formed in 1992 in Denver, Colorado. The band comprises vocalist Lenzig Leal, guitarists Steve Goldberg and Brian Hopp, drummer John Merryman and bassist Nick Schendzielos.

Arguably they're deathgrind, but if we're going to include deathgrind into grindcore, these guys are EASILY top 5 material. Like Cattle Decapitation, Cephalic Carnage has a surprising and creative take on the deathgrind formula. Where Cattle Decapitation experiments more with vocal techniques, Cephalic Carnage has a great and variative vocalist as well (though slightly less creative as Cattle Decapitation's Travis Ryan) but experiments more with interjecting ambient sounds from jazz, surf rock and flamenco or at set times using jazz fusion licks into their unique and trippy brand of deathgrind without ever seeming ridiculous. These unique elements, combined with the fact that they manage to stay as brutal as grind gets throughout, makes them far more interesting than straightforward peers such as Terrorizer, The Berzerker, Nasum or Anal C***.

Should be top 5: 1) Napalm Death 2) Carcass 3) Cattle Decapitation 4) Pig Destroyer 5) Cephalic Carnage. And while Carcass is an ...more

Wow why are these guys not higher on the list? One of the best.

18 Agoraphobic Nosebleed Agoraphobic Nosebleed is a grindcore band formed in 1994 in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States.

I love them. They're so fast paced that they fired their drummer when he couldn't keep up. So they replaced him with a drum machine

19 Wormrot Wormrot is a Singaporean grindcore band formed in 2007, immediately after the founding members had completed their mandatory two years of national service.

The greatest Modern Grindcore band ever and one of the greatest Modern Metal bands.

Sick fast and loud

20 Discordance Axis

They are the best because is real grindcore, raw and pure

Should be number 1

Best grind ever.

21 Extreme Noise Terror Extreme Noise Terror are a crustgrind band originally formed in Ipswich in 1985. They are considered one of the earliest and most influential European grindcore bands, particularly in the crustgrind fusion genre.

Love these guys. Put them in the top 5

Great crustgrind band

22 Assück

They are awesome and their music style is also very innovative... I want them to see at least at no. 5.
By the way Brutal Truth also should be ranked higher.

Awesome band, misery index is their best releases the way why is Sayyadina was not voted?

Death grind at its best nothing else

23 SpermSwamp
24 Regurgitate

They're awesome! The cover of their album "carnivorous erection" is the the gorest ever.

They are pornogrind but are a really good band

25 Bolt Thrower Bolt Thrower are a British death metal band from Coventry, England. They formed in 1986 and released their first album with Vinyl Solution in 1988. The band then shifted to a new record label, Earache Records, soon becoming one of the best selling bands on that label.
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