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21 Assück

They are awesome and their music style is also very innovative... I want them to see at least at no. 5.
By the way Brutal Truth also should be ranked higher. - Nord666

Death grind at its best nothing else

Awesome band, misery index is their best releases the way why is Sayyadina was not voted?

22 Cephalic Carnage Cephalic Carnage Cephalic Carnage is an American deathgrind band formed in 1992 in Denver, Colorado. The band comprises vocalist Lenzig Leal, guitarists Steve Goldberg and Brian Hopp, drummer John Merryman and bassist Nick Schendzielos.

Wow why are these guys not higher on the list? One of the best.

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23 Regurgitate

They're awesome! The cover of their album "carnivorous erection" is the the gorest ever.

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24 Extreme Noise Terror Extreme Noise Terror Extreme Noise Terror are a crustgrind band originally formed in Ipswich in 1985. They are considered one of the earliest and most influential European grindcore bands, particularly in the crustgrind fusion genre.

Love these guys. Put them in the top 5 - ryanrimmel

25 Jig-Ai
26 Genghis Tron

One of the most diverse bands around.

27 Wormrot Wormrot
28 Benümb
29 Dr. Acula

Though the vocals are not, the instrumentals are grind paced and I think these guys kick any other grimy low quality bands ass

30 Impending Doom Impending Doom Impending Doom is an American Christian deathcore band from Riverside, California. The group has released five full-length studio albums and are currently a five piece with vocalist Brook Reeves as one of the two original remaining members along with Manny Contreras who left the band in 2010 but returned more.

Their 1st grindcore album was sick! I'm not saying they are the best grindcore band... But one of the best... They currently changed direction to death metal/deathcore... - nooreldeen

Have any of you heard a song off The Sin and Doom of Godless Men? It's really hard to believe something that harsh came from a Christian band

31 Anaal Nathrakh

One of the most unique Grindcore bands ever. Mix a nice dose of Black Metal (which I usually dislike) and Industrial into their Grindcore mix which creates a crushing yet hooky sound with dangerous grooves and haunting melodies. They should at least be in the Top 5.

1 - Napalm Death
2 - Cattle Decapitation
3 - Pig Destroyer
4 - Anaal Nathrakh

Carcass, as much as they completely rule, generally sounds more straight up Death/Melodeath to me.

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32 Exhumed Exhumed Exhumed is an American death metal band from San Jose, California that is currently signed to Relapse Records.
33 F*** the Facts

Why is this band not even on here?! These guys are epic!

34 Antigama
35 Biological Monstrosity

Okay... this is the worst band I have ever heard. Their timing is terrible, and so is their vocalist. - ThatoneMetalhead

36 Agathocles
37 Cripple Bastards

Italian grind is a total different thing.
Cripple Bastards are easly the best grindcore band of all time.

38 Gridlink
39 The Red Chord
40 Implosive Disgorgence
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1. Napalm Death
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