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21 Tree Griptape

Waterproof backing, perforated, and super thick so it doesn't rip. It's the way to go

22 Mouse

Awesome graphics dope grip

23 Superior

I bought this grip tape the other day, and have been 100% satisfied with the quality. It is so grippy and durable, and unlike as other grip tape companies, it does not affect your shoes at all,

I had this griptape for like 3 months and it's still pretty grippy and don't ruin your shoes very quickly! One of the nicest griptape I have ever skated.

24 Mini Logo

Mini logo its the best I've been skated mini logo for a while and does not kill your shoes

Very good grip, its grippy but not too grippy so your shoes will last

25 Vicious

Awesome Griptape. Super grippy. Lasts very long. Comes in different colors with different uses. Comes in red, clear, and black. Red doesn't kill your shoes and had a very good grip. Clear kills your shoes a bit but has a really really good grip but gets dirty pretty easily while black has wicked grip but kills your shoes. Vicious Griptape is really awesome stuff.

I don't know which one to get my friend kayden has red on his 2014 comet shred 35 and my other friend decklan has black on his comet archetype and I have my landyachtz ripple ridge but irdk how easy its gonna be to regrip it you cam look it up mine is the 2014 landyachtz ripple ridge ya it might be a little tricky

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26 CCS

Very good grip. Its good for flip tricks

27 Revive

I use it all the time it's the best

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28 Darkstar

Darkstar grip has dope ass graphics and has the perfect amount of course.

I love dark star tape it's as good as grizzly

29 Blackhole

The original perforated and still the best grip I ever skated.

Best quality of any grip I've skated. Oh yeah it's also spelled with out the letter C so it's BLAKHOLE Grip Tape not BLACKHOLE.

Best team and the longest lasting grip around.
Everyone skates Blakhole in my town.

30 Spitfire

Spitfire grip is just mob grip with a spitfire graphic

They are the best and have cool designs

31 Palaboy

Great griptape. made in the Philippines

32 Madrid Flypaper

I used Madrid grip back in the late 80's & started using it again. Still awesome!

Who skates when it is -40 or 200 degrees?

What griptape can claim to withstand temps of -40 to above 200 degrees? Oil and soda resistant. It's the sticky icky

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33 Honey

Just pour on your deck and your good to go

Yeah it works gret I recommend pouring a lot

Honey is amazing. its none adhesive. The grip is amazing. the more you pour on the more grip you get. I was riding grizzly and it sucked. Then my local organic market hooked me up with fresh honey to dump on my skate deck for maximum grip.

34 ENDdustries Griptape

It was a new griptape brand from Indonesia. The grip really awesome for me. When I'm visiting this country, I bought this griptape in a local skateshop in Surabaya city and I'm really satisfied with the quality. The griptape so grippy and long last, it does not affect your shoes at all. The quality is same with the other best grip tape companies.

I use this griptape either. Good quality with reasonable price

35 Sanction

I have used sanction it sucks just like element

Its cheap good decks and trucks too get it

36 Thrasher

I'm using thrasher and it is great doesn't kill your shoes and sticks fine the only con I can think of is that it loses its grip but slowly

37 Paw Grip
38 Am Team

Its doug des autels company man! This stuff is grippy and wont kill your shoes it should be up there along with jessup

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39 Ironhorse

Awesome grip. Doesn't stay on board too long but super grippy and cheap

40 Classy Griptape

Newer brand, good grip, doesn't kill your shoes and has some sick logos.

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