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1 Kroger

Kroger gives value to its customers and offers rewards also to its customers. great selections with total value lines

Kroger's brand tastes nothing like what they are trying to copy off of.

True very true. I will never let go of this store.


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2 H-E-B V 1 Comment
3 Target

Target should be number one who has even hear of most of these stores

Whoever hates this place has never been here or has no spirit.

What is it doing way down here? GO TARGET!

Love it here - YOSHIA2121

4 Food Lion
5 Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods is delicious and healthy. Woohoo!

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6 Meijer
7 Trader Joe's
8 Walmart

Watch a video call people of walmart

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9 Piggly Wiggly
10 Save Mart

I like the name. Its so much nice.
I will keep this name of my store.

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? Harris Teeter

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11 ShopByChoice
12 County Market
13 Publix

Really good service and nice people

Amazing people

14 Wegmans

Kroger is expensive compared to Wegmans

Wegmens have the freshest food

16 Stop & Shop V 1 Comment
17 ShopRite
18 Hannaford's
19 Aldi

Nah the food is rotton out of date and the store is like a jumble go to lidl it's so much better

20 Dean & DeLuca
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