Best Ground Force Armies In the World

The best ground forces. I picked them only because of their training and equipment. Note that they are just ground forces not spec ops units and we won't no who's the best unless the people on my list go to war. If you are going to vote only pick the ones you really think are the best and not because they're from your homeland. Thank you.

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1 Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army is the best army in the world. They are the best fighters. It has defeated the Indian Amy in 1965 and India have to go to the united nation after 17 days of war to help them to stop the war. In 1971 India won the war because of the rebellion in East Pakistan and with the help of the rebels and with the help of Russia and other countries who wanted to break Pakistan through a conspiracy. Having a big army do not count but the real thing is fighting with spirit, for a cause. In the near future, if there is a war between India and Pakistan, the world will witness how the Pakistani's will create a new history of the world.

The bravest army of the world who can defeat any army with their spirit of iman. They are peace loving but when others try to harm their country they can do anything for them. Love you pakistan army.

Pakistan Army is one of bravest and strongest army in the world. It has the spirit to fight for its religion(Islam), for its country and it's people..

There is no dobt in bravery of pak army.

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2 People's Liberation Army

Pakistan and China will have the power to control Asia in the future. As they are great allies

Very big army with more than 100 Miljons Man

They have overwhelming numbers and unlike western soldier, aren't afraid to die in combat.

Ground military force, China number 1

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3 Korean People's Army Ground Force

Though I don't support North Korea, you have to admit they have an insane army. Mainly their nearly 6 million paramilitary that would crush or at least put up a good fight for anyone who wants a fight. Overall their are people better like the USA but for ground forces, they are extremely strong. But seriously they need to crack down their budget and buy some food for their people.

I don't think so

Korean People's Army is strongest army.

I have done some reasearch and with reserve and active it totals at 8.9 million.

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4 Russian Ground Forces

Because we the USA provided Afghan fighters with the weapons to shoot down the Russian helicopters and fight with

The Russian Ground Forces are experienced and have more tanks than any other army. Russia sells inferior equipment to India and Pakistan

The Russian Ground Forces have the best and most nuclear weapons, and well-trained soldiers this should be number 1.

Cue the red alert 3 music

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5 Republic of Korea Army

One of the best armies in the world as they are constantly on the alert and face imminent threat from the North Korea.

The one who helped Korea during Korean war also known as "forgotten war" is THE Philippines! Over 7000 filipino sent in Korea to join the war. They give their life to help Korea even if not their home land..

6 Turkish Army


Everyone in turkey is a soldier.
When the ottoman empire was invaded inworld war two, old men and teenagers between the ages 14 and 20 fought against the invading force.

Turkey's itself is an army not just soldiers. Every citizen of Turkey borned and raised to be brothers and sisters when a threat comes out. We grew like warriors. Every Turkish have a faith to their blood. If you want to invade this country you must destroy every living in that country. Our army is our people not just our soldiers.


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7 United States Army

Just because the other armies are big and kill doesn't mean anything, it's who you kill. American soldiers are professionals, war fighting is life. Much like the Spartans, they don't farm, they don't work the mills, they train, for large scale combat on many fronts. American solders have been feared and respected in every conflict. Any nation in peril begs for American relief. And we ALWAYS oblige. Without political restraint America could decimate any foe without nuclear weapons in hours. America can project her might anywhere anytime in a way none can match combined. We try to use it to help those who can't help themselves.

No they are not afraid to die because they fight for their country and to protect their family. They are the most feared yet they are afraid of no one. The only reason the US has lost any war is not because of their incompetence in battle that is far from the truth they have lost because the civilians have lost the will to fight.

The United States army has the most dedicated soldiers I know...they never leave a man behind and even treat war animals with equal value...not to mention the weapons at their disposal...I think the US army deserves to be in the top 3 in the world

US A is best army best and one of biggest

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8 Indian Army

India is trying to be peace full country. That's the reason why Pakistan is still in the world map. If the defense forces of India are unleashed than in a matter of hours they fact that country like Pakistan existed will be blown away

Pak army is way more stronger than indian army and we can blow india out of the world map but we are peace lovers so..!

India is a peace loving country but its neighbour Pakistan always attacks it, moreover it needs the help of USA because most of its resources where exploited by the British.

Four words:Tipu Sultan & Mahttma Ghanndi

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9 Islamic Republic of Iran Army

They are brave because they are fighting for their country not for money or their government as it always was in a past few hundred years.

The army who creates terror into other's eye.

Yeah we are the best

We are ready to die for our country

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10 Egyptian Army

They are armed by science and faith and carry no fear from anyone, They'd devote themselves for death rather than their lands would be colonized.

They are very focused on their mission and are very keen if any country will challenge them

They would sacrifice themselves for there country's sake


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11 Nepalese Army

The bravest army troops in the world which was never under rule of any powerful nations... Jay Nepal

Nepal is the bravest among bravest,
Because Indian army and British armies are taking the help of Nepal in their dangerous missions.
UN always choose Nepalese army at first for their every single missions.

And history is alive that no war and no mission is been lost where there were Nepalese troops.

USA has my vote Nepal has a amazing army

To b in top 11 of the world is great indeed. Jay Gorakh, Jay Gurkha, Jay Nepal.

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12 Nigerian Army

Best ground fighters in Africa, but our government is not doing enough for the armed forces at all, all we need is new sophisticated weapons and equipments, tanks, war ships, aircraft carrier, increase in the military salaries, a good future for them and I think we will be top 3 in the world because talk of bravery, they are number one...COMMON Nigeria.

They are the best ground force army in Africa

One of the best in Africa and it should be top 10 in the world...

We are the best

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13 United States Marines

Marines go in first come out last & never leave a marine behind that is why we are the few & the proud!

Marines are the best combat soldiers in the space

Very difficult to stop, if at all.

14 is a joke. Marines win wars. Plain and simple. There is no other light infantry force like them. #1 in the world.

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14 Zimbabwe Defense Forces

Zim should be number one

These are the best on the continent so far and they always prove it to any challenge

Zimbabwe is indeed the strongest and best of the best


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15 Serbian Army

We may not have the most modern equipment, but we have really brave soldiers who are always willing to protect their people and country. However, the problem with equipment could be solved soon, since Russia are our great allies and partners. I hope we'll get modernized soon.

Serbians, does not have equipment, but they born like good warriors

They have the bravest soldiers on earth, altrough they don't have such modern equipment, they fought heroicaly in all wars.

Many brave battles in 20th century (first WW especially).
They were fighting against NATO alone, without any help.

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16 Philippine Army

For me they are the bravest of them all. Read the history!

They are more discipline than others because they never quit the battle

There was one soldier caught then he killed 3 using knife (Clutch)

Just search the Battle of Yultong and understand why the Philippine Army is the best in the world

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17 Bangladesh Army

You can say it is a skilled army but can not say that it is THE MOST SKILLED ARMY. See for your self.

They have a glories history in 1971 & they have 400000 armies & recently they bought 2 submarines.

They are one of the bravest soldier in the world cause they once fought for their mother tongue.

On 15 February 1948, the most glorious chapter of Bengal's military history was initiated. On this day, the East Bengal Regiment was raised at Kurmitoia, Dhaka under the prudent leadership of late Major Abdul Ghani. This auspicious occasion provided an identity that would sustain through all crises and generate pride in millions of hearts for years to come. Two pioneer companies of Bengali Muslims had earned wide acclaim for their bravery during the World War-II both in British India and abroad. Subsequently, these two companies laid the foundation of the East Bengal Regiment. This historic regiment is now one of the vital organs of Bangladesh Army.

The glorious chapter of this regiment may be attributed to two major events of military history of this subcontinent. In a rare feat of battle showmanship, the fearless'tigers'of the regiment as they are popularly called, inflicted unprecedented damage and casualties on the Indian side in the Indo-Pak War of 1965. In recognition of ...more

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18 England

The British army is best trained I did 9 years Then 5 French Foreign Legion so know More than you Want To Be's
24449995 British
176398 French Legion

The British army train the American army.

The British army trains more than any other and is brave enough to still do a bayonet charge across open ground in the 21st century against machine fun fire. Zero casualties!. The British army is historically the most disciplined fighting force. with men who would stand up and wave their arms at the enemy if they where commanded to do so.

What an insult to Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish soldiers - England? Surely the heading should be UK or Britain.

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19 Greek Army

They would rather die for there country than leave knowing that they didn't do anything for there country

They commited 1st victory in world war 2 with no supplies or anything else only their proud spirit of freedom.

20 Australian Army

Everyone believes that they have the best in the world, this list is dominated by nationalists with numbers on their side, China has 1.3 billion people and they are 2nd on this list, India has just over 1 billion people and they are 7th on the list, then America which has 300 million are 8th on the list. The only reason countries like those are so high is because this website chooses based on a voting system, if 3,000 people say China is better as opposed to 100 people saying Australia is better and proving it, China will be ranked higher because they have more votes, doesn't rely on proof just personal opinion. IF this website DID rely on PROOF then Australia would definitely by number 1 on this list. America would be down the bottom, after all this website is after best trained not largest.

Australia should be at least in the top 10, Australia has proved to many people that they will fight with Bravery, Loyalty and Integrity. The Australian's have always fought alongside their Allies and always come out successful.

In my opinion Australia has the bravest army out there, because we have fought the battle in Gallipoli and other places in World War 1. World War 2 We got bombed by the Japanese and we fought them off at Kokoda track. And we have fought in other wars that are still happening, and we have never backed down from a fight.

War is a useless game where we just inflict pain. When I am wise enough to run this country, we won't stop the arms race we will continue to develop technology that is compatible to any country if not better.
But I swear never to take a country to war or invade a land, we will defend what we have to death do us part and I can only hope there is someone like me from foreign land willing to take on this challenge and embrace life and have "war games" not war. Bless you all and let's hope we can pull through this time of trial and error.

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