Best Ground Force Armies In the World

The best ground forces. I picked them only because of their training and equipment. Note that they are just ground forces not spec ops units and we won't no who's the best unless the people on my list go to war. If you are going to vote only pick the ones you really think are the best and not because they're from your homeland. Thank you.

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21 Canadian Army

They continually aid the world in a way no other country can thanks to the rigorous and effective training that has been passed down from generation to generation and they keep a cool head at all times

All volunteers, trained to use their initiative to accomplish their mission with minimal support.

Very well trained. Very good combat troops.

The Best shook troops of WW1 and WW11. feared and respected by all enemies

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22 Uganda People's Defence Force

These have spread out the wing across Africa.they even look serious in their face

Uganda should be in the top ten countries.
because of the conflicts that were in Somalia, and Congo

Battle hardened
They can go upto 2 weeks without food but they still attack the enemy

23 Israel Defense Forces

This country is the best they are actually trained in many ways, towards great hatred they ahead of time in preparation. And the lessons learned from the past

Whoever made this is just clearly against Israel.. Israeli ground troops probably have some of the most experience and training out of the rest besides the fact that if they loose a war there familys and nation will be slaughtered by barbarian fundamentalists

Israel is #1 in every position there is

Israel won the Egypt, Syria and Jordania 3 times, without good or modern weapons, Stop Freeking the People, Israel is stronger than Australia or Pakistan, don't write Propaganda Here!

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24 Sri Lankan Army

They defeated the world's most organized and dangerous terror group.

Sri Lankan army is the only army who defeated the terrorism in their country.they have very brave soldiars who fights in any situation..


25 Nigeria Nigeria
26 South African Army

SANDF is the most active army in Africa with the most UN-Peace Keeping mission experience and participation. The only African country who produces its own military arsenal. The Rooivalk attack helicopter (a proudly South African product) managed to defeat the MK23 rebels in DRC within a few hours where other African countries and India had little to no success in months or even years. And to finish every thing the SANDF's training is a mix of IDF training combined with British SAS training. Bonus South Africa is the only African country to have produced Nuclear Weapons and the only country world wide to have voluntarily dismantle their nuclear arsenal for the greater good.

27 Tanzanian Army

My Tanzania... Or the.

Best in africa

Actually it is one of the worlds most powerful land force

The best army in afrca

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28 Croatian Army

The Croatian army showed it's bravery and worth by defeating the Serbs, which were armed with the armour and equipment of the fourth biggest army in Europe, at the time, which was the Yugoslav National Army and it's paramilitary formations.
The Croatians are a peace loving race with an extremely beautiful country which they will defend loyaly and fiercely. Croatians have genes of stone and are natural and etremely brave warriors. This was all proven in the 91 to 95 war.

29 Ethiopian Army

The Ethiopian army is the best because they have no fear in their hearts and no enemy big and the battle of Adwa is a testament to this. During this war we fought with Italy which was one of the mightiest army at the time which but still the courageous Ethiopian army won.

When the Ethiopian army engaged at self defensing against foreign aggressors it directly gets directives from heaven, This can be easily ascertain by reading the Adwa battle, Ethiopia against Italian aggressors.

Live or die free.

Specially their ground force can compete with USA, Russia, Chaina in any war front.

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30 Armenian Army

Brave people

31 French Army

Nice training, Nice weapons, nice Vehicle and Aircraft, but too few logistic power and outnumbered soldiers...

Strongest army in europe, small but modern and could be bigger in case of war. Not strong as USA, but could defeat any other oppoment.

Bigger ratio win/lose in the world in history. Then N°1 at war in the world. Today not so strong, but could change with other gvt.

Best Main battle tank, best self propered artillery, best anti-nav missiles, best multi-role aircraft, great experience on battlefield. Not n°1 in world but at least in 5 best with US, Russia, China, and Japan

32 Canadian Armed Forces

Simply the best, easily the most versatile and elite infantry. With a great international reputation, but is always under shown by our allies because we do not boast as they do.

Our equipment is out of date and we are completely outnumbered

Canada has never been in a war shut up the country Jordan will kick your ass

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33 Sierra Leone Army
34 United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates The United Arab Emirates, sometimes simply called the Emirates or the UAE, is a country located at the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula on the Persian Gulf, bordering Oman to the east and Saudi Arabia to the south, as well as sharing sea borders with Qatar and Iran.
35 New Zealand Army
36 Sudan's People Liberation Army

South Sudanese armies are strongest, because they liberated their people without being equipped with jets and tanks during their fighting with arabs of Sudan, I hope in future they will be the must powerful soldiers when they technology.

37 Lesotho Army
38 Iraq Army

Bravest army

39 Kosovo Security Force

In Kosovo War they have been defeated by the Serbian army, NATO was one who liberated Kosovo, not UCK!

It has a good defcon. Kosovo has defeated Serbia, Yugoslavia and the KFOR. This country deserves to be in this list. But so does Albania because they both have good defcons and very good groundforces.

The Albanians have no mercy, they fight to deth, in their mind is created something like '" victory or deth" God can forgive Albaniand don't.

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40 Liberian Army
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