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21 Incesticide - Nirvana

With songs like Sliver, Molly's Lips, Aneurysm, Been a Son this should be way higher than 28th.

22 Jar of Flies - Alice In Chains
23 Sixteen Stone - Bush

Easily in the top 10 one of the best albums in grunge music

Bought this before they got big. Great surprise.

Too pretty to be Grunge but I like it.

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24 Live Through This - Hole
25 Foo Fighters - Foo Fighters
26 Dry As A Bone/Rehab Doll - Green River
27 Vs. - Pearl Jam V 1 Comment
28 Push - Gruntruck
29 Mad Season - Above

Listing to it now, had to vote for it because its so under voted, fantastic album with Layne Staley on vocals. - superluke1000

Really underrated, in my opinion it belongs to top 5, but not first. Had to vote it because it was 21st.



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30 Razorblade Suitcase - Bush
31 Bricks Are Heavy - L7
32 Houdini - Melvins

Should be higher, not one of the most well-known grunge bands, but this album in particular has some really great stuff on it

33 Mirror Ball - Neil Young
34 Unplugged in New York - Nirvana
35 Sweet Oblivion - Screaming Trees
36 Blur - Blur
37 With the Lights Out - Nirvana
38 Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions - KISS

Since when was KISS grunge?

39 Frogstomp - Silverchair

They may have moved on from grunge a long time ago, but 3 fifteen year old Aussie kids who were fans of the genre back in the day could pump out a Nirvana meets Rage Against The Machine album better than people twice their age nowadays.

40 Throwing Copper - Live

This should be waay higher! Every song is great. They were one of the big bands of the 90s for this album "alone"!

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