Best Grunge Songs of All Time

Like the 90s? Well here's a set of the greatest grunge songs ever.

The Top Ten Best Grunge Songs of All Time

1 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

Kurt Cobain, the one guy that truly changed the face of the music industry... if only he could see what has become of this world thanks to his passion... :'(

Yes, he changed the face of the music industry, only because he died...

The song's gigantic influence ,the simple yet great riffs and Kurt Cobain's vocals gives this song a legendary status in not only Grunge, but western music in general

Ha! Dead obvious Smells Like Teen spirit is on top, the others don't stand a chance! (although Black Hole Sun's cool too) This is THE greatest rock song... NIRVANA rocks! Miss you Kurt!

There are even other NIRVANA songs that are better than this. Alice in Chains though? - NewAgeAnarchist

I am truly obsessed with kurt cobain, the only thing I have to argue with is that kurt cobain didn't want to be a legacy he just wanted his words to be let out to the world and he did succeed, this song is a legend written by a legacy

2 Man in the Box - Alice in Chains

Laynes voice is my own drug..
Alice in Chains is totally grunge & Man in the Box is the best song ever

Must be a USA thing as in Australia I don't even know this song..any of Alice in Chains... 100% Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Silverchair, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead.. - terryC

Is this comment supposed to be taken seriously? Why did you even vote for it, then? Besides, try listening to it in that case, and you'll see why it's so high. - Adrian_4

Pure voice of grunge w/ cantrell's improvisation distortion - danrev

Even though AIC has been labeled as Grunge; they are more hard rock and metal to me. Definitely my favorite band on this list.

3 Would? - Alice in Chains

this song is just way too amazing, lyrics, guitar and His voice, it's Hard to reDo like this composition.

To be honest, I find most the songs on this list better, but "Would? " ultimately represents everything grunge is - despair, sorrow, pain, discomfort. It should be at least #2. - Adrian_4

Everything else is just too mellow compared to this masterpiece. The whole "Dirt" is just on another level.

Would? Stands out in every facet of composition, it has a great off beat sound, one of the greatest bass riffs in history, a dark and haunting guitar part and Layne Staley's amazing vocals. Layne's scream/howl after the guitar solo is the most expressive vocal part I've come across and will make anyone empathetic to the disease he, and many of us, feel in he deepest parts of our hearts

4 Black - Pearl Jam

Perhaps the greatest ballad ever written - Eddie Vedder brings you into his heart and allows the listener to understand just how much love can tear a man apart. Unreal songwriting.

It hurts me to see this song so far back. I know it's not that grungy but honestly its the best song ever (proven by science) Eddie Vedder wrote the perfect lyrics to the perfect ballad. Doesn't get any better than that.

It's a near perfect if not perfect power ballad. No matter how many times I hear it the emotion I feel when I hear the pain in Eddies voice is always there. Powerful song

I saw this on the mtv live show they did and to me this is absolutely the best ballad ever. Eddie puts so much emotion into the live performance you can almost feel his pain. I taped it on vhs to watch over and over and it moves me every time. The one on the cd is not so powerful though. Thank goodness for utube. Thank Eddie and Pearl Jam for giving us such powerful songs!

5 Rooster - Alice in Chains

Chilling to the bone. Best song about the Vietnam war in my opinion. No sugar coating, just raw feelings about how gruesome it was.

Still spin this song often: Layne Staley with his singular voice could convey emotion with the best.R.I.P.

Oh come on people let's vote for this song, this song should be in the top five if not the top three, after "smells like teen spirit" and "Would".

Best Alice in Chains song, in my opinion. One of my favorite songs of all time.

6 Black Hole Sun - Soundgarden

Yes, this song is very much metal-influenced. Anyone who thinks otherwise got their definition of metal completely wrong.
That's not what makes it grunge, though.
Anyone who thinks metal influence is necessary for a song to be grunge is vastly mistaken. Proof? Pearl Jam.
My point being; grunge is defined in a completely different way than just "mixing punk and metal influences together".

my friend thinks its stupid and repetitive its not it's awesome -

Just voted for black hole sun because smells like teen spirit was already winning. This deserve second

I don't think you people are thinking straight. Every time this song played back in the 90s everyone would just sit there stunned, thinking WHAT IS GOING ON! This song changed my life and the 90s.

7 Jeremy - Pearl Jam

best bass line ever and best vocals and guitar and drums. best song ever. besides black by P J

This is simply an amazing song. I'm 13 and I couldn't believe how dynamic the vocals were it's simply beautiful.

Tragic story, incredible vocals, great music, by far my favorite song from this era.

I love almost all grunge songs but the story and power of jeremy I think makes it the best.

8 Heart-Shaped Box - Nirvana

This song is great. what else is their to say. Beats the rest on this list for sure no doubt. But "you know your right" by Nirvana should be one here.

This song really uses the Nirvana soft/loud style to perfection. Nirvana doesn't really get better than this except maybe "In Bloom" or "Serve the Servants". Anyone who has spent the time to listen to Nirvana music would know that there isn't only great song they have produced. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is a great song, no doubt, but it isn't the only good song by Nirvana.

Amazing song. Everybody says that there favourite song is smells like teen spirit but its not there best. It's just there most known. This is song is what nirvana is really about

Really catchy but sad at the same time

9 Lithium - Nirvana

Any song by nirvana could be in first.. But if this is top ten "grunge" songs then this song should be number 1. Lithium = grunge in every way from the song name to the lyrics to the instrumentals.. It was made to.

The lyrics are beautiful, one of my favourite songs. 'i'm so ugly, but that's okay cause so are you'
Love you Kurt

Lithium is literally the BEST song ever. Smells Like Teen Spirit is the only Nirvana song people know, so that's the only reason it's on top. Lithium is way better! Smells like the only Nirvana song you know.

Sorry but in my humble opinion this is THE best Grunge song of all time, smells like teen spirit is good but definitively not the best, not even in the top three for sure. My top 3 1. Lithium 2. About a Girl 3. Evenflow.

10 Come as You Are - Nirvana

I'd vote for smells like teen spirit, but everyone does. This is tied for my favorite though. Followed by man in the box and black hole sun probably. But this is such a great song. Perfect bass, great guitar and drums and of course cobain is singing and that just automatically brings it to the top of the list

Soothing intro, great chorus, in all legit song. All hail kurt cobain.

As it's Nirvana's best song, it is the best grunge song. - nic1997ps3

Dudes this song is the embodiment of grunge. Deep lyrics, killer sound, and something to jam to.

The Contenders

11 Even Flow - Pearl Jam

It should be at least in the top 15 in my opinion

I think even flow is one of the best songs of pearl jam no matter what you say. it's a perfect song that symbolizes the band and the grunge revolution. For me it's better than the ones listed above

I'm voting for this because nirvana you know your right isn't here... But this is awesome

This should be at least in the top 5, but personally I think it should be 2nd after Smells like teen spirit.

12 Hunger Strike - Temple of the Dog

This song is amazing because combines Eddie Vedder with Chris Cornell which was amazing. - Soulstealer

listen to the simplicity of the song, its perfect

It's And Cornell continuously Proves that he is the best vocalist ever throughout the song, and the lyrics are great too and it's Pearl Jam and soundgarden in the same band it's just breaks the limit to awesomeness!

It's my favourite song - ever. Just love it. I just love chris cornell's voice. Was reminded of it the other day and have to listen to it all the time now!

13 Nutshell - Alice in Chains

This is raw beauty. Layne's voice in the chorus sounds as if he is howling for help and has one of the coolest bass lines in grunge.
'If I could be myself, I'd feel better dead'

Great song. Hits close to home. Powerful. Epic and raw.

We cross miss printed lines...

This song is so sad! The voice and the fuitar are amazing.

14 Plush - Stone Temple Pilots

33? You gotta be kidding? This song WAS grunge! ! Top 5 easy. One the songs that ushered in the 90s. Like it or not pj fans. Once again stp gets no respect for being one of the best bands of the not just the nineties but the last 20 years. Don't forget they're still pumping out great music

How is this so low? STP was one of the best grunge bands and their highest rated song is at 27? They're way underrepresented

Plush is easily in the top 10. Are you people high?!

Why is Plush so low? Even if they sound like Pearl Jam- and I don't think they do' Plush is one of the most iconic grunge songs ever. RIP Scott

15 You Know You're Right - Nirvana

This is one of Nirvana's best songs of all time, (FAR better than 'Teen Spirit') even though it only has three chords, the quiet-to-loud and loud-to-quiet effect resonates in your ears like nothing else, and it just gets you pumped! - Mousike

I love everything about this song. The raw vocals, the painful and heart-wrenching lyrics, the perfection in the drums, the guitar, just... EVERYTHING! - MontyPython

This is the best song of the most amazing band ever.

Saw Kurt do a rough version of this at the Aragon ballroom in 93' that was one of the best shows I had ever seen.

16 Dive - Nirvana

Pick me

Pick me

Pick me yeah

(Referring to the song as to being higher)

17 Alive - Pearl Jam

The best song by the best grunge band ever

Might not be a headbanger but drawing half of this amazing song from his own experiences with his fathers identity Eddie Vader has made this one of the best songs of the 90s if not ever!

Very nice song, should be at the top 5 at least.

Whatee song! One of the best I have heard! It deserves to be in top 5 at least

18 Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns - Mother Love Bone

Masterpiece! As all the rest of the songs here are brilliant, this is with no doubt my favorite of all times!

RIP Andrew

Hands down one of the best grunge songs ever written. It should at least be in the Top 10!

This song is the Stairway to Heaven of grunge

An iconic song by the band that arguably started it all (ok Green River fans, it really wouldn't have happened without Andy Wood). Deserves top ranking.

19 Rotten Apple - Alice In Chains

Best bassline ever


20 Oh, Me - Meat Puppets

Litteraly the best song next to Seasons in the Sun

Good song, but Nirvana does a way better version of it on MTV Unplugged :(

21 Blow Up the Outside World - Soundgarden

Great song

22 Creep - Stone Temple Pilots
23 In Bloom - Nirvana

Why the hell isn't this song the 1?

Where is the like button for the above comment?

Where's the like button for the comment below?

Number 1 nothing else said

24 Like Suicide - Soundgarden
25 Dumb - Nirvana

Dumb isn't very grunge but quite amazing in my opinion

26 Bodies - Smashing Pumpkins
27 Rape Me - Nirvana

When I first got In Utero I loved Heart-Shaped Box, but each time it ended Rape Me played and it just started to sound amazing. My favourite song and it encapsulates grunge perfectly.

Amazing, pretty much any Nirvana song is. Them and Alice In Chains, absolutely AMAZING!

Honestly, its much more hard hitting than any song on this list. - PwnC0cktail

My personal favorite Nirvana song next to Lithium. - Joshua9948

28 Them Bones - Alice in Chains

Awesome grunge song that happens to be featured in Grand Theft Auto SA

Great intro to a great song to a great album

29 Gone Away - Offspring

This is a punk band not a grunge band. Still good, but not grunge.

One of best songs they got.

Never Put an Offspring song on this list. They are a terrible band, and in no way even a grunge band.


30 Angry Chair - Alice In Chains
31 Jesus Christ Pose - Soundgarden

A very unique song, a masterpiece, and the music video is awesome, is a mix of metal and grunge that makes it their best song of the album Badmotorfinger

32 Porch - Pearl Jam
33 Creep - Radiohead

Such a powerful song.
Great alternation between the heavy chorus and the lighter contemplative verses.
Great Song

Not grunge but still the best 90s alt rock song besides anything and everything Foo Fighters

It's not a grunge song...

Best song. Lyrics, vocals, emotion, drums, guitar and bass.

34 Big Empty - Stone Temple Pilots

A truly fantastic piece of music. The fact that it's so far back on this list is quite sad.

One of the best songs from this decade. STP guitars are perfect in it's creativity.

35 Spoonman - Soundgarden

Top 5!

1 - Black Hole Sun
2 - Jeremy
3 - Heart-Shaped Box
4 - Man in the Box
5 - Spoonman
6 - Rooster
7 - Even Flow
8 - Fell on Black Days
9 - Smells Like Teen Spirit
10 - The Day I Tried to Live

This one's great, catchy and rhythmic masterpiece. Can't believe it's this low on the list! Should be top 5 at least!

36 Burden In My Hand - Soundgarden
37 Lounge Act - Nirvana

One of the best songs ever! I really love it. Keep voting for it! You know that it's great. May writer Kurt Cobain Rest In Peace.

Epic melody, pure emotion and raw power combined in one song.

Awesome period. 20 years 2day rip kurt

Listened to this so many times, can't stop loving it man. Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam made me. Rock on dudes m/

38 Touch Me I'm Sick - Mudhoney

Essential underground grunge. One of my favorite grunge songs period. Such a raw, garage sound with some crazy and humorous lyrics. It shows the punk roots of grunge. Early grunge groups like Mudhoney and the Melvins deserve more attention than they got.

Mudhoney defined grunge before nirvana were even around! For there not to be a mudhoney song in the to 10 is wrong. They never reached the fame of nirvana or Pearl Jam, but the fuzz and anger are pure grunge

Such an amazing song. Pure grunge at its finest. Catchy, funny, and undeniably grungy. Should be much father up!

This is the underground grunge anthem

39 Leash - Pearl Jam

Ultimate 90s feeling and great vocals

40 Everlong - Foo Fighters

Great song like the acoustic version best same with Plush acoustic

I don't care what your list says, this is number 1!

Foo Fighters is a post-grunge band...

Best foo song
Love them

41 Sex and Candy - Marcy Playground
42 Rusty Cage - Soundgarden

So under-voted in this list, that I can't believe! Go and listen this one - so good song with a hypnotic riffing and great lyrics & vocals. Even Johnny Cash made a cover of this one, that fact amlone tells a lot..

43 Dead and Bloated - Stone Temple Pilots

The disrespect

Whoever put this list together had no clue what they were doing because there's no way that there is 59 songs better than this...y'all oughta be ashamed!

44 The Day I Tried to Live - Soundgarden
45 Remedy - Seether
46 About a Girl - Nirvana

I'm not to crazy about the Bleach version but rather the MTV Live version. I love the song stripped down. It's somewhat soothing but nevertheless, the song itself is great! Love Kurt Cobain! RIP.

47 Negative Creep - Nirvana
48 Nearly Lost You - Screaming Trees

My favorite band! they have so many great songs, this is one of them, but also halo of ashes, caught between, who lies in darkness, no one knows, winter song, witness, ah so many! in my dreams they are together again and come to Argentina. I love mark lanegan...

this band should be in the top ten. and why the stone temple pilots aren't there too? such a shame. plush is such a powerful song

Greatly underrated band that was a big part of the grunge movement. Commercial success doesn't always equate to true artistic quality.

This song should really be in the top ten. Screaming trees is a great band! - Imreallyboredrightnow

49 Drain You - Nirvana

By far best lyrics on nevermind saw him perform this 3x in my life and best song he ever did live.

The way song opens makes you love it.My favorite Side-B song of Nevermind.
And the best part..."I Like you"

50 Come On Down - Green River

Well known songs like teen spirit are great, but this one is a real forgotten gem. - qaz9999

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