Best Gucci Mane Songs

The Top Ten

1 Lemonade Lemonade

Lemonade is the coldest song he wrote! BURR! - mikeyjay

Its just so... Burr!

2 Spotlight Spotlight
3 So Icey So Icey
4 Photoshoot Photoshoot
5 Bingo Bingo
6 Take Em to School Take Em to School
7 Wasted Wasted
8 Let's Get Faded Let's Get Faded V 1 Comment
9 Gucci Bandana Gucci Bandana
10 Go Head Go Head

The Contenders

11 Freaky Girl Freaky Girl
12 Girls Kissing Girls
13 Mountain Dew

All these other songs are main stream

14 I Don't Love Her I Don't Love Her
15 Don't Deserve It Don't Deserve It
16 Icy Icy
17 Whip Appeal Whip Appeal
18 Nothin On Ya Nothin On Ya V 1 Comment
19 Break Up Break Up
20 Young N****s - Gucci Mane Young N****s - Gucci Mane
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