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21 Rockman

SR&D were way ahead of their time. If you like compression, Rockman is the way to go! And the effects are top notch! Maybe a one or two trick pony, but they're nice ponies! A little difficult these days to put together a complete setup for a reasonable price, but if you have the time and the money, it's well worth it!

22 Egnater

This is a great amp. I took a few min to look over the amps wiring. It quality product, inside and out.

23 Rivera

A diverse palette of sound is obtained with tweaking the diverse tone knobs and filters. Can't be beat in functionality and power. When the Marshall JVM 410 came out to Marshall it was the amp to emulate.

24 EVH

I have a marshall jvm 205, and dsl 40c. they're great amps and both have nice cleans, but my Eddie Van Halen 5150lll rig has fat juicy tones and gain on tap. the clean channel has to be backed down a bit to keep it from overdriving the front end, but its just got monster tone.

25 Matchless
26 Swart V 1 Comment
27 Wizard
28 Paul Reed Smith

Great workmanship and excellent sound!

29 Tone King
30 Ibanez
31 Budda

Just listen to them and you'll see why they should be in the top 10. Can't decide what I like more but its a toss up between fender, orange, and Budda.

32 Krank
33 VHT
34 PWE
35 Duesenberg
36 Ampeg V4
37 Reeves
38 Divided by 13

These amps look and sound amazing I love them

39 Bad Cat
40 Danelectro
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