I have a cheap epiphone sg special and it sounds the same as my friends gibson sg gothic when they're plugged into the same amp! Only difference, my guitar casts about 800 dollars less. My parents offer to get me a better guitar, but I'm perfectly happy with my hard rocking epiphone.

I have an SG and a Linkin Park Junior. Both hold their tune forever. Both sound good. I'm not a million dollar musician. I play for peace of mind. Epiphone gives me the release and that's all that matters. Are there better guitars? There are always better guitars. Every magazine every sales pitch profess' this fact. The key to music is simple. Does it move you. If the answer is yes on your guitar don't be pulled away by glossy ads. Play your music on whatever does it for you.

Some say its a copy of a Gibson, but you must understand that these two brands used to be rivals in their early years, the Les Paul model was first concieved in an epiphone factory. This brand is underrated given its features and rich tones I must say Epiphone deserves a second look!

Epiphone should be the best electric guitar brand. Epi has a longer history since 1873. But Gibson or Fender were found in 90's. So Epiphone has a longer story and experience of making guitars. And Epiphone was the first company that produced Les Paul guitars. The reason Gibson bought Epiphone is because Gibson had a lot of money. Epiphone is better than Gibson.

Epiphone is not Gibson Squier. Epiphone has an older and larger story than Gibson and Fender.

I've had several Epiphone guitars, the LTD Ed. 1966 G-400 PRO is very good but my favorite of all is my Worn Cherry Studio Firebird. I know a lot of people are guitar snobs but Epiphone makes damn good guitars at a good price and their pickups are fine.

I don't think that epiphone are overall the best brand, but my favourite guitar that I've ever played is my Epiphone 1984 Explorer EX, so I voted Epiphone. For value for money, anyone who wants to play hard rock, metal, punk and/or grunge (including Muse/Nirvana type music), I would definitely go for that explorer because of its versatility and the value or money.

The Epiphone Les Paul 1960 Tribute Plus with Gibson '57 PUs and Grover locking tuners, with hard shell case is such a no brainier. The ONLY comprise I made Vs Gibson LP is thousands of dollars if I want the same awesome finish & color choices. Plays awesome and Made in America snob friends are just blown away by this axe!

Great acoustic and electric guitars -

I'm getting an epiphone les paul studio deluxe arctic blue and I looked up on the internet for weeks and this is the best guitar I have found. I've heard a lot of opinions about this guitar good and bad but I hope it sounds good

Great brands, the exact same models as Gibson but with a lower quality wood. I think when people buy Gibson they don't realize that they could buy the same guitar with the same pickups and electronics but with lower quality wood. The electronics are the most important I believe.

My dad bought an epiphone bout a year ago and I love it! I played an actual Gibson and was surprised to find that it is much the same I love the feel and sound.

I just got my beautiful Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Cutaway and I am the happiest person on Earth. They rock. And yeah, the best guitars ever are Gibson and Fender (BOTH) but I'm a loyal one. I had a Yamaha Electro Acoustic, it worked amazingly for almost 10 years, I love them too.

I own a EPIPHONE Special 2 and its the bomb! Good clean sounds on any amp and good pick ups for the high pitch squeals I love to make during a good heavy metal jam.

Epiphone is the absolute best! It just sounds absolutely fantastic and you have endless possibilities! It's Just the Best Guitar Ever!

All I can say is that I've always gone epiphone, and when I play other guitars, I just don't get that same feeling that I get with my les paul by epiphone!

I had an Epiphone Les Paul junior and it was great but then I got a les Paul traditional pro I love them both so much but I would rather have a Gibson. They have copies that sound the same and look the same so essentially cheap Gibsons

I have a G400 Brown Faded, Great guitar!
The best for Hard Rock music! Great tone, playability, nice wood colors and not expensive. Gibson and Epiphone for Ever!

Ibanez is the least favorable in my experience. My Epiphone has treated me right throughout the years and I will always love it. Although Fender, Jackson, and PRS are great too. Epiphone and Gibson are very similar.

Bought a budget Epi Strat clone, threw some Fender '69 custom pups in, and I play it all the time. Really well built and reliable. Epiphone is hot for the price.

I have an Epiphone Les Paul Custom and let me tell you, it's great for solos AND rhythm of you use the right tones and amp settings. The pickups are great, they look nice, and pretty much everything is great about it.

Epiphone best fit for classic jazzy blues, style and also classic rock guitar sound char, sound slightly like a gibson but it more warm and have a deep mellow clean sound, but it was awesome when you plugged in with some overdrive it sounds like "welcome to the junge let's rock"I'm happy to have it one

At first I think I should grab les paul by gibson, but finally I decide to have les paul custom by ephiphone. Anyway the quality of the guitar is totally same. But you can save more money with it. It s more about skill not because the guitar. But choose the guitar that you comfortable with.

Epiphone for me its just impossible to replace for a ESP, because I think is use by the best guitarist in the world SLASH! So ESP is nothing compare to Epiphone

Beautiful sound, even when produced by a noob. What else can I say? Had one given to me by my mentor at first but I definitely want to invest in one of my very own!