There is no best or better in anything, and that includes guitars. It is all about personal preference. I am a guitar technician and in my 24 years of working and playing guitars all I can say for sure - ESP Made in Japan ONLY! (this does NOT include LTD models made in Korea or Indonesia) guitars are the highest quality guitars in the world PERIOD. Another brand that I would recommend with high quality is PRS. Any other brand high-end guitars are overpriced. Most overpriced junk is Gibson. You pay all that money for the logo and the fact is even in the high-end Custom Shop Gibson more that half of their guitars have serious issues. Gibson is for snobs.

The feel of ESP is awesome. They make some Really good guitars.. And they are the best guitars for Metal. NO wonder why Metallica, children of bodom etc uses. And their custom shop is the Best.. Just check out esp shinigami

The best quality you can get. It may not have the styles of other brands, but it has the best sound of any guitar on the market today. Absolute favorite. Doesn't matter the skill of the player as much of the sound, and esp is ready to ROCK

ESP is the best guitar brand on the market. No other brand will ever beet it! Buy you have to love those gibsons. Especiially the les puals.

I have an ESP LTD F404 bass guitar (the one with inlay up the neck) and though I have played on so so many basses worth anywhere up to $20,000 I have yet to find one that plays better than mine.

The quality of ESP guitars, even in the cheaper models, is really great, considering how cheap a lot of them are. An LTD costs about as much as a squire and has the build quality of a proper Ibanez guitar. Very nice instruments!

Don't Be So Mean! ESP Has Great Guitars, They're the Best for Fast Players and Melody Makers Out There! Lot's of Good Bands use ESP's Like Metallica and Children of Bodom and Alexi is the Best Guitarist for me, and newcomers like Whitechapel, But anyway lots of people know that but its still a good Guitar, It's the Best for me! P.S. I use Exclamation Marks a lot it's a habit!

I've tried almost all of the guitar brands I could find, ESP has the best quality, sound, and hardware around, LTD's are very nice as well, but ESP's are worth every penny.

I have esp ltd f-50 and it's the best guitar that I ever had. I suggest that the esp guitars are cheap and are of very good quality. Not good, they are awesome. these guitars are light weighted and we don't get tired while playing it. I suggest to buy esp guitars because these are awesome, good quality and just rocking

ESP is by far the best. I really don't understand why Gibson is so highly appreciated. Just cause the big stars use one? Gibson Build quality is crap! ESP look cool, play great and have amazing build quality!

ESP there is no comparison when it comes to metal, simply amazing guitars. From the feel to the sound, the quality is top notch. Design is flawless and smooth, just an amazing beautiful quality guitars.

ESP are the awesomeness, look at who uses them, hammet and hetfield, wayne static, travis miguel, George Lynch, ect - HighSkoolArtist

ESP deserves to be number 1 because they make good quality guitars. I have 2 ESP's and they're better than my Jacksons. The are the best guitars ever. 11

The best brand for metal, the guitars sound great, play great and are really well built. They also have much more diversified guitar shapes than the other top-brands.

You can really tell, that the manufacturer's put their all into the making of the guitars. They're definitely one of the best brands out there.

the most versatile brand with high end quality and model variety. ESP can perform in every style existing in this world and in any other.

The best guitars in this age! Of course classics like Gibson & Fender will be forever, with their classic tune.

I think ESP comes out on top. The pickups never die the guitar it self looks amazing and the fact that you can get a good quality guitar for cheap is unbelievable.

Packs a high amount of punch. Works great in any type of music, especially metal. No other brand makes guitars as awesome as this one can.

Playing a gibson and then switching over to a ESP makes the hardest solos easy. love this axe

ESP is the best sounding guitar that I've ever played, and definitely worth it for it's low price. Wicked looks and deathly sounds, definitely the top brand on my list!

I love ESP, I've looked at all the other leading guitar companies and nothing comes close to the badass attitude that ESP delivers time after time! Their indestructible guitars of good quality. I own a LTD ec-401 right now which is amazing, I hope to one day own an actual ESP though my life is not complete without it!

I think ESP should be in the top ten list.. Only JROCK lovers know how powerful this guitar is.. Just listen to the GazettE song for more info

It's far more better than any gibsons or fenders. It's+17High power, fast playing, easy to pick up. I love the playing quality and simple beauty of the body!

My son had a Gibson Les Paul Custom which he didn't even want to touch once he got an ESP Eclipse II Standard.