I've owned & played a number of the most famous name brand Electric Guitars and Hands Down, No 2 Ways about it, Bottom Line, Without A Doubt, - GIBSON LES PAUL is Absolutely The BEST and I Mean The VERY BEST Electric Guitars of All Time! Are you kidding me? The Man, The Myth, The Master who Embodies an Example of The Deserving Definite Defining Definition of the very word itself - LEGEND - which very, Very few people, in fact in which much, Much less people should be even closely referred to as, Such As - Mr. Les Paul Himself! Oh and did I mention the word - Genius?! Yeah He Most Certainly Earned that Title Too like So very people do! He not Only INVENTED The Very Instrument itself, - The ELECTRIC GUITAR! - But He was And still is, to add that for you less educated/knowledgeable voters, -- One of The All Time GREATEST GUITARISTS EVER! He was Brilliant beyond belief, Way ahead of His Time and then also, - ALSO The Master Mind behind Inventing, Designing & Creating All New Devices & ...more

I love Gibson, Fender, and PRS. To me if your looking for a great guitar to serve you a long time one of these companies will definitely have what your looking for. The reason I say Gibson is because they have a good reputation and consistently HAND BUILD fine instruments. The Les Paul and the SG are two guitars I couldn't live without but right they're with them is a Fender Stratocaster which in my mind is almost another category because of how vast the differences but in that lies the beauty of playing and picking a guitar. From a Les Paul and SG's scream and creamy vibe to a Fender Strat with all the punch and snap in the world you have all that you need.

People give fender way too much credit. Gibson makes better pickups, has better workmanship, glue on necks, and much better tuners. Everyone who loves fender to death most likely has never tried a gibby, but if they like fender more after they have owned one then I can respect it. I have owned both and I sold the strat, the tele, but I kept my SG standard, and Les Paul Traditional. Both the strat and tele costed more than the SG, though not more than the les paul.

I will never understand why people like this company's instruments. Never.

The Les Paul is the one-trick pony of one-trick ponies. You plug it into a Marshall stack with the gain turned all the way up and start shredding. That's all it can do. It's heavy, uncomfortable, poorly-balanced and sounds like a mud puddle. Same goes for every other Gibson with the possible exception of the SG (which I only recently stopped hating).

If you want something to plug into a Marshall stack with the gain turned all the way up, go for a Gibson, especially a Les Paul. If you want a guitar with "Gibson" on the headstock, go for a Gibson. If you want great tone and playability, go for anything else you can find with similar build quality. Gibson drools.

I like most any guitar on this list. They all have there own unique qualities. I think Gibsons have made a better Rock sound over the years but I won't argue that. Where is Alvarez? Why are they not on this list? I will say (and angry responses are justified) that Martins and Gretsch are very over rated. Martin fans always say tone. Well if you want to sound like every other jerk go with it. Other makers have great tone as well. Listen to and play the guitars not the propaganda

Gibson just makes the most beautiful guitars. They are all made in the United States of America. And even though Gibson is a bit pricey, it is completely worth every penny in the end. They emit the most lush and prominent tones ever... Nothing compares to holding a Gibson. Not even women. My Gibson is my baby, my sexy baby doll.

Top of the line. See when you got other brands in a burning house with you out side. You'll just go and buy another guitar like it. Gibson's different. With the best guitar inside a burning house. You'll go get it rather getting another. Gibson has the most beautiful sounds of all time especially les paul. If you don't have the budget. Try epiphone les paul. Epiphone is the only company owned by gibson who can make gibson models in a cheap price

Just think about taking your Gibson Custom Les Paul Custom home with you for the first time. It makes you feel like a 10 year old on Christmas morning all over again. There is nothing like it. Period.
Fenders have their ability to hit those bright sounds and most PRS guitars you spend some money on are going to be works of art. Other brands rock too in their own way. However, nothing compares to the first time you hold that Les Paul, hit a note, and think to yourself, I can really FEEL the sustain from this bad boy. Wow! I've never felt a guitar reverberate through my arm and into my body like this.

Best in guitars is always an opinion, sometimes a preference, and of course, event driven. But after owning a variety of guitars, and preferring that classic rock guitar sound, Gibson Les Paul's are my choice. Which version? Studio Deluxe would be my first choice, followed by Premium. I really like ESP, Ibanez and even Reverend guitars. As a footnote: I'm exceptionally fortunate that the cost of a guitar is not a hindrance. If it were, I'd have a different opinion.

I own a Gibson Landmark series, quite unknown, and still trying to get used to it. I also have an epiphone les paul which provides me with great tone and good for blues playing. However, I have been into Fender Strat for a long as I can remember; I got a Made in Japan strat which gives me a rough tone and a USA start with more softer sound. I love them all.

Over 30 years of playing, 20 of it pro and touring North America, I have played pretty much everything. Gibson is now a swiss cheese, weight relieved, chambered guitar. This is not like the vintage Gibsons. Fender on the other hand are tone monsters and the quality of even the MIM strats and teles is pretty amazing. I sold all my Gibson gear and I am happy I did. If I ever need a Les Paul sound, I will buy a Tokai made in Japan. Cheaper by $500-$1,000 and just as well made if not better, the same with Burney

I have owned 3 les Paul's; a standard, a custom black beauty 3 pickup and have just got myself a 2013 traditional and it's the best guitar I have ever seen or heard. The sound, the look and the playability are absolutely sublime. The build quality is second to none and I will never buy another brand of guitar as long as I live.

There's a reason Gibson is the most known guitar brand, they rock. Gibson Guitars in general have the best sound quality, tone, looks, and versatility out there. People avoid Gibson because "that's what everybody gets, they're overrated" but lets face it, everybody gets Gibson because Gibson suits everybody

Ill take my tele out sometimes, hook it up to my marshall, sounds good, feels nice, plays smooth over all, I like to play it once in a while. then I take my lp custom out and then that's when I fall in love all over again, fells like it was made just for me, smooth as silk, looks like a rolls royce, sounds like heaven started a band, its simply perfect, my tele is like a first act compared to it.

I'm an owner of a Les Paul Custom and I might say that this guitar has a one of a kind sound. It seems as if every single Les Paul sounds differently and that is why every single one of them has its own unique character and tone. Gibson FTW.

The most expressive (and unforgiving) guitar out there. They are pricey, but they have a sound that is rich and can be listened to for hours without ear fatigue. Definitely for the accomplished player, and must have for the seriuos soloist. For cowboy music, you might do better with a Fender, if you use a lot of "stomp boxes" and whammy bar stuff then just use anything that stays in tune.

Gibsons are everywhere. In metal, you've got giants like Tommi Iommi using SGs and James Hetfield with his Explorer. In Rock, you've got Joe Perry and Jimmy page both wielding Les Pauls. The flying-v shape is wielded by Dave Mustaine. In blues, Mr BB King uses his Semi-hollow body guitar. Gibsons have made their mark.

The labor that goes into a Les Paul Standard, Traditional or their custom shop models is amazing. To see that kind of dedication to detail in this day and age deserves recognition. Take a tour of their Tennessee factory on YouTube. If you love guitars this will warm your heart.

Its simply rocks on stage and we feel great when we touch the GIBSON guitar and its design are mind blowing to all guitarists the wood quality and fret board quality is very good whenever you want to buy a guitar.. Then blindly choose Gibson you'll never feel wrong about that... GIBSON IS ALWAYS GREAT

Ahh... Gibson. The best guitar brand ever! Warm and clean sound to crunchy and heavy blues to screamy heavy metal. I know this because I own a Gibson ES-137 Custom. It's like a semi-acoustic Les Paul! If you ever buy a guitar buy a Gibson. You gonna be happy, I promise ;)

Gibson is simply the best guitar brand ever there is no beating it I have an Ibanez Xiphos XTP700, a Fender Strat. , and a Gibson Gothic Les Paul Studio version. The Gibson Takes the cake not even close. By far my favorite guitar. You really can't compare Gibson to any other brand, because it is no contest.

Gibson's may be very pricey but once you play it you'll be more than willing to spend that amount. They look amazing, they sound great with just about anything you want to play and they are the idle guitar! If someone were to offer me a Stratocaster or a Les Paul I'd take the Les Paul in a heartbeat. Gibson all the way.

Les Paul changed the face of Electric Guitar playing with his inspirational portrayal of stories through music, later represented by possibly the worlds greatest rock guitarist, Slash.

It's clear, it has to be Gibson.

Gibson SG has a really thin, light and is stable when you play it while sitting down. It also has a awesome customized body shade and design. Though it is not as expensive and popular as Les Paul, I still play my SG standard now and then. In my opinion, it is the best guitar ever.

I've tried many brands, ranging from Gibson to givson. Fender has a rich tone, ibanez is a good guitar for metal, Paul Reed smith is amazing too. At first I thought of going for a fender, but Gibson beats every brand. The rich tone, the feel. Every bit of every Gibson les Paul is made so perfectly. Even if it is expensive, don't go for an epiphone, save up and buy a Gibson. Not even 0.01 % chance of not liking it. The best!