People like Gibsons and Fenders for their tones, and I won't argue on that--that's a matter of opinion. But for playability, Ibanez is King. The necks are faster, the action is much better, and the pickups are usually hotter. They are normally equipped with better tremolos. And if you're playing with a lot of effects or distortion, the natural tone of the guitar isn't going to matter as much. The combination of all these factors makes Ibanez ideal for heavy metal/virtuoso types like Satriani, Vai, and originally Petrucci (although he has moved on to an Ernie Ball Music Man). But they make good jazz and acoustic guitars as well. For playing quickly, precisely, and accurately, Ibanez beats everyone else by a mile. And their better models are no slouch on tone, either, arguably as good as Fender/Gibson.

Let us look at the internal facts here guys. Ibanez has the cool city boy look that every modern day rock band is looking for. Gibson and Fender are so-called gentleman's guitar while ESP has the horn thing, which aren't accepted in most Christian bands. Ibanez fits in almost anywhere at any genre. Sure it doesn't have the iconic legend of Gibson or Fender, nor the visual shock of ESP, but it does have the reliable quality that goes a long way. This reminds us one important thing: It's not how the guitar looks, It's how good it works - aeromaxx777

My first proper guitar was a Ibanez Jem 7fp that I bought in 1991. I played that guitar for many years until I had to sell it because I was unemployed. Then 20 years down the line I bought a Ibanez MTM1BR and its exactly what I've wanted all these years. The Jem was fine but not metal enough for my heavy needs. All I can say is that I love ibanez. The feel of their guitars just feels right to me and they sound very good for the money. To be ibanez makes the best electric guitars ever. Ill never buy another brand

Ibanez make the best modern guitar for the money. Quality is there throughout the product line too, not just in the top shelf models. Super slim and fast necks, rock oriented pickups, tremolos that can make a Floyd Rose look like an antique. Don't get me wrong, I love a Fender strat or tele for my vintage tones, but as far as modern rock music or metal, Ibanez all the way. And unlike Gibson and Fender, who both charge a ton of money for old and outdated technology, Ibanez is constantly updating and improving older designs.

I'm a rock/metal guy and my first brand I swore by when I started out was ibanez. I always liked the feel of the necks and the designs. Now that I have been playing for a long time this feeling has kind of stuck with me but I am more particular about the specs I want in a guitar. The prestige line starts at around a grand and is probably the best value for the $$$ interns of quality but I hate the necks on them. WAYY to thin and flat for me and gave me hand cramps so I returned mine. I have an iron label s series and it is a rock solid guitar and it has everything I want. Ebony fretboard, thin neck, locking tuners, hotshot styled bridge, dimarzio pickups, and a totally sexy color (blur space burst). I also like schecter a lot (mostly the banshee and sls line due to the slimmer neck shape) but them and Ibanez are my favorites and for being quite inginuative with the choice of builds. Schecter I feel gives great value and build for the price and some of Ibanez designs are really great ...more

I think that Ibanez guitars are the best of all guitars not as expensive and better than Fender and same quality as Gibson. But the differences of an Ibanez and a Gibson is that the Gibson is a very heavy guitar and the Ibanez guitars have a variety some are light some are heavy and Ibanez guitars can be very thin which is very good also I think Ibanez guitars have a modern shape so in my opinion Ibanez guitars are the best

Nothing beats a good old rg with a floyd rose or a s series or the mtm or rg7321 all the best metal guitarists have ibanezs because ibanez are the best good price for quality great sound great action a good all rounder weather your a beginner or a pro I've played on ibanezs ever since I was a kid my 1st guitar was an ibanez and I still have that rg 17 years later thinking about getting a e-gen now

IBANEZ are the best brand because it has an excellent price and an excellent quality so what I would say is that IBANEZ is better than fender and same quality as Gibson. I and IBANEZ all the way, it's not that I don't think that IBANEZ are in a bad place but I think that IBANEZ guitars should be in first or at least in second, so I think people should vote more to IBANEZ!

Solid guitars that have nice tone and won't break the bank. My J. series Iceman is the best playing most versatile guitar I've owned and I have guitars from almost every maker. Their S series guitars play better than anything else in the price range, don't weight a ton, and can shred like nothing else. Go watch a Herman Li video and you'll see what I mean.

I'm not in a mood to write a lot but I think Ibanez is the best, in quality and price they are fantastic guitars I have a Ibanez electric guitar and I can confirm you that Ibanez guitars are FANTASTIC they are stupendous. If your looking for a guitar go for Ibanez they are FANTASTIC quality guitars. Ibanez all the way

No other can take over Ibanez... I use ibanez... I have played lot of craps including fender and B.C. rich.. They are far behind ibanez.. Ibanez calls for great metal guitars... Incredible feel... Thin neck.. Low action.. Wide fingerboard... And ibanez's great sustain.. I like jackson also.. But ibanez is the king..

Ibanez guitars have the best neck and playability for the price, and sometimes at any price. Whatever you play, when you go to an Ibanez, you will find that you can pull off moves and play at a speed you could not play at before. The quality of the older artists models, and the latest artists models is truly exceptional.

I own an banez gem7v... just type steve vai on youtube.. then you'll know that I'm talkin about... budget brand my ass... nice review man lolololol! just remember these 3 before you say ibanez = budget brand again.. steve vai jem 7v and dimarzio pick ups... hahha music store my ass...

Great choice for those who play heavier music, ibanez is amazing just for its supreme range. Fender has two notable electric guitars. Ibanez has more than five. They also adapt to modern times, the new uppercut range as an example. They also possess an amazing acoustic range.

never made a bad bass. never made a bad guitar. gibson sucks at bass; thier guitars are good but are way expensive and fenders make good basses and ok guitars, but ibanez offers MUCH more models and are a lot cheaper than the other two. number 1 for me - happymcfadden

Ibanez are the best guitar brands out there. People may say ibanez cannot stand up to Jackson guitars but personally I think they do. Ihave a ibanez rg3xxv (really great guitar) and a Jackson dinky (great guitar) I've had them both forever they are both 100% GREAT I like ibanez because it has a nicer and cleaner sound and play great I use mainly for hard rock and some glam metal I also like jackson because they sound much heavier and you get the feeling like you're a riff master but Jackson are built for heavy meat, speed metal, etc. Their both good brands

I think that the ibanez guitars are a lot best quality guitars and they really should be in first they have a thin body and when people create them they think of every thing like tremor and much more please vote more in Ibanez they are really the best

They are awesome guitars. They have the quality and almost the sound of a gibson for far less money. I definitely recommend this brand. They all are made to look cool with a real electric guitar style and they don't ever go bizarre on the design shape of their guitars.

Ibanez is such a good quality brand I honestly think they are the best in every aspect. I have an Ibanez guitar the sound of it is pretty neat the sound is very clear. Ibanez guitars also have something that is fantastic and that is that the price of it is very good and also they are as good or better than fender and Gibson. Really I think Inabez deserves 1st or at least 2nd (behind gibson not fender). Ibanez all the way.

Really like the quality for the price. It has a nice look as well. I have a Transparent blue burst, and it is pretty amazing. It is one of my favorite guitars in my stockpile. I play gigs with it and it can contend with the best of them. A magnificent guitar for a low price.

I remember my first electric guitar and IT WAS IBANEZ! I said to myself "Oh my holy GOD I'm gonna love this more than my pet! " yeah IBANEZ is cool it has a great sound, not too expensive good for beginner, professional, kid and old! I have an S series

I can't say that Fender is all that amazing, I mean the sound it gives is great but I don't think on shape or sound adjust-ability they are very good because are all the same but in my opinion Ibanez Jackson and Gibson are the top three guitars ever by miles.

Strats and Ibanez are the best they have the best playing action and the best pick ups. All the Gibsons I've played aren't as good, the action can be good for blues but the pick ups are rubbish Strat or Ibanez anytime the Gibson/Les Paul is overated.

Ibanez is also for versatile players like me. I play rock, blues, jazz, metal, etc. I love the bright tone of it. But it still depends upon on how the person play his/her instrument on how to produce the sound fitted to the kind of genre he/she is playing.

I have 4 guitars: Epiphone, Squire, Yamaha and Ibanez... I love my Ibanez best because they have great models, great prices and great sound. Plus, great low action! Hopefully, Santa will bring me a Gibson for X-mas though so I can really compare. ;-)