The handmade USA Jacksons are simply the best. Best quality, look great, play like a dream, great sound. A bit pricey but you get what you pay for. Some of the Jackson imports, for the money, are great - I don't like the cheesy looking MOTO inlays though. USA models will take a beating and will last forever - not sure about the imports. I've had a 1990 Jackson Fusion USA with a saturn graphic for 21 years - I've had many others through the years but the Jackson remains my favorite and I refuse to part with it.

The most essential thing to look for when choosing your guitar is how it feels to play. Jackson always feel so natural in your hands. The quality of the workmanship is truly world class, the cutting edge design not only makes eye catching visuals but small details such as the angle of the headstock go a long way towards perfecting the playability and sustain of the finished product. Jackson guitars have it all, the looks, the sound, reliability, playability and that indistinguishable X factor.

Gibson is way overpriced. Jackson is the ultimate metal guitar... And looks totally badass. Go Jackson!

You can make any guitar sound good, looks are preferential ( my preference is Jackson, of course), but it's the neck that makes the difference. No one makes such a perfectly playable neck like Jackson.

That compound radius is utterly superb, coupled with the hot as sex pointy headstock & sleek body designs, these are by far the sweetest guitars the world has ever known.

I think Jackson is a really good shredding guitar brands because a lot of heavy metal guitarists use Jackson and I have one and it's fantastic it stays tune for like a year and the fret board is wide which is good for me because I have big hands. Hands down Jackson is a awesome kick ass brand so if you like getting guitars slot get a JACKSON

I have a jackson V a Gibson explore, and an ibanez. The ibanez sucks, the Gibson's awesome but the jackson kicks ass! It plays so fast and smooth and is heavy duty yet light, perfect for playing a variety of music and it came with amazing pick-ups for a great sound no matter what I'm playing.

Jacksons look completely badass and play like metal beasts. Ibanez sure is a budget brand, they have few stellar guitars. The four metal brands are supposed to be Jackson, ESP, Schecter and Ibanez but it's Jackson first for sure. Then maybe Schecter and ESP. If you mess with a Jackson guitar, it'll beat you.

Jackson is for aggressive player. It is symbol of power, speed and elegance. Other said, Jackson for metal player. Nope... You must try it before you talk. I have 4 Jackson, and it's very versatile and compatible to any music, even for funk or jazz. There is only 2 brand; Jackson... Or other guitar!

Jackson guitars covered an entire decade of music, thrash metal guitarists recommend jackson, at the time you had dave mustaine, marty friedman, before that, the likes of randy rhoads would use them, and definitely leppard, and now you have chris broderick and david ellefson coming in, machine head etc, the best bands and guitarists have a signature jackson, their sound is so flexible, but they really have to work on the guitar necks!

Personally I think that jackson is the best choice, it has this unique sound and amazing shape that is really spectacular. I have the jackson death angel and its just great playing with it, it also looks amazing. The only problem for jackson guitars that they are a bit expensive.

I own a Jackson Kelly with stock Jackson pickups and I am very satisfied with it. I also play a because Rich Warlock. In the early 80's I owned and played A fender mustang and a regular wood grain fender, they were allright but it seemed everyone and their dog was playing one so I decided to check out other brands, it took years to decide which guitar brand really pleased me. I just love guitars and playing all together.

Neck through design, compound radius, bound fretboard, jumbo frets. It's sad that this is an 80s niche/cliche guitar considering the USA and some Japanese models are built up as well or better than prs. It really represents the next evolution in guitar. I own Gibson, fender, Jackson and I love them all but fit and finish and playability of the Jackson is beyond the other brands.

Very nice looking and great sound I was first into Jackson guitars when I saw ratt guitarist Robbin Crosby playing one ever since then I have a total of 15 jackson guitars very reliable brand very nice

You wont notice how awesome jacksons are until you play one properly... I have a Jackson RR1, thing blows away my Gibson SG nd my mate's ESP AL 600

Jackson guitars are the best guitars in the world just because they're MADE for shredding! I mean I have never played a guitar that plays better than a Jackson! I have a Jackson warrior and it ' rocks!

Jackson is the only guitar (so far) that works for me. Any other guitar just doesn't feel right... I put a jackson into my hands, and it almost assimilates with my hands. Don't believe the rumours that their cheap guitars suck, they work just fine.

If you're a metal guitarist, this is the brand for you. The only reason to like the Ibanez is because it's cheap. Everyone who plays metal knows that Jackson are the best - danuprankalayanamit

I'm still picking jackson over other brands. I have 4 guitars, and my jackoson is the best on almost every aspect. The bad thing is mine is a KV2 made on usa, but I had bad experiencies with cheaper ones.

JACKSON IS SERIOUSLY BELOW EPIPHONE? Laugh out loud. I just got the newish Jackson pro series sl2 (soloist model) and its completely badass. I was caught in a bind between the Jackson and the Ibanez premium but I went with the jackson because it had better pickups and a better bridge and a neckthru. For $50 less. People who are saying Ibanez guitars are cheap and worth the money need to check out what Jackson is doing right now because they are blowing people out of the water.

The KV2T King V Can Just Decimate Any Fender Stratocaster!
Plus Randy Rhoads (One Of The World's Best Guitarists) Actually Was THE FIRST Jackson Guitar Owner. - Neosantana

Jackson are by far the best brand for metal! For one Mark Morton uses them, thats a good enough reason already! If you play metal then you should have a jackson!

Gibson and Fender are dinosaurs. They haven't made an innovative guitar since the 60's, 70's at best. Jackson are the sexiest, fastest and nice playing guitars I've played. I only own Jackson's now...

Jackson at 6!? Randy Rhoads, Dave Mustaine, Marty Friedman... does these names say something to you!? Jackson is the best metal guitar brand ever! It should be at least at 3rd place!

Jackson is one of the best guitar brand jackson need to win como on ibanez is not the cool as in jackson, it just have the best guitars for heavy metal and melodic metal not ibanez come on

Some of these people are idiots. I've seen people who think that les paul and stratocaster are brands. Jackson is the greatest metal guitar brand in the world.