I play electric guitar and have ever only owned Ibanez, however, I got my fingers on my uncles Martin and played a few classical tunes I usually play suited for acoustics. These guitars deserve a spot at the top through sheer performance and unrivaled resonance for acoustic guitars.

They are wrong when they say Jesus plays a Martin. Jesus is actually the creator of Martin and sends these pieces of art down from heaven to keep the world from exploding into an everlasting war.

Even as an Electric Guitar player, Martin will always remain the #1 brand for Acoustic Guitars to me. - pmschreurs

Just take notice of what the accomplished acoustic guitar pros play. You have to separate from electronics but celebrity guitar the higher percentage of guitar celebrities end up playing a custom acoustic Martin. Their reviews are consistent and dedication to the Martin tradition is more of a love affair because it is partially responsible for shaping their careers. Martin Guitars are the reference standard that all guitars are measured up against in design, workmanship, and sound quality.

I bought two martins I had $30,000 in my pocket I tried every Gibson, Alvarez, Taylor, PRS acoustic, takimine, I walked out with two Martin X series Mexico custom x series. 1 is mine all composite, 1 with a spruce top,

I gave the second one to my dad for letting me hack away on his 1982 Ovation Collector series #532 or close number.

I'd put my dads against any guitar on the list, I've spent time at studio 19 I've heard perfect guitars, those 2 Martins were the best 1700$ I ever spent.

Martins are the best and the oldest guitar company in USA.

My dad cried cause first guitar he picked up was an old Martin 40 series.

As of yet I do not have a Martin guitar, I am not very advanced in guitar and I have not familiarized myself with very many types of guitars, I do however enjoy the sound of Martin guitars, and I prefer to use their strings for all my guitars (a Washburn electric guitar, a alompia acoustic, and a yamahaw acoustic) the Martin extra lights meet all my needs and wants as far as acoustic guitars go. I also love the sound of the Martin guitars and enjoy playing them, as I have said I am not a very experienced guitar player, ( I have been taking lessons for the past four years and am still not the best guitar player.) I do not know the best brand yet, ( as of yet my favorites are yamahaw and Martin.) so if anyone disagrees or would like to add to my comment I would love to hear any helpful correction.

Deep lows, (including subsonic) insane overtones, clear highs that extend beyond the limits of hearing. These are the standard by which all acoustics are judged. There are many excellent acoustic guitar makers. However, of the major brands, not counting the boutique customers luthiers, Martin's are at the top. in my humble opinion

I couldn't believe the voting here has only put Martin as 16th. As one person said their the oldest American company and they are still had made with the best woods in the world. Any major acoustic guitarist will have or more Martin's in their performance guitars. Some, like Johnny Cash would only play Martin D28 and Martin D35 guitars.

I took my son to the store and said pick one! After trying every guitar in every store he kept coming back to martin electric acoustic. To hear him walk through the house, unplugged and playing, there is nothing I would rather hear. From the beginning scales to the professional songs I hear now, the sound is wonderful.

Martin's and Taylor's are by far the best guitars. They have a rich tone and are unquestionable of the highest quality. If in doubt, check the pricetag, as these guitars price in the thousands. With guitars, you always get what you pay for. Epiphone and Fenders are very run of the mill brands, very basic stuff. Yamaha is really the best quality for the price in my opinion. I bought one for roughly $500 and it sounds like a $2,000 Taylor. Give that a try!

I have just bought my first guitar. At over 55 years of age I am not a beginner musician but I am a beginner guitarist - yes, it's an entry level Martin and I love it. Played Takamine, Ovation, Fender, Yamaha and a few others in my search but this is the one that "sang" for me. It doesn't let me away with anything (unlike the Guild a friend was letting me play) and that's great discipline for an "experienced" learner. Playing every day and loving it

These are amazing. They take a long time to make, a little pricey, but the sound quality is amazing! Although they don't make electric guitars, the sound is just so beautiful, there's no guitar on earth like it. The strings that come in stock with it are incredible as well. I got some martin strings and put it on a taylor guitar it sounded much better. But when I put tayor strings on the martin guitar I have, it wasnt as good as the martin stringed. Now, I wanna see this company in the top 3 at least... VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Crazy that Martin is 14th. I have a vintage Martin from the 70's and it is AMAZING. For a guitar to sound so good being so old, it has to be a Martin. It's just too bad people on here don't realize their quality.

So far never found guitar that sounds as nice as a martin guitar, when I do that would be my second guitar. Closes would a high end guild then gibson, keep looking ill need a lot of luck.

Nothing compares to a martin. I'm just starting out with guitar and my father bought me a martin for my birthday saying he wanted me to have nothing but the best. Trust me, Martins are as good as it gets.

Maybe the majority of folks on here are suffering from cases of sour grapes, because they cannot afford a Martin? Get real folks, Martin is #1!

I have played many guitars in my 50 years Martin are the best If I show up at a party and they hand me an ovation I won't even play it's the worst guitar I have ever played

Own three old Martin Ds. Complex tones yet with clear sound. My oldest D-28 sounds like a bell and has a voice with a unique vibrato on chords. No other guitar I own sounds like that. But I love my Gibson & Alvarez guitars too. My Les Paul electric. The D-28 is special though. Thanks.

I like my Martin D35 better than my Taylor, 3Fenders, 2Takemines, Epiphone, and my Ibanez, and I play it more and record more with it.

Martin should be way higher than 11. Half of these brands I don't even know and I have been playing guitar for as long as I can remember!

Best acoustic guitars, Taylor and Gibson suck compared to martin acoustics. Hell gibsons just suck

Martin mahogany is the best for playing the blues and folk songs because of its softer tone. It has a better sound then it's Taylor counterpart.

Please, a Yamaha before a Martin? Martin makes the best acoustics hands down (John Mayer, Eric Clapton, Ed Sheeran, etc...)

Classic rich acoustic sound that everyone loves with great guitar designs and quality. Overall a great brand.

Are you kidding? Martin isn't #1 or #2? And many you have placed ahead of Martin aren't in the top 20.

Wow... If this isn't a useless site. How on earth could anyone not know Martin guitars are the best. 16? Useless site

I have a Martin and a Yamaha--love both but the Martin is simply incredible for tone, action, staying in tune