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201 Eastman

I am surprised that Eastman isn't at least in the top twenty, of the guitar list. IF you haven't picked up an eastman before go to your local music store and see if they have one. or go online and look them up. if you get the chance, pick it up and play it. Eastman are handmade guitar's (mines from Beijing China) most music stores have very little or sold out of them but you can always order them. They have the most beautiful soothing sound, when you want them to, and can have a powerful rock if you want

I own an Eastman. Recently replaced an old ovation and the Eastman has such an incredible sound, is well put together, and easy to play. It's singlehandedly rejuvenating my playing.

Eastman AC422CE is an incredible. It is a very nice looking, well built, and great sounding guitar.

202 Greco

Fantastic guitars got a strat I've played for over 30 year's old guitars from Japan 1970 to 1980 are some of the best guitars I've played I've owned fenders Gibson it doesn't matter on the headstock as there pieces of wood it's how its put together and who ever put these guitars together knew what they where doing

Got a 12 string acustic Greco at a garage sale years ago. Plays and sounds great. Had not heard of this maker previously but very happy with the performance!

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203 Valencia

Recommended by teachers and preferred by students as their entry level instrument of choice - Available in over 70 countries across the globe

Valencia magic clear loud acoustics without mic's and amps you would hear this one above most top guitars, it's the one I play most. I have a martin takamin fender yamaha.

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204 Techno V 1 Comment
205 Thompson

I have a Thomson TS412 model, nice construction, the laminates are like "top of the line" looks like fender acoustics and the sound is so GREAT!

I have this and it's sound is very nice

206 Guitar Master
207 Ed Roman Guitars

Awesome custom guitars. Blows everything else away

Sick customs. Definitely the best in my opinion.

The best on earth

208 Enya
209 Klira
210 Redwood
211 Veritas V 1 Comment
212 Crimson Guitars
213 Wylde Audio V 1 Comment
214 Weinstein
215 Trendy V 1 Comment
216 FGN (Fujigen)

This is the brand that represents a company that has produced the MIJ Gibbys, Fenders and makes all the high end Ibanez. Best of what Japan has to offer.

217 Beltone
218 B&CH
219 JNR
220 Chiquita Guitars
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