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221 JNR
222 Chiquita Guitars
223 Wickstrom
224 Wesley

My wesley LP copy sounds great.there is a video of one on you tube and like mine it sounds awesome!

225 Erickson
226 Mansfield

They used to make 70's ibanezes now they have their own company and make mostly student model guitars

227 Messina
228 Huntington

Really nice classical guitar, durable and there sound travels very far

229 EXL
230 Lethal Guitars

The Snr6 has by far the most ergonomically wicked shape I've ever seen. Yet it sounds just as beefy as a Les Paul. Hand crafted and only made to order.

231 Swing Guitar
232 Dowina
233 Woodstock
234 Accent V 1 Comment
235 Photogenic

Big body and vintage sound

236 Recording King

Good components from top to bottom for a great price. Plays very nice.

Recording King guitars are probably the most underrated guitars ever, I have an RD10 all solid wood guitar that sounded great the day I got it and sounds better now, this time next year it will sound even better

237 UK

Its cheap and the sound quality is just awesome I think it should have an higher rank in the list

V 1 Comment
238 Frank Hartung Guitars

German luthier that ranks among top 5 in the world when it comes to design, materials, innovation and the most incredible quality of build. Expensive but these guitars are unmatched.

239 Dars Guitar

Cheap guitar and quality sound. Made in malaysia.

240 Lyle Guitars

First guitar I ever got. 60's model acoustic. I've got a 60's model electric also. Many other guitars in collection, but Lyle is my true love. Tracked down a 60's model 12 stringer! Beat down by the mass produced brands (fender, gibson, etc. ) you can over pay for any big name. A collection of nearly extinct vintage jammers... PRICELESS!

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