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241 Aspire
242 Black Machine

The pinnacle of modern metal guitar. To bad they are rare as unicorns now with people flipping them for 2-3 times the cost.

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243 Westone

I have a westone spectrum fx It is the best guitar I ever had and it's one of the rarest guitars out there only a very few of the are still around

The westone rainbow 1 & 2 are top guitars made in Japan at the Matsumoku Factory. it don't get better than this for Japanese quality.

244 Univox
245 Techno Guitar

This is my first guitar. I guess it's good with a nice and clear sound quality plus it's cheaper than other brands.

246 Halo Guitars
247 Bedell
248 X Trek
249 Tagima
250 Caraya
251 Urban

I really like this guitar it is just my second one though I have only had it for 2 days

252 Jasmine
253 Strandberg

The Most innovative guitar brand out there! Strandberg. Deserves to be in the top 10!

254 H.S. Anderson
255 Baker Guitars
256 Blade

Great guitar for money plays great finish and workman ship great better than fender by far active pick ups plays any style

257 Mérida

Great guitars. Made in China in their own Mérida factory. They make guitars for many if the best known brands in the world. Every guitar is setup and shipped from Connecticut.

258 Reverend

Bunch of good vintage guitars buy them

259 Probe
260 Squier

Do you love Pink Floyd and eric clapton? Want that bluesy sound that only fender can get you, but you can't afford a fender? Then squier is for you, this is the fender guitar at fractions of the real deal. Very munch the first electric guitar for many and the only one for a lot of music enthusiast and aficionados.

I have played on Squier Stratocaster, that cost about 120 euros... It has great clean tone and playability. Cheap and good guitar. I would place Squier under Epiphone.

If you are already a pro guitarist, It's better you don't use Squier, these guitars made by fender in my opinion were created especially for beginners

I can't believe,that Squier brand is rated at this level I've owned,two Fender Jazz,one Telecaster,two stratocasters all USA,they were excellent guitars,Their budget brand Squier at Standard series level is frankly incredible value for money, I've been so impressed,
'i've bought at last count 10 Standard series guitars and basses and wonder why no one sees and hears what I hear,and rates it as I do
Squier simply is VERY underrated and undervalued ny so many,...their loss I'm afraid

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