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281 Meske
282 Skylark

Your mom is a lark

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283 Maple
284 Fanndec
285 Civin
286 Marris
287 Acadia
288 Korg
289 Power Play
290 Gig

Where are they made?

291 Countess

Nice shaped and also a good wood used...
It is not CHEAP like Other brands Guitars...
The sound when you play sounds very good and also you might fall in love with the guitar While playing it^^

292 Silvertone

The price is good the sound is good look... No questions that all I need.

The best six string for the money from time bought. Jamming all the way. Only thing better would be a Gibson Les Paul, and I will still Jam my Silvertone!

It is a great price for a great and unique piece of equipment, and remember, its not how expensive the guitar that matters, but how well you play it

Own a 60's Tesco Del Rey ET-460, wouldn't part with it for any other guitar. Has a very unique look, and sound.

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293 Harmony

I think that this is a rather old brand; but I have one and I works like a charm! I LOVE it. It has a beautiful sound when the action is high, (i'm new to guitars so I don't know if that was right. Just putting that out there. ) that's what I have to say about that

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294 Ashbury
295 Adam Black
296 Lyle

When my grandpa passed away. I received his vintage Lyle electric guitar. I have yet to find anything like it. It sounds great and looks incredible. A mix between Jaguar and Gibson

297 Pensa Custom Guitars

Very large range of tone.

298 ERG Custom Guitars
299 Miles

This is Miles. Pick up my signature series guitars!

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300 Givsun

I got this guitar and it had been 12 years I got damaged notthing except string, everything is fit and fine

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