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301 Alice Guitars V 1 Comment
302 Kawasaki
303 Cassandra Elk
304 Legpap

Nice to see nice to hold, once broken consider sold.

V 1 Comment
305 Master

Master is also good but not better than Fender

306 Lauren

Has anyone heard of it? I bought one in Tyler tex and I just love it. I'm new to guitar playing so I didn't want to spend a bundle on an instrument just to get tired of it. It was less than $ 100.00 but it sound great to me and if I can get my finger to touch one string at a time I will b successful. I play every day and I have had it for about a month. I just love mine does any one else have one
Down in Texas

307 VGS Guitars
308 Sterling by Music Man

A music man for have the price of an American made one and almost identical in quality. A guitar worth looking at!

309 Zane Guitars
310 Rockwood

First electric guitar I ever had I ended up destroying it beginners guitar, cheap nothing special.

311 Mr. I Guitars

Mr-i guitars are handmade and have amazing sound you can ask for any model of guitar and they will make it!

312 Kingston
313 Levin Guitars
314 Dame
315 Dame
316 Babicz
317 C. Giant
318 Carpenter

Cures your morning wood

V 1 Comment
319 Electra Guitars

Great new line of guitars and basses from a classic brand. Very well made with no short cuts - real ebony, real mother of pearl, top shelf hardware. Innovative, and real players guitars.

I have the new Talon. Amazing metal machine. A brand new Electra design with a nod to their history.

320 Rodriguez

"This guitar really sounds great, you should try this guys.

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