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301 Dame
302 Dexture
303 Babicz
304 C. Giant
305 Aspire
306 Carpenter

Cures your morning wood

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307 Electra Guitars

Great new line of guitars and basses from a classic brand. Very well made with no short cuts - real ebony, real mother of pearl, top shelf hardware. Innovative, and real players guitars.

I have the new Talon. Amazing metal machine. A brand new Electra design with a nod to their history.

308 Rodriguez

"This guitar really sounds great, you should try this guys.

309 Xavier
310 Havana

Best guitars... Only recommended for western music...

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311 Steven Harris

Very good sound and fully furnished

312 Renegade
313 Weisse Hügel

Simply one of the Best Guitar & Bass manufacturers in the World. Just like having a Ferrari turned into a Bass or Six string Guitar it performs exactly what you expect from it. No matter what kind of music you play their guitars never disappoint. The very Best Quality.. !

Jimmy Nyman.

314 Aiersi V 1 Comment
315 Moniker Guitars
316 Sonido
317 Fv Stevens

I have Fv Stevens and it is so amazing!

318 Legend
319 Sonor

Dnw if its gd I didn't buy it yet am searching for the best guitar. I stopped to play classic guitar so I need a electric guitar

320 Shelter V 1 Comment
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