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321 Xavier
322 Havana

Best guitars... Only recommended for western music...

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323 Steven Harris

Very good sound and fully furnished

324 Renegade
325 Weisse Hügel

Simply one of the Best Guitar & Bass manufacturers in the World. Just like having a Ferrari turned into a Bass or Six string Guitar it performs exactly what you expect from it. No matter what kind of music you play their guitars never disappoint. The very Best Quality.. !

Jimmy Nyman.

326 Aiersi V 1 Comment
327 Dean

Come on everyone! Ibanez is my favorite for guitars, but Dean basses are killer! Their guitars are great too. Vote up people!

These guitars sound great and come at a low price, they have very good quality, and are great for advanced players, or beginners.

I'm checking back in 1 month, this better be above 271!

Beautiful guitars and great hardware.

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328 Moniker Guitars
329 Sonido
330 Fv Stevens

I have Fv Stevens and it is so amazing!

331 Legend
332 Sonor

Dnw if its gd I didn't buy it yet am searching for the best guitar. I stopped to play classic guitar so I need a electric guitar

333 Shelter V 1 Comment
334 EDZ Guitar
335 MotorAve
336 Chard

I have a chard guitar made from Korea, its sound very good and suit for a beginner

337 Standel

I have a 1969 Standel jumbo acoustic. It has always had a good sound and plays good.

338 Hans

Best guitars on earth! Made with real Hans hair!

339 Wandre
340 Power

Its cheap and its sounds better then kapok. if you doesn't know this guitar search it and try to play it.

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