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321 Shelter V 1 Comment
322 EDZ Guitar
323 MotorAve
324 Chard

I have a chard guitar made from Korea, its sound very good and suit for a beginner

325 Standel

I have a 1969 Standel jumbo acoustic. It has always had a good sound and plays good.

326 Hans

Best guitars on earth! Made with real Hans hair!

327 Caraya
328 Wandre
329 Power

Its cheap and its sounds better then kapok. if you doesn't know this guitar search it and try to play it.

330 Italia Guitars
331 Tradition Guitars V 1 Comment
332 Minarik

I own and play many guitars including, Gibson, Epiphone, Fender and Ibanez. My Minarik Goddess Special Edition plays better than any of them. The guitar is beautiful and has a sound to match. Mark Minarik is a genius.

Maybe not the most playable guitars but the looks are killer man! I wouldn't spend 5k on a guitar but these are works of art! MONEY WELL SPENT

Hi, Fender stratocaster is my number one of the few I own but then I bought a Minarik Inferno shattered-glass for it's crazy insane appeal, fantastic workmanship, true free spirit art and to my surprise sounds good too has this dark soul attraction about it.
It's the age old story a good craftsman blames his tools a bad one does the same, there are many good
guitars out there that are unfairly badmouthed for the most unreasonable reasons.
Cheers DJTee

333 Jet Guitars

Probably one of the best in the world. Way better than PRS...

The finest handcrafted guitars

334 Alembic
335 Skervesen
336 Bridgecraft

They get a lot of crap since they also make toy guitars, but they also make real ones and it is the best acoustic I own.

337 Crate

It's a pretty good guitar and its cheap my dad used to like to play guitar and he said they are good I have the California red style one

V 1 Comment
338 LeeHooker

Custom shop electric guitar. More than guitar!

339 Teton Guitar
340 RitMüller
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