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341 Teton Guitar
342 RitMüller
343 Daion

Hard to find in good shape, but great if you do.

344 Sequoia
345 Kriens
346 Takavood
347 Dreammaker

Sound is so melodious. Good for beginners with melodious rhythm.

348 Holiday V 1 Comment
349 Echopark
350 Suzuki

Nice sound. Light and sustainable. A recommended choice for beginners. Value for money is good! I highly recommend you buy a Suzuki guitar today!

I bought fifty years ago one suzuki guitar and still has a great sound, is almost like new. Of course it is not the best guitar in the world but is good.

Nice for beginners but fret board is a little fat

My suzuki guitar works fine and great. I love it

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351 Behringer

The first guitar that I got. Very good guitar. Probably one of the best guitars for beginner. Its that simple if you are a begginer and looking for a cheapish guitar with great sound this is the guitar for you

352 Dean Guitars

Dean is the Best guitar brand. They have very good sound, quality, prices and very famous guitar players (Dave Mustaine - Megadeth, Dimebag Darrell - Pantera, Michael Amott - Arch Enemy) This is the Guitars. Get your Wings.. /

Dean Vendetta XMT looks awesome.. Light weight.. Good to play... Love the sound.. Love to play

This whole list is just about popularity and not about the best brands otherwise Dean would be up there with the best of them. They make some quality guitars and have very big names playing there instruments. I own an ML and it is by far the best guitar I have for metal!

I have got one myself and it sounds amazing and it was the first guitar I ever got

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353 First Act

Only the mentally challenged would like first act guitars for something other than fire wood.

I use first acts for when I want to play Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd while taking a shower.

First act guitars are pretty much terrible... If you're a beginner wanting to start at guitar please just do yourself a favor and visit a local guitar store and get advice from them because First Act are overpriced and cheap... Squires or Epiphones are great starter guitars

First act is the best!

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354 Luna

Luna guitars are so under-rated. Not only are they beautiful, but they sound wonderful. I have had 4 Lunas and whether they came to me sight unseen by mail, or from in the stores where I found them, they all consistently sounded wonderful and looked gorgeous. I think that many people rush to judgement, thinking that because a guitar is pretty it can't sound good. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Extremely underrated. I have played thousand dollar guitars and ten dollar guitars. Just because there not a big name like fender doesn't mean they don't belong in the top ten. Sound amazing look great high quality biuld and just down right amazing. I dare you to play a mid graded Luna and compare it to a high grade fender or Gibson or anything else and the Luna will be just as good if not better. You have my word

Luna is amazing. Not only are they beautiful, but I had many friends say that Luna guitars are awesome; they sound incredible. Amazing. Nothing to say about it... It's that amazing.

The guitars are amazing! They sound just like they look like.

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355 Silvertone

The price is good the sound is good look... No questions that all I need.

The best six string for the money from time bought. Jamming all the way. Only thing better would be a Gibson Les Paul, and I will still Jam my Silvertone!

It is a great price for a great and unique piece of equipment, and remember, its not how expensive the guitar that matters, but how well you play it

I have a silver tone acoustic guitar, and still use it anytime I wanna practice something or even for performing

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356 Cp Thornton
357 Spector
358 Skylark

Your mom is a lark

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359 Harmony

I think that this is a rather old brand; but I have one and I works like a charm! I LOVE it. It has a beautiful sound when the action is high, (i'm new to guitars so I don't know if that was right. Just putting that out there. ) that's what I have to say about that

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360 Squier

Do you love Pink Floyd and eric clapton? Want that bluesy sound that only fender can get you, but you can't afford a fender? Then squier is for you, this is the fender guitar at fractions of the real deal. Very munch the first electric guitar for many and the only one for a lot of music enthusiast and aficionados.

I have played on Squier Stratocaster, that cost about 120 euros... It has great clean tone and playability. Cheap and good guitar. I would place Squier under Epiphone.

If you are already a pro guitarist, It's better you don't use Squier, these guitars made by fender in my opinion were created especially for beginners


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