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21 Les Paul Les Paul Lester William Polsfuss, known as Les Paul, was an American jazz, country, and blues guitarist, songwriter, luthier, and inventor.

Les Paul is the Model not the Brand. Les Paul guitars are made by Gibson - number 1 in this list. - shaunmurphy

This is a list of the best guitar BRANDS, NOT MODELS lol...

You idiots. This is a model of a guitar!

1. A model of Gibson. Not a brand
2. The image is the guitarist Les Paul. - zxm

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22 Parker

This list is an amateurish joke. Many guitars listed are pure cheap junk I'd toss in the garbage even if they were free. Take it from a 45-year Pro, Parker & PRS are the 2 highest quality. Fender, Ric and Gibson, along w/ brands that have stood the test of time, plus a few hand-made (custom) brands are the only ones you can seriously depend on. The rest are mostly pathetic attempts at copying a major brand and cutting the price by REALLY cutting back on quality. As they say: "You get what you pay for. "

I can't believe Parker is this low. I can't say it surprised me to see the top ten. I understand Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, PRS, and other companies that have stood the test of time should be in the top ten list, but for those that have played a Parker, there's no going back to any other guitar.

Best guitars on this planet... And maybe others. Best neck in the business. Stays in perfect tune without a locking nut. Don't believe me... Go play one with a carbon neck & stainless frets.

No. 1 manufacturer of E-Guitsrs in the eotld by far!
Neck: No competitors to parker world wide
Body: From Poplar to Basswood to Maple to Mahagony: Each of my 4 Parker guitars with its unique sounds are endless sustain and vibration artworks right in front of your belly.
Pickups: Mostly custom made dimarzios or Seymour duncans, but I also play EMG 85/89 in my world wide only Singlecut Bullseye Model.
Acoustic Sound: Yepp and even combines with the E-Pups by thanks to Fishman Piezo Saddles on my Nightfly and my Fly Delux
Tremolo: Best in the world even better the the Eddie Van Halen Wolfgang
Nothings plays and sounds like a parker. Here' my collection:

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23 Music Man

Music man make the best regular production (i.E. non custom shop) guitars on the planet. Nobody else comes close. This is the quality that everybody else should be reaching for. The fit and finish and playing comfort are second to none. And the oil finish on the necks is to die for! These guys don't just churn out minor variations on the same 60-year old theme, they actually innovate, they challenge, they dare. Wonderful new designs, made for real players. The results are outstanding. Roasted maple and all-rosewood necks, new chambering and tonewood construction ideas. They are so far ahead of the game it makes you wonder why the rest of the industry stays so stagnant. Music Man are the only guitars I will buy now. I'm so proud to support them!

Of all the guitars in the world, this ends up as number 42!?! OK, amateurs, time to tell the truth, these guitars are the best, simply flawless and amazing. Don't talk about your Yamahas or your Ibanez or even Fender for that case! Those are just decent guitars. You will fall in love with the John Petrucci models; they have clobbered, I mean nearly humiliated Gibson. Try these, then think again.

These guitars have the smoothest necks. Their oiled and waxed naked necks are the most comfortable necks I have ever played on. They offer a lot of great options, but they especially accommodate those of us with smaller hands. Every Music Man is fully loaded with ergonomic and functional features. No fatigue, they stay in tune well and set up easily.

Great clean tones, but if you want metal, grab a John Petrucci model or throw in a new bridge pickups to make them scream. All of their guitars can work across genres.

These are world class guitars and have got probably the best feel any guitar can give apart from that u can play everything on these guitars from classic rock to jazz and blues followed by metal. the main thing that these guitars are known for is their finish and there unique necks which are really fast and not too thin which keeps your tone and feel in place. I would say that these guitars definitely deserve a place in the top 3 and definitely do watch out for the petrucci signature models

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24 Ventura

I have played most of the top name guitars and I have yet to find one that measure up to my 1982 Ventura Jumbo Acoustic. I have a 1969 Standel Jumbo that comes pretty close. As far as a solid body, Telecaster is the sweetest I ever got hold of. I, also, have a '60s Kent 820 that I love to play. The sound and action both were great.

A good basic Japanese made brand that's lasted over 30 years in my hands.

25 Tom Anderson

It's a really nice guitar, nice sound, great weight, lots of features :) 25 years old and still works. Great quality!

Outstanding quality and the neck plays like butter

Of all guitars I have owned ther is none like my Cobra!
The sound, the feel the quality!

Is the best of guitar ever

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26 Kent 820

Bought mine used in 1978 and have loved it.

27 Ovation

USA Made Ovation Guitars are still built by hand using only the best materials and guitar building techniques. The difference between them and other guitar manufacturers is that Ovation has mastered the art of combining traditional guitar bulding techniques with modern technological advances in materials and proven scientific research. The result is an instrument that equals or surpasses any of the other top named brands (in tone, playability, reliabilty, and awesome looks), while keeping prices down below their competitors... AND keeping the the work and workmanship here in the USA. - bvince

I've been playing basic acoustic Fenders, Gibson's, etc etc my entire life. And just recently I purchased my first Ovation! It is the way different feel of having the electric guitar feel while at the same time have an acoustic sounding guitar in your hands! If your trying to switch to acoustic from electric then this would be a great guitar for you! Its also (to me) the greatest show guitar! Because they look great on stage! New favorite brand!

I've found there to be a bit of snobbery about Ovation in guitar circles. There are better made guitars out there but Ovation provide good value, well made guitars. I've had a Summit Series electro acoustic for 20 years and it has served me well. You might need to make a few tweaks to it out of the box but it's worth it.

Ovation rocks! They are serious about pushing the boundaries on making the guitar a better instrument

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28 Guild Guitars

Guild is the most underrated American premium guitar brand. Almost as good as a Martin & way better than most Gibsons, Guilds are typified by clear, crisp, even tone. While lacking the full bass & tinkly top end of a Martin, the evenness of tone is a selling point for many artists, along with the clarity. The maple models are especially bright & brassy in tone, making Guild a popular brand among rock stars in the 70s, their heydey, when some of the finest American guitars came out of their West Waverly Rhode Island plant. Top-end Guild acoustics are graced with an ebony fretboard more typically found on jazz models, slightly curved and beautifully inlaid with abalone fret markers. The Guild jumbo 12-string has been an especially prized instrument, and was for many years considered the best mass produced American 12 string available.
Guild acoustics have been seen in the hands of Eric Clapton, George Strait, Graham Parker, Bonnie Raitt, Doyle Dykes, the Monkees, Bruno Mars, Avril ...more

Over the last 30 years I have played all types of guitars on stage and off, and the guild guitars are the only ones I will step on stage with now. The warmth, tone, and feel of the acoustic and electric Guild guitars are unmatched by fender, or Gibson in my opinion. Best guitars on the market!

Nothing sings like a classic Guild.

Guild has gone through a lot of ownership changes, but they sound unbelievable. Their high end is at the best of the best, and their low end guitars are excellent players!
I love them!

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29 RJ Guitars

Great guitar produce great sounds and affordable not like gibsons and ibanez the prize is only high

Price and quality very good.

Sad thing sometimes RJ doesn't have originality.

BUT still great guitar THUMPS UP!

Best guitar brand from Philippines. It is good in quality and it is an affordable guitar

I have a Masa 3 and it needs some repairs.I don't know if the quality sucks just because of the price or it is a disposable brand? I don't know

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30 Charvel

A Charvel is the best guitar for the best price. The Floyd rose on it is killer, it is always in tune and I've never had any problems with it. The neck is smooth and totally made for shredding. Charvel guitars are the holy grail.

Charvel is so awesome! Very light and lasts a long time. Has a lot of power like a gibson. Strings are easy to bend and my charvel has emg automatic pick ups and they are really good. Very good for its low price. I have a Charvel Desolation DC-1-ST.

Without a doubt the best guitar made for the money. Compound radius next, floyd rose, light body with a great feel. Adjusting the volume knobs gives you a softer tone if you want. Fantastic guitar!

Charvel are quality guitars which even guitar gods like Guthrie Govan use. Even the entry models have great feel and tone. Best guitars that stand out of the usual Ibanezs and Les Pauls both Gibson and Epiphone (both have amazing guitars). Has the 80's vibe but the magic is in your hands!

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31 Lâg Guitars

I have owned a Lag guitar. Sorry can't remember the model name. Yet another brand that is underrated. Mine certainly sounded beautiful and the look of it it - well to die for (in my opinion).

Lag guitars have a very good sound that is hard to get with a lot of acoustics. This guitar is underrated

Lag is the best entry level guitar on the world stage, hands down

Lag guitars are absolutely amazing.

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32 Danelectro

White summer/Black mountain side, Kashmir, In My Time of Dying, All the song do have this little percussion in the sound, And they are all played with his danelectro, So its just your preference of sound, but I think it sounds very good. Not to forget Syd barret also had one!

Jimmy Page? Jimi Hendrix? The Hodads they made for a limited time in the late 90's are superb.

I own a Danelectro 59' and it is AMAZING, that's all I have to say.

Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend, John entwhistle all used it. Usually the 59DC. Amazing guitar for the money and amazing guitar period.

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33 Cort

The guitars are affordable and better than ibanez for low ranges.

I have Cort Earth Ground Acoustic with Fish Man pick-up. My opinion, I have played Gibson, Yamaha, Pluto, Hoffner etc. Cort is better than all other acoustic guitars.

I have Cort X2, costs about 150 euros, it's light guitar, about 3 kg, great clean tone and playability. Great for Rock and Metal music. The best for beginners.

Cort guitar is the great guitar. i am using ad810 it is the best guitar.

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34 Art & Lutherie

It's probably the best you can get for the price. Beautifully handcrafted, great tone-woods as well as a nice finish and most of all a crisp and clear sound that you would normally get only for a few hundred bucks more. It is definitely a high-quality product for a moderate price - you really see and feel that it is a Godin brand!

It has a good and deep and clear sound that awkens my soul any time that any one strums each string while holding down a c or g or a minor chord. It creates music that is high quality. Ha I'm saying all this so the goodness bar fills. It's the max now!

I have an A&L folk guitar, and the sound is great. Super for fingerstyle picking. Best acoustic I've owned for the price.

Great gfuitar and a tremendous value. I love all Godin guitars especially the Seagull (love the headstock) - next to aquire is the Norman

35 Godin Guitars

Seagull Artist, by far the best I have ever played, followed by the Art and Lutherie

If this company was American, it would be in the top three on the list. Godin is a Canadian company and their guitars are made in Canada and the USA. Their pricing is absolutely tremendous and the quality is as good as any on this list. Check them out. The value / quality / performance ratio is excellent.

I feel sorry for this brand. It deserves a better place in this evaluation. These guitars are more then fine and their price is more then accessible for this quality. Moreover they are wonderful for concerts: the sound is clear, rich, warm and balanced; especially when the top is made of cedar wood. Alain Godon. Romania.

Best kept secret in guitars - quality and innovation is unsurpassed

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36 Magma

Don't buy magma brand guitar, I will be disappointed! Out of tune every moment, cheap wood but it's not a problem.
Hardware: 4/10
Electronics: 5/10
Pickups: 6/10
Playability: 7/10
Sound: 6/10

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37 Manson

These guitars are to hard for most people to understand, but there is so much quality to these guitars, more than most brands. Its like a science project making them most of the stuff on Manson Guitars hasn't even been heard of being used, or even invented by any other brands. Ill tell you what I wouldn't save my money up for a expensive strat that no ones really going to be impressed with or appreciate save your change for one of these bad boys, people will pass out of enjoyment though.

Some of the best craftsmanship I have ever seen in any instrument. They really put their own heart, soul, sweat and blood into the instruments they create. When you pick one up or when you look at it, you just want to go crazy on it and play your heart out they are so well made and look beautiful to the eye.

It is a brilliant guitar. They are made very well and the tech is just brilliant. Why is it in 79th place. People need to familiarize themselves more with Manson guitars.


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38 Seagull

My first real guitar was a Seagull S6 and it was hand made at an entry price level. Truly an amazing guitar with a very warm sound. I tried a few others and finally got myself a Mini-Jumbo Maritime Seagull because nothing compared for the price. I'd highly recommend Seagull for sound, build quality and style. Simply beautiful!

I have owned a seagull guitar for about 2 years and it is just amazing. It has good sound quality and is a great acoustic guitar! They have fair prices too...

It has a very sweet sound and easy to your ear crisp picking pitch that won't let you put her down.

Own 2 also solid top fabulous sound great price 5 stars

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39 Breedlove

I have a Breedlove acoustic guitar, and it feels natural in my hands. If you are looking for a lot of bang for your buck, the solo breedlove series is amazing. If this were an acoustic guitar list I would expect breedlove to compete with Martin, Gibson, and Taylor at a lower price range. In the end it is all about feel.

I play a Breedlove and it compares very favorably with Martin, Taylor, and Gibson while I prefer it to Fender acoustic guitars (I think Fender electrics are much better). Beautiful tone, and in one place where I play I'm not allowed to plug in. At that place, my Breedlove is the only one of my guitars I can get sufficient volume from. My other guitars are a Martin, an Ibanez, and a Schechter. Breedlove should be in the top ten.

Amazing! Wonderful workmanship, and sound. From there passport series to there custom series, every guitar is worth having.

Wonderful richness, clear intonation, and great playability. Magnificent attention to detail.

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40 LTD

Why is this all the way down here.. You people are insane.. It's the same as a esp.. They are amazing when it comes to metal and rock... Ill shred your faces off

Very under rated! LTD should in my opinion be in the top 15

I am not a pro musician but I know when an instrument sounds great or not and I must say Fernando is a great buy. The price is cheap but the sound is awesome. You will never regret buying one especially their acoustics.

LTD are great stock, but I made changes to mine and I swear it's like having a Jackson now, because it shreads. If you're willing to put the time and money to a LTD you will have a guitar that can compete with the top 5 guitar brands, and the true musicians will look at your LTD and know you mean business.

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