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61 Granada

I have been using it since 3 years. It is not even costly. Its good looking and I think its even better than gibson. It even very easy to tune for it has a very good sound quality. More over it has a beautiful look like a guitar. Even a beginner should be advised to buy this guitar for it cost a minimum of 3000 rs. So as it is less costly and more quality it's the best for me. I even like lakewood but its cost is just my dream.

I am using it since 3 years. They really make good guitars with good sound in an affordable price.

I have a Granada guitar... It is a great GUITAR! It sounds very well...

I am a professional guitarist and I have been using this since 5 yrs. It's really good and it's good for the beginers too. It's often very easy to play and use. This guitar is not costly and this guitar is best for me. I advise for the beginers to buy Granada guitar.

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62 Richwood

By far the best bang for the buck. These guitars are beautifully made with good attention to details such as fret ends, bridge fit and neck joints. They also have wonderful finishing and are made from quality materials. The 'snob' factor is the only thing against them, they are not Gibsons. Martin's or Fender's, BUT they do play just as well and quite frankly, only those with a good ear and perfect pitch could tell the difference in a rock environment. I have Fender, Gibson, Taylor, Columbus, Washburn, Squire and Maccaferri Guitars, as well as Richwood. Sadly like the great majority of guitarists, the guitars themselves are more capable than I am, and I am happy to admit it. Having an exceptional guitar will not make you an exceptional guitarist, just as a more professional camera won't make you a professional photographer. The Richwood Artist / Master series of guitars are good, believe me! For the average guitarist, pro or am, you can buy more expensise guitars but not better as far ...more

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63 Lumanog Guitars

Lumanog is very under rated, for me they make the best acoustic guitars far better than brands up there, and most of all, it is all in the package, low prices and best quality!

#1 in the Philippines. This guitar brand is legendary! Made of quality wood, and gives you quality sound! I have 2 of 'em cause I really trust this guitar brand.

I have 3 of these, not all workers have the same hands, so its up to you to choose the best guitar on the wall.. If your lucky you might end up buying one as good as le paul or even gibson..

I have this guitar too

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64 Fernandes

Fernandez is a real under-rated brand. They have a wide variety of body styles, and there's one for every budget. They have great sound and some amazing finishes. Plus, they have the sustainer pickup, who doesn't want infinite sustain?

My Monterey Elite has proved to be my dream electric guitar. Its sound is incredible, it plays perfectly, it feels amazing, it looks beautiful, and the sustainer pickup is awesome! And of course, I've also installed a Roland GK-3 pickup to make the rest of my dreams come true... - pinkdroyd

Really underrated brand, but the ones in Japan are better especially customs like hide ARTIST MODEL from X Japan. They look almost exactly like B.C. rich MOCKINGBIRDS

I have a Fernandes I love it's feel and sound

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65 Hamer

I've used my Hamer Monaco Elite as my primary electric guitar for some time now. It's easy to forget the intoxicating feeling you get when you play it, even though you play every single day. Every time you open the case or look at it hanging on the wall it just takes your breath away with it's beauty. Also the quality of work is truly incredible. Hand build, hand carved top, manually painted. The binding round the neck covers the ends of the frets and the depth of the flamed maple top is deep as an abyss.

Of course, as with every opinion, this is entirely objective but I just can't imagine a guitarist being disappointed with a Hamer. I've played at least six Hamers from different time-periods and they are all equally desirable in my opinion.

Putting Gibson in first place is nothing but a mistake. Yes, Gibson makes good guitars (some really good) but the amount of lemons they make is just way too high to put them on top, and I'm not only talking about the cheaper ones. ...more

I currently use a Hamer (American made) Artist, with the F hole with honey finish. It is by far the most beautiful and smooth playing guitar I have ever played. I've played every electric guitar at guitar center priced from $1,000-$3,000 and I ended up buying a Hamer from Wolfe Guitars in Jupiter, Florida. (BEST SHOP EVER)

Hamer is literally the top of the line. Similar to a PRS, but better playability, quality of craftsmanship, and overall you can tell it was made in a shop of just a few individuals (less then 40 workers).

Last I heard, they don't produce them after fender bought them. If you can get your hands on it, BUY IT

Indescribably better than 95% of the other brands on here. Hamer is below First Act? Seriously? What 'tards designed this list!?!?!

Excellent guitars. I have three US models, Sunburst & two Diablos... Diablo is the most underrated guitar on the planet, buy one if you can.

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66 Larrivée Guitars

There is no better sounding acoustic guitar for the money. I've had one for 10 years now, never kept an acoustic more than 3 years before.

The wood quality and craftsmanship is second to none. You ha e to get off the main road to find the real guitars.

Simply the best in acoustic guitars, sold my hummingbird and my Taylor for one of these babies

60! Why so low! This defiantly deserves top 10 at least! As a matter of personal opinion I have a Larrivee RS-2 and I would take another Larrivee over a Gibson Les Paul any day of the week!

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67 Zealux

Good quality for a reasonable price and nice sound!

68 Pedulla
69 Hofner

Les paul, hofner, prs, gretsch, taylor, martin, and rickenbecker should be in the top ten... And why is first act even in the list at all! Stupid people put first act there.

their guitars are hand made in germany thta have so much quality to them its not even funny
- maxwarawa

I have one of these, I took it from the dump and I think its an old model but it was in good condition so I fix some quite damage. now I use to play songs everyday and it gives me a truly amazing sound.

Best sound best quality it should be in top 3 brands.

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70 Hagstrom

I have a Hagstrom F20T and a Hagstrom Viking Deluxe, they are 2 of the best guitars I have ever played. The Viking is elegant and looks regal compared to many other guitars. It plays like a dream, and stands up to Hagstroms claim of the fastest neck. The sound is incredible, especially for the price, it is most definitely the best semi-hollow body guitar for the money, in my opinion. All in all, Hagstrom is an amazing brand and anyone who has played one can attest to that.

I play on an Ultra Swede and the sound is just perfect! You can play everything from Metallica to George benson with just one guitar! Believe me when I say that Hagstrom sounds better than Fender or Gibson!

Never seen any laminated top hagstrom. Sounds perfect, low action, thin neck (perfect for small hands)

I had the Signature Model from Pat Smear and I think is one of the best guitars I've ever played

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71 Samick

Is good and nice guitars, like fender or prs sound...
But with low budget... Nice for Samick guitars..
8 for 10 for samick...

This should be the number one because Fifteen years ago, a lot of, but certainly not all, Epiphone
Guitars as well as other brands like Squier, were made at the Samick factory in

My um4 is really great for gigs... I actually love Samick um series

Nice touch with beautiful sound

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72 Tanglewood

I own an electro acoustic Tanglewood TW47B. I spent lots time playing many different guitars built by different companies before I made my purchase. I narrowed my options down to 2 tanglewood's in the end before I chose this one. I play it everyday and still love it just as much as I did the day it was bought! I feel its well built, easy to play, looks great and most importantly sounds amazing BUT that's my opinion, which is why I would never buy an instrument without playing it first. I have read the comments on this site and the argument on who makes the best guitar will never be underlined because the needs and wants in an instrument are never exactly the same by any individual. Just because I love it doesn't mean you will! Iv played guitars that are worth more money, claim to be of better build and are supposedly better overall but I just couldn't make that special connection with the instrument in the way I did with the tanglewood when I picked it up. Its always good to take ...more

Just bought a discovery Tanglewood and it's sharp and clean and always does the job!

I had a stagg for my second guitar, and don't get me wrong, it makes a beautiful sound. But tanglewoods make perfect sounds when you know how to play it right, great for slightly more advanced guitarists and are beautifully made, had mine since I was 11 and still in love with it!

Highly recommend Tanglewoods. Good guitars and good value

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73 Givson

It is good and also cheap. Good for beginners!

I am having an esp... A because rich... And les paul by gibson and a givson blue diamond but givson suits the best to my marshall and line 6 amp so its cheap and best

Totally worthless guitars. Very low on quality. Buy only if affordability of better guitars is an issue.

I have use it & loved-CHESTA BHARDWAJ,India

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74 Ashton

I have the Ashton Guitar... And its just great. It has good sounds and also made out of really good wood, selling it in low prices.

Just a nice guitar

Well best guitar in low price with great finishing but can be more

Wonderful! It would have been in first 10

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75 Tokai

wtf! gibson number 1 everybody knows that tokai makes waaaaay better guitars then gibson, the new gibson's are a piece of crap you just pay them because they are gibson but in the other case gibson has good old guitars like ones that he made in 1959, but today I think that tokai makes much beter guitars then gibson and aria my friend has an aria and it sounds even better than a gibson sg that my other friend has and when I started testing the aria against my japanese les paul the les paul won!
japanese guitars they are amazing

They look great, sound great, feel great and they are a fraction the price of a gibson Linkin Park. Personally some gibsons can't compete and rely on their name. I prefer the Tokai.

they waybe not the biggist brand but man there guitar rule. there easy to play they sounds amazing and not over priced like gibson and fender... amazing guitars - LYmetal

Tokai Love Rock is better than Gibson Les Paul

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76 Eko

I bought an EKO Ranger 6, I think it sounds as good as Gibson or Taylor. The look is also very nice and the way they made the guitar, is so difference from other brands. But, if they can make the neck thinner just like Ibanez, it will be even better.

Eko, is a good guitar because the sound is great and have a very beautiful styles and and have a very best price ever, you gonna have some fun for that guitar, great voice...

That is a really good brand it is wonderful and reliable and it sounds great

Cause I've got one lol - ljj81

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77 DBZ Guitars

I've been playing guitar for over 22 years and my DBZs are honestly the best guitars I've ever had. I currently own a Bolero, Imperial, and Barchetta. For once, I actually don't have the desire to trade them which is a big deal for me as I'm very selective and picky. - petewilliamz

Just picked up a Bolero made in Korea. I've owned a few guitars in my life, mostly lower end guitars. The dbz bolero is a versatile and quality instrument. Best I've ever owned.

Definitely not the worst. I love DBZ. I picked up a Venom with the Thoracic skin before they discontinued the model. Sexiest looking and sounding guitar I've ever bought.

Number 1 in price for sexy guitars that are very well made good things are happening for this guitar comp!

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78 Peavey Guitars

Not one mention of the most affordable Made in The USA guitars you can buy used. Go on Ebay, buy a Predator Made in USA for $120 shipping included, set the neck correct polish the frets, change one pickup of the 3 with a lipstick if you desire, and It will go toe to toe with any $1000 guitar above.

I have a peavey raptor plus... With its stock pickups and a boss gt10 it can devastate any other guitars above... Its cheap and effective.. For me the best guitar for its price..

Why is this not higher on the list? Peavey is a trustworthy brand that provides good quality guitars for an affordable price. Rather than overpaying for a Gibson or Fender, you can get a guitar that sounds exactly the same for a quarter of the price.

Compare a 80s90s peavey against a fender and honestly try to debate quality. Peavey is under rated and made in USA

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79 Davis

Have my davis for 7+ years now, and still is amazing!

It has a great sound I like its sound

I have one of this and has still great sound after I bought it 3 years from now.

I have black slim davis acoustic guitar and it sounds good

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80 Mayones

Custom guitars made in Poland. Technology, Innovation, Style, Performance, Creativity and Craftsmanship come together when you get a Mayones.

Great as new guitars - amazing when time goes. Even if you have 50 great guitars the Mayones Regius will prove to be the one you bring to every gig. It will never let you down and the playability, sound, durability will stand the test of time.

Two slots above EKO? EKO make budget guitars with plastic necks. Mayones make the best guitars in the world, with the quality that Gibson was supposed to have but never did.

Fantastic guitars. I just got my Mayones Jabba.

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