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141 Crusader Guitars

It is good for beginners and nice guitar.

142 Duesenberg

One of the nicest guitars I've ever played and prices compete with the likes of prs and gibson

Should in the top 3 list

This list is whack. Also the people on this site are illiterate too the maximum! A guitar is only as good as the man or woman holding it. I've played 10 % of this list and every maker has a good model. PRS are way over priced for what you get. Gibson quality control sucks but I've never owed a bad Gibson because I play them first then I set it up the way it should be and everyone who plays my guitars say they play awesome. Fender is maker but most models have a thin sound unless it has Humbuckers. I own one of the best sounding Les Paul I have played. I know some rock stars that live around me here in Hollywood ca. And when I let them play my 2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard AAA Amber they always want to buy it from me. Most guitars can be made to play and feel great. My first guitar was bought from Sears. It was a copy of an Sg and it came with a 25 watt transistor amplifier. My grandmother paid $69.00 for it in 1975 when I was 14 and it played great it never went out of tune. My great ...more

143 Mitchell

I own a mitchell, the only flaw I see on this brand is the pre installed preamp, but I change it for a fishman Passive pickup and now sounds great!

144 Alhambra Guitars
145 Patrick Eggle
146 Crescent

I have a crescent guitar & its great

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147 Hudson & Co.

People people,
There's a "new" brand and it crushes all low to medium prized guitars.
Hudson & Co is perfect for beginners and seasoned players

Had one of there Telecasters... Sounded like the real thing... I own 2 fender teles. Amazing value for money.

148 AXL

My first guitar I learned on, it isn't well known but it has a great sound and is and is good for beginners

Good guitar for beginners but isn't a very well known brand.

Good guitars at good price

149 Granite
150 Austin

I have an Austin super 6 double cutaway, I have to say for a 200-250 dollar electric it plays well, looks good and feels really nice. For just making noise, I recommend the Austin brand.

This guitar works so good why not get it I had a lot of experiences with this guitar

These guitars are better then any starcaster or accent if you get a guitar get either an Austin or Gibson.

151 Faith
152 Zemaitis

Are you Hendrix.

153 Amena

This is a stunning guitar very cheap and is awesome quality never heard of the brand in the shop and it plays great this is also a good brand because they do all types of guitars from classical to acoustic even to electric must have brand.

I have an Amena classical guitar serial no IC 100. Plays and sounds great. Does anyone know who made this brand of guitar & possibly what year this guitar was made. thanks. Cooper

154 Burns

Needs a proper comeback. One of the biggest guitar brands in the UK in the 60s, but now they don't have any recognition. Bring production back to Britain, make high quality mass produced models, and get the name back out there.

The classic Brit. Sound of the 60ies built by Burns of London.
Brilliant pickups and a great finish.
Had a Nu-Sonic which I stupidly parted with. Wish I could get my hands on one again.

155 Brian May Guitars V 1 Comment
156 Kay

I have one and it really sounds great..

I have a kay Guitar and it has the all around sound that any musician SolĂ­s want

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157 Oscar Schmidt

Oscar Schmidt makes a variety of quality instruments!

Great guitar I love it really it is the best

One of the best economic guitar option available for you, good quality of it

158 Greg Bennett

For the price you pay, you get quality and durability. Not A single Greg Bennett I've tried failed me.

I love Greg Bennett, the design is fabulous along with the quality shown in the finished product

Worth for the price

Great quality

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159 Savannah
160 Grimes Grimes Claire Elise Boucher, better known by the stage name Grimes, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, music video director, and record producer.

Grimes is the best guitar ever made!

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