I have one and it sounds GREAT! Schecter guitars are great, the hardware are good, the finishing are great. Great sound. And also low price. They are used by avenged 7 fold just for information. Peace

You wont find anything like schecter guitars, low priced, and awesome features, this guitars (top models& series) are ten times better than any esp, or because rich, and cost 10 times less...

I purchased this guitar in November after trying it out at the guitar store. The tremolo system is outstanding and stays in tune no matter how you beat on it. But you must choose between standard tuning or other, like drop D, and stay with that while practicing or jamming as changing the tuning takes longer than just tuning a few strings. But by design, once you get it tuned it stays amazingly in tune. The pick ups that came with it were just OK and the tone knob didn't noticeably change tone. I wanted to try some active pick ups anyway, so I installed some EMG 85/81's (yeah that was fun dismantling the entire electronic section) and now this guitar is even better and sounds amazing. The action, for me, is perfect. If you're looking for an electric guitar and want bang for your buck, this guitar is excellent. You may even like the factory pickups depending on what you like to play. Just another guitar players opinion. Some like Strats and some like Les Pauls. Both are outstanding ...more

Set my eyes on Schecter about 5 or 6 years ago and wouldn't trade it for any other guitar. The mahogany body is nice and heavy and the tones you can get out of it are very versatile. With a coil tap, a string through bridge, locking tuners, seymour duncan SH 59 and SH11, and an ebony fretboard all for about a thousand dollars, I feel like I definitely got the best bang for my buck. It plays like a dream and I can play so many different tones on it. In my humble opinion, this brand deserves to be in the top ten.

I heard my friend play a Schecter Synyster Gates Custom guitar through a Fender amp, and it sounded A LOT better than many Ibanez, Fender, and Gibson guitars I've heard..., and it definitely sounded better than my Ibanez GRG170DX. Schecter guitars are also used by some great guitarists, such as Avenged Sevenfold's Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance, for example. Schecter deserves to be one of the top 5 best guitar brands, since they are also very durable and awesome looking!

Schecter make the most versatile gorgeous and feature rich guitars. They are also reasonably priced in comparison to other guitar brands but not lacking in quality. Their quality control is great and they have top notch parts. I think this brand is better than ibanez jackson and esp

I've owned a Schecter Hellraiser for a few years now. A very high quality guitar, and most definitely worth the price I paid. Its also not just a guitar for metal musicians, I love playing clean stuff with the guitar as much or even more than with the distortion. Power is the key here.

I have a Diamond Series Limited edition C-1 Triple X and hands down it is the most comfortable guitar I have ever played. It screams for me to just pick it up and play. I can not tell you how amazing the build quality on the axe is. Once you play a Schecter the rest will bore you.

I own a damien 6 fr and it is amazing! It has EMG HZ's and a floyd rose licensed tremolo with grover tuners. With a maple neck and a rosewood fretboard with black pearl bat inlays I couldn't ask for a better guitar

Love the black jack series they play so smooth and not just for metal or rock they are just a great quality guitar with high end materials meant to be enjoyed by any musician, and at a price every one can afford (under a thousand dollars)

Just bought my 3rd bass. A 5 string Schecter, only £400, the sound is out of this world... Also the guitars are of a ver high standard, highly recommended to anyone with a mid-budget range, looking for a very high quality guitar that could even beat the playability and tone of a top Fender or Gibson... Buy quick though, this brand is getting more popular by the second, so prices will soon rise.

Schecter is really great guitar brand, they product had a unique sound, and they build guitar with great material, when I play schecter guitars I get a great sound, schecter is really best guitar brand

I love Schecter guitars. They have great sound and are very easy on your wallet. The amount you pay for the quality of these instruments makes them definitely one of the top 3 choices in guitars.

One of the best out there today. These guitars are played by some of the best out there such as Synyster Gates and Zacky Vengeance. You're crazy if you don't love these guitars.

Schecter ROCKS in every way... Guitarists like Jeff Loomis, Synyster Gates have been using them... More importantly, it has the greatest variation of sounds... And Surely VERY comfortable...

Maybe they are not the best guitars but if you want a great metal sound Schecter is way better than Gibson
PS:Schecter should be on top 5. - raflicky

30th anniversary S-1 is the king. Perfectly built, gorgeous tones, high quality hardware, sexy design.

Schecter are amazing. There are brand snobs out there who only play Gibson, Fender, or PRS, they will never know the true value of a guitar without spending 1000$ or more for one (Schecter).

The only downside, a bit heavy, but past that, durable, unique design choices, well built, a Manufacturer with a lot of imagination, from hard rock to country. Well worth a look.

The first time I put a Schecter in my hands, I knew I had found "my brand" of guitars. I don't think I'll ever find a guitar brand as tonally amazing and reliable as a Schecter."

I think Schecter isn't too much known. With the time everyone listen Schecter, use Schecter for a time, and start to want it only give a little time you will see

Really great guitar company all around and they really don't try to get the most money out of the best equipment they are a fair guitar comp.

Nothing compares with my banshee elite frs with the price, sound and quality! try one of these badass guitars and you'll never look for another brand. I own multiple guitar brands (6 brands on the top list! ) well, they are all cased up since I held my schecter! only one I play and I'm happy with it!

Plays like a fender stratocaster, sounds like a Gibson. The Schecter radiation has a superb neck. Schecter are the brand I play most.

Best schecter model is synyster custom that is awesome