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1 Boss

Boss and Line 6 are close, Guitar world gave award to line 6 15 watt amp. I am choosing boss, line 6 and mxr dunlop, which should I choose?
Which is better analog or digital effects, in terms of sound quality?

Comparing Boss and Line 6 have big difference, I choose Boss over Line 6, I have 14 boss stomp boxes and 1 Zoom G1X multi-effects. Very satisfied with the sound quality of Boss Analog pedals, smooth signal, which is better compared to digital multi effects, in which the signal is crippled, sounds processed because of microprocessor. -Michael John S. Manahan

ME-25 is great enough for me. It is my first guitar multi-effects and it sounds great. I can have my own tone and at the same time it is easy to operate especially in recordng

Built like a tank. Nice sound. The Benchmark of guitar effects.


I use to be a boss guy, but I switched out most of my boss pedals for MXR because I wanted to get off the digial effects and go analog. See below.

Boss Chorus Ensemble > MXR Analog Chorus
Boss Digital Delay 6 > MXR Carbon Copy
Boss PH2 Super Phaser > MXR Phaser

The only Boss pedals I kept in my rig were the tuner and the noise suppressor. The signal is just cleaner out of an analog pedal. MXR is really extraordinary at it.

Mxr is my number 1 choice. That's just what fits ne the best. I'm not saying it's the best but it is for me

You do know that MXE is Dunlop

3 Dunlop

Dunlop - Home of the Legendary Crybaby pedal used by the best guitarists like Kirk Hammett, Slash. And even Jimi Hendrix

I recently bought an American made Dunlop Germanium fuzz face mini. It is simply amazing and that's all there is to say.

Dunlop, mxr, way huge... It's all the same compagny and this is why I just trust dunlop on ma pedalboard

Hendrix used a Vox

4 Electro Harmonix

Electro harmoniz is the gooder, it are very well effect. They sound awusome and not very much money for to pay for to buy the effects. My opinion is that the best!

Small Clone, Small Stone, Big Muff, Looper

5 Digitech

When it comes down to your money's worth, digitech is the best

Best bang for your buck

Istomp is More boss then all of the boss stuff boss is still godd though

Guiter zoom... very good

6 TC Electronic

No other pedal company can match the tone, uniformity, look, and playability of TC Electronics. No other pedal company can compare to the care for their customers that TC has. One look at their website and how presitine and easily navigable it is will tell you that. They care. Just look at their HUGE roster of artists who use their pedals and tone print technology and you will see why it is the Holy Grail of guitar brands. Simply put: having a pedal board without TC Electronics pedals is like watching television with the sound turned off. Wouldn't do it right? Exactly. Go get a pedal from TC Electronic. You won't regret it. You will never go back. And you WILL want more.

TC Electronic is a modern-day guitarist's pedal brand. Especially with TonePrint, in which you can literally upload presets from your phone made by artists such as John Petrucci and Brian May. Many of their pedals could be described as the best in their respective pedal category (PolyTune, Corona, Vortex, Hall Of Fame, Flashback, Ditto Looper, etc.) Please, please, I beg you, buy TC Electronic today and you will never, ever regret it.

The flashback x4 was excellent!

7 Fulltone
8 Ibanez
9 Line 6

Line 6 give me a soul... Best chois for profesional player! I play a Deep Purple Cover, and PAS band... Its really good sound...!

Line 6 is the best choices to get an excellent quuality sound!

Line6 is great guitar effects brand...

Line6 multi fx are the best. Helix rocks!

10 Zoom

Zoom is the better... The zoom is popular in, any countries like Philippines, Australia, america, Korea.. Etc...

Zoom best price... best products!

Good performance good price.. !

Zoom effects is easy to use mand easy to carry as well.

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11 Strymon

Highest quality crafted presets in my Timeline and Big Sky. There's a lot of powerful processing in pedals as technology advances, but unless someone crafts a musically usable preset... a person could tweak highly powerful pedals forever and may never reach a desired soundscape that Strymon has refined for me. Strymon keeps that creative flow moving. Strymon saves me from fragmented ideas cut short by chasing and tweaking tone and consequently losing that flow of creative ideas. No volume difference between presets, no loss of original tone, dead quiet (no hiss or hum), plays with other pedals well, incredibly powerful but not incredibly complicated. I've had expensive and powerful pedals that sounded like cheesy ' 80's video games. Strymon Timeline and Big Sky are worth saving for two years if need be to obtain. Strymon Timeline alone beautifully covers territory like delay, tremolo, chorus, reverb, keyboard synthesizer either background or soaring up front synthesizer. So it's pricy ...more

12 Vox
13 Behringer

In my experience I have found that behringer is the best band for what I do. Not only their effects that they make but the their products that they produce for example, their mixers are excellent not to mention the pricing is manageable.

I have this brand and I am actually surprised of sound that it gives me back. For me this is the best when it comes to money worth.

I have the ultra tremolo the v tone modeler and acoustic modeler they are great for the price

They totally have the best price value, and sound great!

14 Earthquaker Devices
15 Danelectro

I like the FAB D-1 Distortion especially. It's cheap but the sound is great

My favourite pedal ever the danelectro cool cat chorus

Woo hoo cool cats for life

16 Nux

Quality and affordability. great tone and great sound processing

17 Moer
18 Roland
19 Keeley
20 Joyo
21 Wampler

I had to add Wampler because it wasn't even in the list. What the hell guys! Every pedal is packed with features allowing you versatility like you couldn't imagine. Wampler definitely has the best knob controls in the market (example: the EQ knobs are ridiculously powerful). They deserve to be at least top 10.

Amazing tones, and they are very well put together. Deserves to be much higher up the list.

If this list was authored by experienced authors, Wampler would be top 5.

22 Korg

The korg is very good sound

23 Hotone

Tiny beautiful and great my favourite mini pedal

24 JHS Pedals
25 ZVex
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