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1 Boss

Boss and Line 6 are close, Guitar world gave award to line 6 15 watt amp. I am choosing boss, line 6 and mxr dunlop, which should I choose?
Which is better analog or digital effects, in terms of sound quality?

ME-25 and you never have to buy another effects pedal again

boss is the best! best overdrive, distortion pedals are manufactured in this brand

ME-25 is great enough for me. It is my first guitar multi-effects and it sounds great. I can have my own tone and at the same time it is easy to operate especially in recordng

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2 Line 6

Line 6 is the best choices to get an excellent quuality sound!

Line 6 give me a soul... Best chois for profesional player! I play a Deep Purple Cover, and PAS band... Its really good sound...!

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3 Digitech

When it comes down to your money's worth, digitech is the best - sharm7064

Istomp is More boss then all of the boss stuff boss is still godd though

I Wanna Buy An Mult Effect And Everybody proffer to me Digi Tech...

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4 Zoom

Zoom is the better... The zoom is popular in, any countries like Philippines, Australia, america, Korea.. Etc...

Zoom best price... best products!

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5 Dunlop

Dunlop - Home of the Legendary Crybaby pedal used by the best guitarists like Kirk Hammett, Slash. And even Jimi Hendrix

I recently bought an American made Dunlop Germanium fuzz face mini. It is simply amazing and that's all there is to say.

Dunlop, mxr, way huge... It's all the same compagny and this is why I just trust dunlop on ma pedalboard

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6 Electro Harmonix
7 Vox

Mxr is my number 1 choice. That's just what fits ne the best. I'm not saying it's the best but it is for me - Sabbath

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9 Behringer

In my experience I have found that behringer is the best band for what I do. Not only their effects that they make but the their products that they produce for example, their mixers are excellent not to mention the pricing is manageable.

I have this brand and I am actually surprised of sound that it gives me back. For me this is the best when it comes to money worth.

I have the ultra tremolo the v tone modeler and acoustic modeler they are great for the price

10 Fulltone

The Contenders

11 Nux

Quality and affordability. great tone and great sound processing

12 Roland
13 Korg

The korg is very good sound

14 Moer
15 TC Electronic
16 Strymon
17 ZVex
18 Danelectro

My favourite pedal ever the danelectro cool cat chorus

I like the FAB D-1 Distortion especially. It's cheap but the sound is great

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19 Joyo
20 Hotone

Tiny beautiful and great my favourite mini pedal

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