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41 Roland

Gk3 is goddes, when you try it, the gates of new sounds will open to you cause it not audio, its MIDI pickup

42 John Birch
43 Bartolini

This pick-up is great compared with it's cost.

I have active Bartolini's in my Novax Expression- with a coil tap- and they are wild broncos with immense sonic potential in this guitar- which of course is a fanned fret- with compensated nut and saddle- They excel with a ultra modern and clear tonal palette- very accurate tight bass spectrum- well rounded Mids- and Shimmering Trebles- (of course sound is always subjective~! )

... I only wish they could dial in the classic PAF tone as well and capture some of the guitar's un-plugged acoustic tones- but no go so far on my amps- I may end up taking them out of this particular guitar and drop in a pair of vintage Gibson PU's - It's a real hard call- Hate to change the original specs- since it's a rare high end instrument- but I know I'd appreciate it more

44 Rockstar Pickups

I have ordered a set Vintage Deluxe pickups, they sound solid and were imprinted with my personal custom design.

45 Jaydee

Re No1. Seymour Duncan pickups are available in various configurations as are Jaydee... !

46 Burstbucker Pros

The fact that they are on Gibson les Paul standards just says it all.

47 Charles Prescott

Based in West Texas, Charles has made pickups for local bands in the area and has numerous requests for custom construction for varying applications.

48 Gordon Smith

Hand wound and only found on Gordon Smith guitars, occasionally found for sale on EBay though.

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