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41 Mann
42 Suhr
43 Mustang

This guitar changed the 90's. Kurdt Kobain absolutely loved this guitar

44 Danelectro

Good very guitar.

45 Yamaha

I got a classical, acoustic, and electric, these three models were insane
it's the best guitar brand ever. (with affordable price)

SA2200 semi hollow is to die for! Impeccable build quality. Extremely versatile. A joy to play. Absolutely gorgeous!

The best GUitars,, Electric and semi acoustic.

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46 Washburn

I love my Washburn acoustic so much! It has great sound quality and it's just plain awesome

47 Framus
48 Reverend
49 Flying V
50 Jaguar
51 JazzMaster
52 Double Neck
53 Telacaster

I think that's is a good guitar but the Les paul premium is the best in my opinion.

54 Lumanog
55 Freeman
56 Agile
57 Chord

Cheap, really good guitars and though not the best definitely win for price over quality

58 Maton Acoustics

I bought a Southern Star in about 1976-74... I forget now... The label inside has withered so much I can't make out the date. I still have it and play it more than ever... A few years ago I had it completely refurbished... It has never looked and sounded better! I would go to my grave with it... except I'm going be cremated! So whoever my favorite guitar player is at the time of my death... Will get something special in the post!
This guitar isn't at all 'environmentally friendly'. Real tortoise shell, African ebony, Bavarian spruce, rosewood, German nickel silver and Blackwood are just some of the materials which have gone into this masterpiece.

These things are incredible I have a mini Maton ems and em325c they last forever, hold their value well, are made of the finest Australian timbers and they look great. I shudder to think how their middle-high end instruments feel to play!

59 Lichty Guitars

Off the charts - each custom acoustic guitar is handcrafted to order by NC luthier Jay Lichty. amazing tone and playability. One visit to the website and you'll be sold!

60 Gibson Les Paul Standard

The Gibson Les Paul is the best guitar ever made and is the most recognizable. It is all around fantastic.

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