Best Gun to Recieve in Nazi Zombies


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21 B.A.R.

If you don't have a good gun, this is your best bet. - metallicaholic95

22 Colt M1911

A decent enough starter, but the real glory is in its pack a punch, if you have the will power to keep it that long.

24 STG-44
25 MPL

Large mag good for rounds 5-15 may need more damage but a pack-a-punch will soon sort that out. Good for kino Der toten

26 Death Machine

It makes ya slow, until ya upgrade it to the meat grinder! 750 bullets upgrade per clip

Well this gun is powerful and it can be more powerful we you have isit kill

27 Boreas' Fury

Upgraded wind staff is awesome!

28 Double Barrel Shotgun

This has to be the easiest way to get to round 15

29 Skorpion EVO
30 Dragunov

This gun pack-a-punched can insta kill zombies until round 35. It has so much ammo and is very accurate. It's a sniper so it has crazy good range and after round 35 it's very easy to headshot with. - TheGrammarPolice

31 Ice Staff

The ice staff is powerful for a shot time becuse it freszz the zombies then in secends it unfrezz them

32 Wrath of the Ancients
33 Galil
34 Wave Gun
35 AK-47
36 HK21

No one has added the newer guns from black ops and this gun is great


This gun is the best in bo 2

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