LightningStrike Album Review: Appetite for Destruction - Guns N' Roses

Album Review number 5

This is Appetite for Destruction, the debut album of Guns and Roses released in July 21st, 1987 by Geffen records. The genre is hard rock, the length is 53:51. Fairly long album so get ready. It even sold over 30,000,000 copies worldwide! Making it one of the best selling albums of all time! Wow! Let's go.


Welcome to the jungle:

The album starts off with echoing guitar noises. Very good start especially for a high selling album. The song contains alot of animal sounds with the lyrics and a catchy hear rock beat. The lyrics are about living in crazy society and describing it like it's exactly like a jungle. You got everything and it gets worse all the time and people are getting really tire of it. Hey, it's just like the internet! And yes, the internet brought us down. And when I mean brought us down I mean we lost most of our happiness. So I say not to use the internet so often like not to go to the jungle very often. That's the meaning of the song. Living in a crazy world and getting tired of it soon. Very fun song and very creative too.

It's so easy:

The riffs are amazing and the vocals are a lot lower compared to the previous song. It's still another catchy and awesome song that's all. The lyrics are about getting in a problem and telling you that it's too simple to be like that and you got to play hard. And the music is reminding you that because it's hard rock! It even contains... F BOMBS >:D later on the lyrics are telling the reason and that reason why he's causing all of this crap is because he's super bored. Like making life more strict to people and is telling us it's not the right choice. Very nice reminder there.


Another good riff and very unique compared to the previous songs. The lyrics are describing what a dirty person is like, and when I mean dirty, I mean outside AND inside with style. Cool? Hmmm. I don't know, it's just a stereotypical thing to do, that's all. Walking up late going to a liquor store, it keeps on describing what it's like being a stereotypical adult living in this adult life with adult stuff and never learning. It's an ok song. Not bad though.

Out ta get me:

The riff isn't that unique but it's still good. The lyrics are about being in protection with bad people out there. And you're stuck in one place like your house or something. But as it turns out, we are innocent because we did nothing wrong to them. And the second verse is when it's hard to do certain things that need to be done but it also says to not worry and stuff. Very meaningful song and very great too.

Mr. Brownstone:

This song contains unique guitar sounds including with another riff that isn't that unique kind of not really. The vocals seem to be catchier by the way I'll give it that. It's about getting up in the morning and being very late for an event. And also doing it while hanging out with mr. Brownstone. Just like the title of the song. And next verse is about getting better and repeating that lyric. And is also about leaving all of this behind.

Paradise city:

Now we can tell from the title that it's a paradise song and even the riff is relaxing. It's just giving that feeling, that's all. It's about wanting to go to some place where it's like a dream come true and describing what it's like there. And contains a whistle sound too. And each verse is about doing things like gambling and stuff. And smoking cigarettes too. Then as the beat goes faster then came "so far away" x4, we get a meaning with a powerful guy (even though they said captain america) becoming a lower rank and getting met by us and asking is he blind or something. After that is just lyrics that keep on pleading.

My Michelle:

Ok. We get a very relaxing opening, infact this one is alot more soft than last time. Then we get to the hard rock again to know something. The riff is unique for a song like this. The lyrics are about how life is doing with Michelle and how she has parents and friends that do stuff like dad working at porno while Mom is not around or maybe even driving her friends crazy just because of the heard life or something. Second verse is about getting in this hotel with the school schedule for tomorrow being a lot early. Then we realized that she needs a bit of love and that's how he puts it. Hard life? Get some love. Duh. It's a good song.

Think about you:

Hard rock riff indeed. Very fun one too. And the beat is hard and catchy just like most hard rock songs are. It's also the next song after my Michelle too. Think about the story here. We never felt that good when they first met and it's love that makes us better. So does love make things better. Absolutely, it helps everyone just right. It's a romance song and it keeps on saying that you're mine stuff and any other romance thing you can think of. And when it's hard rock? I know, It's complicated. It's also describing what it's like too, best moment of your current life? You guessed it. But it needs to be done right. And no, the internet is not a good place to do it.

Sweet child o mine:

We all know this being one of the greatest songs of the album. The riff is a bit cheerful and the tone is just beautiful like the best moment of your life or something. The lyrics are about seeing that pretty face and taking us into some place to hang out with and make us want to cry as the lyrics says. The second verse describes the parts of the head like the eyes and it's use and the hair and it's use. Then everything else is asking where we would like to go. This has got to be the most romance song i've heard even though i'm not a fan of romance but this is fine. I think i'm feeling happier now.

You're crazy:

Ok, what are we getting into now? The title saying you're crazy and playing it hard? Oh no. This has got to be a break-up song right? Let's see, hard instruments playing. The lyrics are about looking through this whole album and reacting to all of this. So this isn't just a break up song that much, no. It's about asking for those for more satisfaction. So that means not giving love and giving satisfaction. I think i'm starting to get the meaning of this now! And we also get to tell a young boy about that life and saying that people need more satisfaction. And also kept on saying everything is going crazy too. Now THIS is a very meaningful album right here. I love the meanings from song to song.

Anything goes:

What's that weird sound going on? And why does it keep on going. Ok it's getting into bad taste again, thinking about having sex and eating something you haven't had yet. Oh yeah, it's telling us that anything goes just like the title tells us. The song is describing what the life is like and how it goes mixing with weird sounds. Art hard rock? I think so? Maybe? And yeah. This song is just... Probably not a good one. Sorry.

Rocket Queen:

Now things are getting good again. The riff is very nice and the tone is just perfect. I love it. The lyrics is about looking through our experiences of this album and how we can solve things to not be bored again. And also begging again for not letting that rocket Queen leave and be lonely. And that there is the finish of the album and it finnished well. Very nice album and messages here guns and roses!

(Finally, I made a better Review. But tell me if theres any mistakes, ok?)


Overall, this album has got to be know for being the most iconic hard rock album of all time and is also one of the best ones too. From song to song with the right order, it takes you through this story about some guy going through some experiences just like going into the internet or something like that. Very fun story. Great meaning and it taught me not to be bored ever again. This album is just perfect for stuff like that. I love it.


If there was one suggestion I'd put forth towards you, it is to stop using cliched sentences in reviews like:-
"I love this song! "
"Very fun song! "
Instead start paying attention to every minute detail in a song such as the vocals, song-writing, lyricism, song meaning, guitar-work, drum parts, bass tones, song-structures, song feel, production quality, fillers in the mix etc.
Also it would be great if you start rating each song out of 10 & later rating the entire album out of 100. - Joeljohns249

Great review! Guns N Roses rock. - visitor