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1 November Rain

November Rain Is In My Opinion The Best Song Ever, The Deep Lyrics And The Amazing Instrumental Work Making November Rain Is The Best Love Song From Guns N' Roses. Also NR Is The Sequel To Don't Cry - Liamkhto12

This softens me up man!

Most romantic and beautiful and heartbreaking song in the world

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2 Patience

The more beautiful I ever heard

Awesome song... Very underrated

love it


3 Sweet Child O'Mine

Love this song

One Of The Greatest Songs In History, SCOM Takes The Respectable 2nd Place With His Masterpiece Lyrics And The Happy Instrumental Brings SCOM To The Top 3 - Liamkhto12

I have song on CD

4 Don't Cry

Very Heartbreaking Song, Quite A Great Love Song. And One Of The Best Guns N' Roses Song. - Liamkhto12

This song is incredibly amazing! This is all I can say, words aren't enough.

One of the best songs of all time.

The best guns n roses song.The line"Something's changing inside you and you don't know" says a lot

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5 Estranged

This is a great song! The video is awesome! What happened to rock music nowadays?

My favourite Guns N' Roses song. I love it!

6 Street of Dreams

One Of The Most Underrated Songs In History, The Song Is Not Quite Heard About And He Is From The 2008 Album Chinese Democracy. Street Of Dreams Is An Amazing Song And Gets A Place In My favorite. Songs. - Liamkhto12

7 This I Love

Great song. Missing a Slash's solo but gold. Good voice

I heard this song for the first time just yesterday, 11-02-15. It made me cry and reminded me just how great of a songwriter Axel really is. Until his next masterpiece, this could end up being my favorite Guns N' Roses song.

Heard this for the first time at the concert last night and fell in love with it

great song

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8 Better

Axl's vocal is perfect as always, the lyrics are amazing and buckethead's solo at its best. Its more of heartbroken song than a love song

9 There Was a Time

The Song Is From The 2008 Album, The Song Talks About Young Axl And His Lady. One Of My Top Songs, Nobody Knows This Song But If You Will Take 5 Minutes From Your Time To This Song You Will Understand Why This Number 5# - Liamkhto12

10 One in a Million

Good song but not a love song

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11 Used to Love Her
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1. November Rain
2. Patience
3. Sweet Child O'Mine
1. November Rain
2. Sweet Child O'Mine
3. Don't Cry



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